100+ Awesome Being Single Quotes With Images


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Being single: you love it, or hate it. While some people love being single because it is freeing and exciting, others detest it and want to have someone else in their life to show them what the magic of romance is about.

In either scenario, there are awesome being single quotes that will fit the mood perfectly. We’re going to give you 100+ awesome being single quotes and images you can use whenever you want.

List of 100+ Quotes About Being Single!!!

1. “When I see couples holding hands, I look away in envy and wonder when my prince will come along and save me.”

2. “I’m not single, and I’m not taken. I am on reserve for the one who deserves my heart.”

3. “You have to learn how to be happy with being single if you’re ever going to make it in a relationship.”

4. “Yes, I am single. Yes, it is a choice. Being single doesn’t mean that I know less about love – it means I am wise enough to not be in a false relationship.”

5. “Seeing people crying about their boyfriend makes me want to punch them in the face, and tell them that being single isn’t all that bad.”

6. “I am too young to get married, and far too old to be playing childish games – enjoying single life.”

7. “Single life isn’t all that bad; I get the bed all to myself, and when I am sad, I can watch any chick flick I want without hearing a single complaint.”

8. “You don’t need to be single to feel lonely. A broken relationship is enough to make you feel lonely even when you’re not single.”

9. “Being single doesn’t mean you should just sit there and wait for prince charming. He is probably stuck in a tree somewhere.”

10. “I almost thought that I wanted to be in a relationship again, and then I realized that I like my own company too much to be tied down to some idiot.”

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11. “When you’re single, focus on being a better you, and don’t go looking at your pictures of your ex and crying.”

12. “I know why I am single: God is waiting to give me someone extra special.”

13. “You can keep your boyfriend or girlfriend – I have everything I need: food.”

14. “Your love for your boyfriend will never match the love that I have for food.”

15. “I celebrated 15 Valentines all alone. I will survive another.”

16. “I think being in an unfaithful relationship is much worse than being single.”

17. “You can stand alone and prove your point, or you can stand next to a dumb idiot and let them prove the point for you. I would rather be single and alone.”

18. “The only time being single sucks is when you already know what or who you want.”

19. “The people that are single are smart because they don’t have to worry about being hurt.”

20. “Being hurt is the reason that I choose to be single. When the right man comes my way, I will be with him, but until then, I am worrying about.”

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21. “Who wants to sit near a stinky man all day and night when a glass of wine will be more faithful?”

22. “I decided that I am going to be the crazy cat lady of the town: single and filled with love.”

23. “Love is great for some people, but others are free spirits, and being single is the only way that their soul can soar into the clouds.”

24. “Every day, someone asks me if I am tired of being single. The answer is no.”

25. “I have been single for so long that I forgot about waiting for the right one.”

26. “Single is not meant to be lonely. Single is when you prepare for the arrival of a better love.”

27. “Love is what you make of it. Me? I threw love away so that I can love myself.”

28. “I am single – yes. While a small technicality, my heart is taken by someone that I can’t call my own.”

29. “Why in the world would you stay with a man that treats you bad when you can be single instead?”

30. “It’s time to spread my wings and fly into the heaven of a single life.”

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31. “You’re going to have to be someone truly amazing if you want to change me being single.”

32. “Being single means I am only responsible for myself, and it’s great.”

33. “There is no better way to find yourself than to spend every day single and alone. God I love me.”

34. “It’s better to be single and find yourself than committed and lose yourself.”

35. “Relationships are just titles. Yes, I am not in a relationship, but I am definitely not going home alone tonight.”

36. “Single, married, dating – all of these are just words. I am single, yet I have my eye on someone and won’t change my status until I know they’re the right one for me.”

37. “How dare you tell me that I’m single! I am just romantically challenged, that’s all.”

38. “Be single, or be in a relationship with someone that knows only how to hurt you? Yeah, I’ll pass on the whole relationship thing.”

39. “I am so in a relationship with fun and adventure.”

40. “I am not single, nor am I taken. I am in the waiting period: patiently waiting for something real to come along.”

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41. “You need to get your own life first by being single before you can be happy in a shared life with someone else.”

42. “The person that enters the room and yells “single” is usually the person that will dive into the first relationship they can.”

43. “Having standards and being single is far better than entering a relationship without having any standards.”

44. “I tried the relationship thing and found that it just wasn’t meant for me. I am not ruling it out, but you’re going to have to be extra special if you want me to change my status.”

45. “I am single as a dollar, and I am not looking for change to ruin my day.”

46. “Luckily, I am not sad or lonely. Otherwise, I would be searching for my one and only. And we know that idiot would be late.”

47. “I was fine before he came into my life, and I am even better now that he is gone. It’s the single life for me.”

48. “One day you wake up and realize that you entered this world committed only to yourself, and you’ll be just fine without him or her in your life.”

49. “Single is a word that defines those times in your life when you’re not tied to another and are nurturing your soul. It’s not a bad thing – it’s a learning experience.”

50. “Sometimes, I think that my smartphone’s battery lasts longer than my 2 minute relationships. It’s time to be single and recharge for a while.”

51. “I am not single. I am in a relationship with freedom.”

52. “Freedom to do what I want when I want is what I love about being single.”

53. “You’re not weak if you’re single. The truth is that being single means you’re strong enough to wait for what you deserve.”

54. “I know what I deserve in life, and I will never settle for less. That is my reason for being single.”

55. “Single and loving it – yes – I said it!”

56. “A better you is what you need to focus on when you’re single. Finding a better you will attract a real love to you.”

57. “Love is really hard, and it doesn’t get any easier with age. I have been hurt so many times that I think being single may have been the best thing that ever happened to me.”

58. “It takes a lot more wisdom to be single and happy than it does to be in a relationship and miserable.”

59. “Misery is not for me. I would rather sit here and be single my whole life than go into a relationship I know will continue to fail.”

60. “Failing in a relationship is one of the beautiful gifts in life because it allows you to find yourself.”

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61. “Finding yourself requires that you be single; away from the distractions of life.”

62. “I chose to stand alone. Not that I want to be alone forever, but I want to prove that I can still stand alone and be as strong as ever.”

63. “I think that being single allows us to build on a foundation of our soul. It allowed me to reflect on all of the good and bad of my relationships, and realize that it’s time to relax and wait for the right one to come my way.”

64. “There is never a rush when you’re looking for forever. Stay single and wait for your forever partner to come along.”

65. “I explored the universe trying to find someone that deserves my love and compassion. I finally found the person that deserves it the most – me!”

66. “That is who I am in a relationship with. I would rather be committed to myself with every ounce of my soul than to be committed to someone that takes me for granted.”

67. “The life that we live is not defined by a relationship status. I will wait for the right man to come into my life, but for now, I am going to enjoy this time being single.”

68. “There is no shame or heartbreak in being single. When you’re single, you see the world as a brighter place.”

69. “Some relationships make being single a thing of the past, but other relationships shine a light on being single that will never burn out.”

70. “A single person has the time and will to look deep into themselves to find their own flaws. Sometimes, the person will remain single, and other times, they will change and attract the person they’re meant to be with.”

71. “Forever doesn’t always go as planned. I have chosen to be single.”

72. “Tranquility in ourselves is truly beautiful. You will never find it if you’re too busy chasing someone else.”

73. “There is never a reason to settle for less, so instead, I choose to be single.”

74. “Bad days where I stay up all night worried about him have finally passed. I am single and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

75. “I did not like the person I was in a relationship, so now I am single.”

76. “I am single by choice – not because I want to be alone.”

77. “So what if I want to be alone and single? It is a choice that makes me happy.”

78. “Happiness doesn’t mean that you’re in a relationship. The only thing that happiness means is that you’re ready to spread that happiness to someone else.”

79. “I recommend being single at least a few times in your life to clear your head of those stupid boys.”

80. “The ocean is my partner, and I will give it my heart and soul.”

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81. “Single takes a lot of courage to understand that you’re completely alone in life yet allow yourself to love every second of it.”

82. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t cry a few tears for being single rather than in a bad relationship.”

83. “If there is one thing that you can learn from a bad relationship, it’s that being single isn’t the worst thing in the world.”

84. “I have finally put an end to my past relationship and am single.”

85. “Some relationships make you wish you were single again.”

86. “I was tired of wishing that I was single, so I just jumped in and realized I am much happier being alone.”

87. “When you’re single, you don’t need to share your cookies with another person.”

88. “Going home late at night, I can kick my feet up on the couch and enjoy the single life.”

89. “It’s amazing how much “me” time I have now that I chose to be single.”

90. “It will take a very special someone to get me to change my relationship status again.”

91. “I was single – then I was married. And I found out that I am much happier being alone.”

92. “I have passion, I have love and I have all the time in the world to pursue my hobbies. Remind me why being single is a bad thing?”

93. “The only people in the world that cry about being single are those in high school.”

94. “It’s so sad to see people stuck in the past and crying about a failed relationship – enjoy single life.”

95. “Single life is for me. Period. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world besides a supermodel.”

96. “You have to be someone that is extraordinary for me to drop all of this fun and happiness I have found in being single.”

97. “I have made a life-long commitment to myself to be single as long as it takes for me to find someone that truly puts a smile on my face.”

98. “If you spend more time being sad and crying than you do being happy, it’s time to break off the relationship and be single for a while.”

99. “Courage is what it takes to keep telling the person that you love that you would rather be single than let them break your heart over and over again.”

100. “Hearts are very strong. When we choose to be single, we will find that we’re mending a broken heart that stood by us even though we made the decision to be in a relationship we knew was going nowhere.”

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