30+ Really Cool Best Friend Tag Questions


best friend tag questions

REMEMBER: Below Are 30+ Really Cool Best Friend Tag Questions! These Are Like The BEST Out There RIGHT NOW! These Tips Helped Over 1,000 Readers! Question Number 25 Is WICKED & Powerful!

Feel free to reword them to your own liking. It’s all up to you. The following 80+ best friend tag questions will give insight into just how much your friend really knows about you!

30+ Most Awesome Best Friend Tag Questions

1. “When and where did we first meet? Do you remember what you were wearing, or why we were both in the same place at the same time?”

2. “Who is the one person that you look up to most in the world? Who is your hero?”

3. “If you had just one place in the whole world that you would love to go to, where would it be? Why would you want to go there?”

4. “What is the name of your best friend’s first crush? Did they ever hookup, or did he or she never tell their crush how they felt about them?”

5. “What is the one fear that you have that you never told anyone about?”

6. “What are the top 5 movies that your best friend simply can’t live without?”

7. “Imagine your best friend all alone on a deserted island. What are the three things that he or she would want with them?”

8. “What movies does your best friend watch over and over again? Pick just 3.”

9. “What is the one part of your friend’s body or aspect of their personality that they love the most?”

10. “What are the two things that you have never told anyone else, including your best friend?”

11. “Everyone has an ideal partner or spouse that they would love to be with. Who is your friend’s ideal partner or date?”

12. “Is fall, winter, spring or summer your best friend’s favorite season? Why?”

13. “On average, how long does it take your friend to get dressed in the morning?”

14. “If your friend had one job in the world that he or she could do forever, what would it be?”

15. “What is the one thing about your friend that you admire most?”

16. “Based on your friend’s style, what type of clothes would they feel most comfortable wearing? A shirt / blouse, or a simple tee?”

17. “Your friend reaches into their pocket to pull out an item. What three items does your friend always carry with them no matter where they are going?”

18. “What is your best friend’s all-time favorite television show? What show do they prefer watching now?”

19. “What movie genre would your best friend watch? Horror? Chick-flicks? Comedy? Action? Drama?”

20. “What is the one inside joke that you and your best friend share together? You can only pick one!”

21. “Out of all the memories that the two of you share together, which is the one that is most sentimental to the both of you?”

22. “Be honest. What is the one thing that your friend says or does that drives you absolutely insane?”

23. “When you’re getting ready to go out for a night on the town, who takes longer to get ready: you or your best friend?”

24. “Your friend has the opportunity of a lifetime to meet anyone in the world. Who would he or she choose to meet?”

25. “What phobias does your best friend have that only you know about?”

26. “What is your best friend’s favorite band of all time? Does your best friend blast the volume when his or her favorite song is on the radio?”

27. “Your best friend has an obsession about one thing, something he or she always thinks about – what is it?”

28. “What is the very last book that your best friend read? When did they read it?”

29. “If your friend has a nickname or many nicknames, what are they? What do they mean?”

30. “Your friend is on stage with a crowd of people listening to every word he or she says, what would your friend say?”


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