100+ Best Buddha Quotes Full of Ancient Wisdom


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Namaste. Lover and promoter of peace, harmony and staying present, Buddha offers ancient wisdom to help you find happiness and peace of mind.

Just share the gift of enlightenment and wisdom with these 100+ Buddha-inspired quotes. Whether you need motivation yourself or hope to spread the message of love and kindness to others, these sayings are sure to brighten everyone’s day.

Your List of Top 100+ Quotes by Buddha to Share Joy

1. “Don’t dwell on the past. Don’t dream about your future. Concentrate your mind on the present moment. That is all there is.”

2. “You can search the world for someone that deserves more love and affection than yourself, but that person will never be found. You deserve love and affection just as much as anyone else in the world.”

3. “Faithfulness is the best relationship. Health is the supreme gift. Contentment is the greatest wealth.”

4. “Only you can save yourself – no one else. We each must walk our own paths.”

5. “Your mind is everything. Whatever you think, you eventually become.”

6. “Three are three things in this world that can’t stay hidden for long: the moon, the sun, and the truth.”

7. “It is your duty to keep your body in good health. Without health, it is impossible to keep a clear and strong mind.”

8. “Our thoughts shape who we are. When our minds are pure, happiness and joy follow us like a shadow.”

9. “Holding onto your anger is like holding onto a hot coal; the only person you’re hurting is yourself.”

10. “One single candle can light a thousand more, and the life of the candle is never shortened. In the same way, happiness can never be decreased by sharing it with others.”

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11. “Like treasures uncovered from earth, virtue appears from the good deeds you perform. From a pure and peaceful mind, wisdom appears. To navigate through the world as a human being, we need the guidance of virtue and the light of wisdom.”

12. “You will never be punished for your anger. You will only be punished by your anger.”

13. “You can only make two mistakes when traveling on the road to truth: not starting, and not going all the way.”

14. “Better to conquer yourself than a thousand battles. Only then can the victory truly be yours. No one can take it away from you – not heaven, hell, demons or angels.”

15. “Diligence is a way of life, but to be idle is the short road to death. Only the wise are diligent. Those who are foolish are idle.”

16. “Never envy others or take what you have for granted. Those who envy others will never find peace of mind.”

17. “Do what needs to be done today. Who knows – death may come tomorrow.”

18. “Always give – even if all you have is a little bit.”

19. “If a wise critic points out your faults, be sure to follow him as you would a guide to a secret, hidden treasure.”

20. “If you cannot find a companion who is equal or better, then pursue a solitary course.”

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21. “Do it now – not later. Otherwise, you will regret it.”

22. “Harming living beings does not earn you the title of “noble”. It is he who does not harm living beings that is considered noble.”

23. “When your mind is free of desires, it’s also free of the prison we call fear.”

24. “Happiness comes from a disciplined mind.”

25. “Cultivating good. Purifying the heart. Doing no harm. These are the teachings of the Buddha.”

26. “A man’s own mind – not the doing of his enemies – is what compels him to do evil.”

27. “Purity and impurity can only come from oneself. No one person can purify another.”

28. “In the end, there are three things that matter the most: how fully did you live? How strongly did you love? How deeply did you let go?”

29. “You can’t travel the path until you become the path.”

30. “Nothing is more disobedient than an undisciplined mind. Nothing is more obedient than a disciplined mind.”

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31. “Nothing in the world can harm you more than your unguarded thoughts.”

32. “It does not matter how many holy words you read or speak; they will do you no good if you do not act upon them.”

33. “You can only find peace within. Do not seek peace without.”

34. “Lighting a lamp for someone else will also brighten your path.”

35. “Those who are silent are blamed. Those who speak too much are blamed. Those who speak in moderation are blamed. There is not a single person in this world who is not blamed.”

36. “Only goodness can conquer badness. Only generosity can conquer meanness. Only truth can conquer dishonesty.”

37. “The rivers in clefts and crevices teach us a great lesson: those in smaller channels flow noisily. But those who flow in great channels flow silently. Whatever isn’t full, makes noise. But whatever is full, remains quiet.”

38. “Others flounder through life with a sense of “mine” just like fish in the puddle of dried-up stream. Seeing and knowing this, live your life with no sense of “mine” – free of attachments.”

39. “Not even the most precious jewel in the world can compare to the one who is awakened.”

40. “May all living beings have happy minds.”

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41. “If only you knew what I know about giving, you would never eat a single meal without sharing it.”

42. “You never truly lose anything in life – unless it’s something you’re clinging to.”

43. “Sorrow or happiness – whatever emotion may befall you, walk on your path unattached and untouched.”

44. “Let boundless love radiate from your being toward the entire universe – below, above and across. Radiate that love without enmity and without ill will.”

45. “Death and decay afflict our world, but only the wise do not grieve for they know the nature of this world.”

46. “When you look out for others, you look out for yourself. When you look out for yourself, you look out for others.”

47. “If the problem has a solution, why worry? Take action instead. If the problem has no solution, worrying will not do you any good.”

48. “The secret to existence is this: have no fear.”

49. “Those who live wisely have no fears – not even death.”

50. “The root of all suffering is the attachment.”

51. “Loving kindness will free your mind. Make this your basis; your vehicle. Exercise yourself in it and stabilize it to fully perfect it.”

52. “So as water does not adhere to the red lily or the lotus leaf, the sage does not adhere to the heard, seen, or sensed.”

53. “Those who cling to views and perceptions wander the earth offending people.”

54. “A single moment can change the day. A single day can change an entire life. A single life can change the entire world.”

55. “From understanding, true love is born.”

56. “You cannot cease hatred with hatred. Only love can cease hatred.”

57. “Each morning we are born again. It is what we do today that matters most.”

58. “Practice compassion to everyone – including yourself.”

59. “Pain is certain in life, but suffering is always optional.”

60. “Doubt everything, and find your own light.”

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61. “Faith is your nourishment on life’s journey; virtuous deeds your shelter; wisdom your light during the day; and mindfulness your protection at night. If a man lives a life that is pure, nothing in the universe can destroy him. If he can conquer greed, he is utterly and completely free.”

62. “Live in love and joy, even among those who live in hate. Live in health and joy, even among those who are ill. Live in peace and joy, even among those who are troubled. Be still and look within. Remain free of attachment and fear. The joy of life is in living this way.”

63. “Practice compassion if you want others to be happy. Practice compassion if you want yourself to be happy.”

64. “A single word of peace is more powerful than a thousand hollow words.”

65. “There is no distinction of west and east in the sky. It is only people that create these distinctions in their own minds, and then believe that they are true.”

66. “To enjoy good health, happiness, and peace, one must control and discipline one’s own mind. If you can control your mind, you can find the path to enlightenment. All virtue and wisdom will naturally follow.”

67. “Choose your words with care. Others will hear them and will be influenced by them for better or worse.”

68. “Be quiet. Live your life purely. Work masterfully. Just like the moon, come out from behind the dark clouds and shine.”

69. “To find the Buddha, all you have to do is look within.”

70. “Do not believe things merely because you have been told them. Perform your own analysis and examination to learn the truth.”

71. “Words can heal, or they can destroy. But when words are kind and true, they can change the world.”

72. “Only those who are free from resentful thoughts can find peace.”

73. “As humans, we long to be free from misery and find true happiness. We have found that inner peace is the key to happiness. Disturbing emotions, such as fear and suspicion, and attachment and anger are the greatest obstacles in our way to happiness. Compassion and love, and a sense of responsibility are the true sources of happiness and peace.”

74. “It does not matter if you are religious; it does not matter if you believe in rebirth; there isn’t a single person in this world that doesn’t appreciate compassion and kindness.”

75. “A jug can only be filled one drop at a time.”

76. “A dog is not a great dog because he’s a good barker. As such, a man is not a good man because he’s a great talker.”

77. “Express compassion for all living beings, both poor and rich. Each of us has our own suffering. Some suffer too little while others suffer too much.”

78. “These three things renew humanity: a life of service and compassion, kind words, and a generous heart.”

79. “It is your purpose to discover your work, and then, with all of your being, give yourself to that work.”

80. “Every person is the cause of his or her own disease or health.”

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81. “Doubt is the most dreadful of habits. It is doubt that pushes people apart and poisons friendships. It is a thorn in one’s side that hurts and irritates; it is the sharp blade of a sword that can kill.”

82. “Each day, let us awake and be thankful. If we did not learn a lot, we learned a little bit. If we did not learn a little, at least we did not fall ill. If we did fall ill, at least we did not die. We all have something to be thankful for.”

83. “A fool who knows he’s a fool is all the wiser.”

84. “When digging a well, there will be no sign of water until you finally reach it. There will only be dirt and rocks to move out of the way. Once you have removed enough, the pure water will soon flow. So is the mind.”

85. “It is always better to travel well than to simply arrive.”

86. “Nothing in this world is permanent. Everything can and will change. Being will always be becoming.”

87. “Ideas that are developed into action are far more important than ideas that remain as ideas.”

88. “Do not depend on others to work out your own salvation.”

89. “Evil is necessary to prove that good is the purest of all.”

90. “Everything in this universe appears and disappears because of the harmony of conditions and causes. No one thing exists entirely alone. Everything in this world is in relation to everything else.”

91. “Ambition is a lot like love; it is impatient of rivals and delays.”

92. “Only those who experience the unity of life can see themselves in all living things and all living things in himself.”

93. “The moment we give into anger, we stop striving for the truth and start striving for ourselves.”

94. “If we could clearly see the miracle of a flower, we could change our entire life.”

95. “Only seek sanctuary in yourself; not in others.”

96. “Always be who you are as you walk, travel and eat. Otherwise, you will wind up missing out on most of your life.”

97. “The past is gone. The future has yet to arrive. The present moment is the only moment for which you can live.”

98. “Focus your heart on doing good. Continue doing good over and over again, and you will find yourself filled with an abundance of joy.”

99. “Our thoughts shape the world.”

100. “If we do not look after others when they are in need of help, who will look after us when we are in need of help?”

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101. “A solid rock is unshaken by the wind. As such, a wise man is unshaken by neither blame nor praise.”

102. “Happiness arises when your words and work come together to benefit others.”

103. “Those who never strive to work toward the truth have failed to see the purpose of living.”

104. “You may throw thorns my way. As they fall in my silence, they will blossom into flowers.”

105. “Patience is the absolute greatest prayer.”

106. “Just as a snake sheds its skin, so must we shed our past.”

107. “Here’s the trouble: You think you have time.”

108. “Wear your ego ever so loosely on your sleeve.”

109. “Once you realize how perfectly imperfect everything is, you will tilt your head towards the sky and laugh.”

110. “What you are now is what you have been. What you will be in the future is what you do now.”

111. “You will not find the way in the sky. You will only find the way inside of your heart.”

112. “Before speaking, always ask yourself: is this true? If so, it is necessary? Is it kind?”

We hope these 100+ Buddha-inspired quotes have given you the wisdom you seek.