100+ Really Cool Happy Friday Quotes and Messages


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It’s Friday, and you’re so happy that you’re almost ready to scream in excitement. After all, the weekend is ahead, and you probably don’t have to work. For the average person, this means you’re counting down the minutes until you’re free from adult responsibilities and can unwind a little.

If it’s Friday and you want an awesome quote to send to a friend or post on your Facebook, the following 100+ really cool, happy Friday messages can be used.

List of 100+ Friday Quotes to Celebrate The Coming Weekend

1. “Pencils down. Close your books. It’s Friday, and you deserve a break.”

2. “Memo to everyone I know: It’s Friday, so I will not be doing any work-related activities until I sober up.”

3. “Friday? Is that you? I can’t believe how long it took for you to come back.”

4. “Whew. It felt like a whole week before it was finally Friday again.”

5. “I wish every day was Friday; it is the start of a true week with two days of no work.”

6. “I can live without Monday, but Friday is priceless and impossible to let go.”

7. “All negative attitudes have been thrown out the door and won’t be back until Monday.”

8. “Forget about the past week; it’s Friday and time to start a new day.”

9. “If there was one day of my life I wouldn’t want to forget, it would be a Friday.”

10. “Smile! It’s Friday and time to party the weekend away.”

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11. “The weekend has finally landed and is in route.”

12. “Happy Friday! May your wine glasses never empty and the days last forever.”

13. “One day, I will appreciate another day, but only if I have the weekend off.”

14. “Random outbursts and sudden giggles can only mean one thing: it’s Friday!”

15. “How do you know it’s Friday? Look at everyone around you counting down the seconds until the weekend starts.”

16. “With the weekend right around the corner, it is time to be with friends and family.”

17. “Have a safe weekend. I know that I will be skydiving!”

18. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do this weekend.”

19. “Who cares about Thursday’s happy hour when Friday is upon us?”

20. “You can have anything in the world, but Friday is dedicated to drinking beer and partying.”

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21. “If I had one wish, it would be to remove Monday and replace it with a second Friday.”

22. “Adventure awaits the bold that are not too afraid to walk out of the house and have fun this weekend.”

23. “If the weekend were just a day longer, I would probably be in the hospital.”

24. “You can have fun all year long, but there is something truly special about sitting down and relaxing on a Friday night while everyone else is too drunk to remember the evening.”

25. “Happy days start with a Friday and have a way of abruptly ending the moment you wake up on Monday morning.”

26. “If Monday is fun day, what is Friday?”

27. “Every teacher out there should do one thing this Friday: send their students into the weekend inspired.”

28. “Focus on the good of the past week and try to forget everything bad that has come your way.”

29. “Give someone a hug. Give someone a kiss. It is Friday, and there is no better day in the week to start and finish as fast as possible.”

30. “Friday is like a green light; you speed up until after work, and start to slow down once the light turns yellow.”

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31. “What happened before today is a blur. What happens tomorrow is sure to be exciting.”

32. “Big dreams. Big inspirations. This is what we have all waited for: Friday to come and go, so the weekend can start.”

33. “What are you doing this weekend? I am going to reflect on Friday and try to figure out why I am not excited for any Monday that comes.”

34. “It may be impossible, but I would love to be as happy and excited as I am on a Friday.”

35. “Every day that we wake up with oxygen in our lungs is a good day, but when that day is a Friday, it is even better.”

36. “It’s Friday; let’s have a ball and throw away all of the unhappy thoughts that drag us down.”

37. “What do you have planned this Friday? I am going to unwind and enjoy my two days of freedom.”

38. “People like to think that they are truly free, but why do we cherish only Friday (when work ends) and not any other of the days during the week?”

39. “If you think about it, we have two days off a week, and the rest we’re stuck waiting for Friday to come.”

40. “Why do I like Friday so much? My co-workers are unbearable, and it’s always the last day I will see them.”

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41. “A victorious weekend always has one thing in common: it always starts on a Friday.”

42. “Monday could disappear and I wouldn’t shed a tear, but Friday, you’re too dear to my heart to ever fall apart.”

43. “Thank God it’s Friday. I can finally kick off my shoes and enjoy the good things in life.”

44. “I like to say the F word a lot. Friday is great. Friday is a day away.”

45. “I wish it was Friday, so I could bask in the glory that is the weekend.”

46. “What does a person that loves their job say? It’s Friday already? Those that hate their job say: thank God it’s Friday.”

47. “My only hope for sanity comes on a Friday before I had a beer and forget who I am.”

48. “It could be Friday or it could be Monday. All I know for sure is I have tomorrow off and I am happy.”

49. “I would like to thank God for blessing me with another amazing Friday to start my weekend.”

50. “Let work come crashing down; I don’t care, it is Friday!”

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51. “The only bad Friday is Friday the 13th, and I would take that day before any Monday.”

52. “I always wished that I could have another Friday added to the middle of the week.”

53. “Shoes off. Tie off. Time to get ready to enjoy my glorious weekend. Thank God it’s Friday.”

54. “The first thing I do at the start of every week is drop to my knees and pray for Friday to come as fast as humanly possible.”

55. “It doesn’t need to be a great day as long as it is Friday.”

56. “Did you know that Friday is my second favorite F-word right behind…?”

57. “Thursday, move out of my way and let Friday come already.”

58. “Nothing is worse than waking up on a Friday and realizing that it is only Wednesday.”

59. “Friday night: the definition of true happiness and a week that has flown by.”

60. “No more teachers, no more books…. Wait… It’s Friday. I am outta here.”

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61. “The way that I think about it: every Friday should be considered Good Friday.”

62. “It’s Friday night and I have just updated my Facebook. Can you tell I’m married?”

63. “People seem to complain the most on Monday and the least on Friday.”

64. “Quit complaining and realize that Friday is the start of a new, amazing weekend.”

65. “Be glad that it is Friday because a lot of people didn’t make it today.”

66. “Dear Friday, I am ready for all of the adventures that the weekend promises.”

67. “Who cares about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? My week starts at 5:01 on Friday, and ends at 9:00 on Monday.”

68. “If Rebecca Black were Friday, I would love her until my dying day.”

69. “Do the things you love today because Monday is slowly sneaking up on you.”

70. “The power of Friday compels you to let loose and enjoy all of the joys of life.”

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71. “You did your job all week, so take off your work clothes and party.”

72. “Friday night is the night that I dream about all week long.”

73. “The person that invented Thursday must not have worked a day in their life.”

74. “I have always been told that if you love something, set it free. Friday comes and goes, and always finds its way back to me.”

75. “I have tried all of the other days in the week, and nothing seems to compare to my beloved Friday. Happy Friday everyone.”

76. “I couldn’t be happier. It is Friday, and my life is filled with great family and friends that I love to share the day with.”

77. “You may only be a day, but I think I love you. This is what I say every time I see Friday on the calendar.”

78. “If you think that today could be worse, just remember that Monday is right around the corner.”

79. “Never take Friday for granted. Friday is the day that allows you to lounge around in your boxers all weekend long.”

80. “Friday is like a cold beer that lasts all night through Saturday and Sunday before being cut off by the miserable Monday.”

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81. “If you don’t find room in your heart to love Friday, I am not sure that you and I should remain friends.”

82. “If there is one thing that I can attest to, it is that there can never be enough Fridays in the week – ever.”

83. “I am so happy that it is Friday, I could open up my window and sing to the world.”

84. “Oh what a glorious day. Not only is Friday here, but I have a full two days off with those that I love. Life is good.”

85. “You know that life is good when you get to sit down on a Friday and drink wine while forgetting all of the challenges of life.”

86. “There is only one way to have two Fridays in a week: call out of work on Thursday.”

87. “I came home, took a shower and sat down to eat before realizing that today is Friday, and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Woohoo.”

88. “It could be Friday or it could be the doorway that opens up to the weekend. I am not sure.”

89. “Do you want every day of the week to be Friday? If so, all you have to do is be really irresponsible.”

90. “From one to infinity, there have to be trillions of Fridays that I can take off.”

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91. “I feel bad for Friday. It is the one day that I am so happy to see, yet the only day that has to see me spend all of my time with Monday through Thursday without ever judging me.”

92. “The golden time of our lives always starts on a Friday. Whether we’re in school or have a job, Fridays are awesome.”

93. “Who knew that Friday is not a good excuse to start drinking at 8 am? Evidently, my boss knew.”

94. “I tried to stay away from you for an entire seven days, but I didn’t make it. I love you Friday.”

95. “Thursday doesn’t really count as a day. I see it as an obstacle that was put in place to block me from seeing Friday.”

96. “Finally! Friday is here, and I can finally sleep in late.”

97. “Why is it that it takes me seven full days before I can sit down and breathe a sigh of relief that it is Friday night?”

98. “Friday is like the bombshell that walks into the room, and you can’t keep your eyes off of her.”

99. “If Friday were a person, it would be the center of attention.”

100. “It may only last 24 hours, but Friday is the best day to be alive.”

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