Sisters make the world a better place. We’ve compiled a collection of over 100 of the most popular sister quotes and sayings to celebrate your partner in crime, rival and ally. Text them to your sibling or plaster them on your scrapbook pages to let the world know about the unbreakable bond both of you share!

Sisters are best friends – even if they don’t know it yet. Let her know how much she means to you with one of these 100+ amazing quotes and sayings.

Your Exclusive “Gratitude-Showing List of Sister Sayings” by Awesoroo!!!

1. “A sister is like a best friend you just can’t get rid of. Whatever you do, she will always be there.”

2. “Sisters are friends to the spirit, gifts to the heart, the beautiful thread that gives life meaning.”

3. “Our roots may say that we’re sisters, but our hearts know that we’re friends.”

4. “Of two sisters, one is always the dancer and the other, the watcher.”

5. “Sisters are two distinct flowers from the same beautiful garden.”

6. “A sister is a like a safety net that catches you when the chaotic world tries to bring you down.”

7. “Sisters share grown-up dreams and childhood memories.”

8. “Sisters are forever friends.”

9. “The religion of sisterhood is to help one another.”

10. “Remember sister, you are always in my heart. I keep you so close that there is no chance of escaping.”

sister saying 1

11. “I grin because you are my sister. I laugh because I know there’s nothing you can do about it.”

12. “Some sisters only see each other on holidays. Some will never speak after they grow up. But my sister and I are inseparable; best friends who make our other best friends appear just a little less best.”

13. “The media leads us to believe that the most important relationship in our lives is a romantic one. But sisterhood will last longer than any other relationship. Sisters will always be there.”

14. “Sisters love each other dearly, but at the same time, want to wring each other’s necks.”

15. “It’s nice to grow up with a sister; someone to lean on, to count on, and to tell on.”

16. “You sister always knows when you’ve been bad or good – more than Santa Claus ever could.”

17. “Sisters teach us about cooperation, fairness, caring and kindness. Oftentimes, they teach us these lessons the hard way.”

18. “Sisters criticize, annoy and interfere. They sulk, they huff and make spiteful remarks. They break, they borrow, and they hog the bathroom. They’re always under your feet and in your business. But if you ever find yourself in trouble, your sister will be there to defend you against all attackers.”

19. “Sisters never really forgive each other or get over the things that happened when they were five.”

20. “A conversation with my sister will always bring me comfort – no matter what life throws at me.”

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21. “Sister, We may look old to the outside world, but to one another, we’re still in high school.”

22. “When we stand shoulder to shoulder, sister, no one can ever come between us.”

23. “What’s good news if you have no sister to share it with?”

24. “My sister taught me everything that I need to know – and she was only in 6th grade.”

25. “I don’t understand how people make it through life without a sister.”

26. “There is no better friend in this world than a sister, and no sister in the world is better than you.”

27. “You get to keep your past by having a sister. When you get older, your sister is the only one who will never grow tired of listening to your memories.”

28. “Dear sister, you may be gone from my sight, but you are never far from my heart.”

29. “My sister is my best friend; my other half; my human diary. She means the world to me.”

30. “A girl without her sister is like a bird without its wings.”

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31. “One sister is worth a million friends.”

32. “My sister is my friend – always and forever.”

33. “You can fool the world, but you can’t fool your sister.”

34. “Older sisters are the crab grass in the lawn called life.”

35. “In life, people will come and go. Friends change as swiftly as the weather. But I always know that my sister will be here forever.”

36. “A sister is more than just a best friend; a sister is a second mother.”

37. “Sisters are guardian angels. They protect you from harm, help you when you need it, give advice and always stand by your side. She’s the only person in the world who will never forget you.”

38. “Sisters are for making promises that can never be broken and telling secrets that will always be kept.”

39. “My sister may make me angry at times, but she always gives me a lasting laugh later on.”

40. “Sisters are a little piece of childhood that will never be lost.”

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41. “Nothing sounds sweeter than the voice of your sister in times of sorrow.”

42. “My sister is the first and still the most powerful hero in my life.”

43. “A sister reaches for your hand, but touches your heart.”

44. “Sisters share a special bond and friendship that can never be broken.”

45. “Your sister knows you better than your best friend and even better than yourself.”

46. “In cookies, sisters are the chocolate chips.”

47. “You’re the best sister there is, but remember – I’m still the favorite.”

48. “You’re my best friend and my sister. If you don’t feel the same way, just remember that I know all of your secrets.”

49. “Sisters are angels who bring out the best in you and are always there to lift you up.”

50. “With a sister, you never really forget the past because if you do, she will gladly remind you of all the silly mistakes you made.”

51. “Sisters are for wiping tears and sharing laughter.”

52. “Never look down on your sister except when you’re picking her up.”

53. “The bond of sisterhood is more than just having a friend or a confidant; it’s having a true soulmate that stays be your side for life.”

54. “Sisters are there for you no matter what.”

55. “Sisters are the most competitive of relationships, but once both women have grown, it becomes the strongest of relationships.”

56. “Only a sister will tell you honestly when an outfit you’re wearing doesn’t look great on you.”

57. “A sister knows better than anyone else how you grew up, what your favorite toys were and who your friends were.”

58. “Sisters are friends you can be truly honest with.”

59. “The best part about having a sister is that I always have a friend.”

60. “Sis, you will always have a special place in my life.”

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61. “Sisters always know when it’s time to talk, and when it’s time to listen; when it’s time cry, and when it’s time to laugh.”

62. “Be a sister who always loves her siblings and stands on higher ground than the environment surrounding you. Sisters are endowed with a special kind of love that is unlike anything else on earth.”

63. “Everyone needs someone to inspire them to be better than they are right now. That’s what you do for me, sister.”

64. “My sister is my best friend because she believes in me when I don’t believe in myself.”

65. “Friends can change. Lovers can leave. But sisters are eternal.”

66. “My sister has the very best sister in the world.”

67. “Sisters are always connected at the heart even if they’re miles apart.”

68. “What I really love about being your sister is that we can have inappropriate conversations that no rational person would ever have.”

69. “If you ask me, being a sister is even better than being a princess.”

70. “There are only two things you need in this world: love and a sister.”

71. “Older sisters are the only people who will pick on you for their own amusement and beat up anyone else who tries to do the same.”

72. “My sister is a lot like me – only better.”

73. “Time may fly by and things may change. But I will stay rooted in the fond memories I’ve always shared with that one person who has seen me through it – my sister.”

74. “A good friend will listen to your worries with open ears, but only a sister will listen to your worries and fears with an open heart.”

75. “While growing up, sisters fight to make each other stronger and ready to face the cruel world.”

76. “Sisters are the friends who know all of your secrets, but will never judge you.”

77. “My sister is the type of person who will claw me just like a cat, but then take me in her arms like a teddy bear.”

78. “Sisters play many roles in life from fashion guru to relationship counselor, money lender, makeup expert and parental advisor.”

79. “Fairies truly are real. I have one, and I call her sister.”

80. “Friends will leave when you cause trouble, but a sister will tell you that your antics are adorable and give you a hug.”

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81. “Whether you get along like best friends or fight like cats and dogs, a sister will always swoop in and pick you up out of your troubles just like an eagle.”

82. “Sisters aren’t best friends – they’re even better.”

83. “My sister is the only person in the entire world who knows me better than I know myself.”

84. “All of the textbooks, tutorials, guides and journals in the world couldn’t tech you the life experiences that your sister can teach you.”

85. “I know for certain that destiny and fate are on my side because I share wonderful memories with a sister who saw me through life’s greatest strides.”

86. “I can choose my lovers and my friends. But I never had the opportunity to choose my sister, and I’m glad I didn’t because she is the best sister anyone could ever have.”

87. “Growing up with you, sis, sometimes felt like a nightmare. But as we grew older, I realized that our childhood was nothing less than a wonderful dream. Sure, we fight and bicker. But deep down inside, we have nothing but love for each other.”

88. “Lovers may make you smile and friends may make you laugh. But sisters are the ones who wipe away the tears after the dust finally settles.”

89. “The great thing about having a sister is that there’s always someone to pass the blame on.”

90. “Sisters are a lot like cats. They fight and claw at each other, but at the end of the day, they snuggle up together and daydream.”

91. “It’s better to compete with your sister than other people. If you lose, she will shower you with hugs and kisses instead of insults.”

92. “Sisters don’t need words. They’ve perfected their own secret language.”

93. “I’m so lucky to have a sister like you.”

94. “When your mom and dad just don’t understand, your sister always will.”

95. “Our sisters are there for us from the start of our own personal stories until the very end.”

96. “Sisters share the smells, scents and feelings of a shared childhood.”

97. “As sisters, we may share the same mom and dad, but we seem to be from two different families.”

98. “We make enemies and acquire friends throughout life. But our sisters – they come with the territory.”

99. “Sisters we will always be just a couple of nuts off the crazy family tree.”

100. “A sister will always love you no matter what you do. Even if, by chance, they don’t love you, they will be connected with you until they day they die.”

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101. “With friends, you have to put on a good face, but with sisters, you can be tedious and even boring.”

102. “It’s so hard to be an adult, responsible and sensible every second of the day. That’s why it’s so great to have a sister who has a heart as young as yours.”

103. “Sisters make the good times even better and the hard times just a little bit easier.”

104. “My sister and I bonded over pillow fights, movie nights and teasing our parents. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.”

105. “Sisters are mirrors that let us see who we really are on the inside.”

106. “Sisters bring out the strongest of emotions and the best in us. They’re the first people we love and a lifelong friend.”

107. “Life would be empty and incomplete without a sister to share my life’s greatest moments with.”

108. “When we were young, my big sister always looked out for me. She protected me from others, and she played with me even though she had outgrown my toys. She brought me with her places even though she didn’t want to. Simply put, she was and still is the best sister ever.”

109. “As sisters, we always start our sentences with “do you remember when” and we end our long days with nice chats on the phone. We fought like crazy kids over everything imaginable, but as adults, we’re the best of friends. She is the one person I know I can count on, and I love her more with each passing day.”

110. “I may fight with my sister, but if you try to lay a hand on her, you’ll have to deal with me.”

111. “Dear sister, you’re weird and awkward, but no weirder or more awkward than me. I love you!”

112. “We may be sisters by blood, but we’re friends by choice.”

113. “Bonds between sisters are tightly woven and sometimes loosely held. But they can never be broken.”

114. “Sisters are two peas in a pod, bugs in a rug, birds of feather, and friends forever.”

115. “Of all the gifts that are big and small, sisters are the very best of all.”

116. “As your sister, I promise to try and fill your life with experiences – not things, so that we always have amazing stories to tell.”