You may not like them, but you can’t help but love them. Out of all the billions of people on the planet, family are the ones you cherish the most!

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List of “100+ Family Quotes to Show Your Gratitude” by Awesoroo

1. “You spend the first half of your life wishing that your parents would just get off your back. You spend the second half of your life realizing they were the only ones who ever really had your back.”

2. “There is no such thing as the perfect family. We fight and argue. Sometimes, we even stop talking to each other. But family is still family, and we will always be there.”

3. “Home is having somewhere to go. Family is having someone to love. But having both – now that’s a blessing.”

4. “It doesn’t matter how much money you have. If you have family, you’re rich. All the money in the world could never compare to the love of a family.”

5. “Flesh and blood isn’t what makes us family; it’s the heart. Family doesn’t always have to be blood-related, and blood isn’t always thicker than water.”

6. “Families are a lot like fudge. They’re mostly sweet, but there are still a few nuts in there.”

7. “Your family is the best team you could ever have.”

8. “Friends may come and go, but family will be there always. They are the rock; the one thing you can count on.”

9. “Loving families always find a way to forgive everything.”

10. “With family, no one gets left behind, and no one is ever forgotten.”

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11. “Govern your family the same way you would cook a small fish: gently.”

12. “It’s true that if you spare the rod, you spoil the child. But you should keep an apple beside that rod for the times when he does well.”

13. “The beauty of family is that no matter what – they will always be there. Other people may come and go, but you can always rely on your family.”

14. “The five most important things in life are: family, friends, laughter, health and a positive outlook. If you have these things, then you have everything.”

15. “A single ounce of blood is worth so much more than a single pound of friendship.”

16. “At the end of the day, the only thing you really have in life is family. So keep your loved ones close while they’re still around.”

17. “You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family. You don’t have to like them, but you do have to love them.”

18. “Anyone can live in a house. It takes a supportive family to truly build a home.”

19. “What’s the best way to promote peace in the world? Going home and loving your family.”

20. “Family is the most important thing in your life. When you get close to the finish line, the only people who surround you in that hospital room are your family.”

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21. “All families are insane. Truthfully, we all basically have the same family. Each one may be reconfigured in a slightly different way, but they’re ultimately the same.”

22. “People should never neglect their families for the sake of business. So make time to spend with the people you love most before you run out of time to give.”

23. “The man who raises a large family will feel more sorrow, but will feel more pleasure, too.”

24. “Family wraps you in their arms and loves you even when you aren’t being so lovable.”

25. “Home is not a place; it’s people. If you go back to your childhood home after all of your family is gone, all you can really see is what’s no longer there.”

26. “It doesn’t matter where I go, who I know, where I love, or what happens to me. I will never truly lose my family and real friends. These are the people who will be with me forever and never desert me.”

27. “Like the branches on a tree, family may grow in different directions, but the roots are still the same.”

28. “Family love is life’s greatest blessing.”

29. “Please, love your parents. We’re all so busy growing up that we forget our parents are the ones who are growing old.”

30. “Family is a present and blessing. Thank you all for being such a wonderful gift.”

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31. “Love your family as much as you can. When trouble finds you one day, your family will be there for you and won’t ask for anything in return.”

32. “Children are the mirrors of their parents. They reflect their attitudes and outlooks on life.”

33. “My parents gave me the greatest gift that anyone could ever give a child: they believed in me.”

34. “A loving father is one who carries pictures of his family in his wallet where his money used to be.”

35. “The most important thing a dad can do for his kids is love their mother.”

36. “Friends may come and go, but your family will stick around even if you don’t want them to.”

37. “In the end, you only need family. Family loves you and cares for you. They are the only ones who will never let you stand alone in the storm.”

38. “Cousins are the first friends we have in life. Only cousins can truly understand your crazy family.”

39. “Never take your life for granted. Live for the people who love you and will never leave your side – your family. You can choose your friends but not your family, so make the most of your time with them.”

40. “I know I’m doing something wrong if my family isn’t happy. And I would move heaven and earth to make sure that they are happy.”

41. “Family is the absolute best thing that anyone could wish for. They are always there for you during life’s ups and downs, and they’ll love you no matter what.”

42. “Live each day like it’s your last. Let your family know how much you love them, and hug them often.”

43. “Families are precious, but having an incredible family like mine is rare.”

44. “My family loves me even though I never asked them to. They are the only ones who always will.”

45. “Family means having to do things you hate for the people you care about.”

46. “Sometimes, special people in our lives become family. They don’t even have to be related by blood. These are the people whom you appreciate, care for and love.”

47. “All it takes is one family to make a difference in the community. And it only takes one person to make a difference in the family.”

48. “The greatest of nature’s masterpieces is family. The greatest of life’s gifts is the love of family.”

49. “Our lives begin with family. While we may stray from time to time, we all end our lives with family. Appreciate them while they’re here.”

50. “Men travel all over the world to find what they need, and return home to find it.”

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51. “Family is a group of people who stay together not for survival, but to love each other. And we choose to love each other not only for a moment, but for the rest of our lives.”

52. “Children dislike their parents until they reach that age when they become just like them. In that moment, the system is preserved.”

53. “No matter whether you lead an ordinary or extraordinary life, family is the one and only thing you have. Money can come and go, but your family will continue growing each year.”

54. “Daughters need dads for one reason: to show them that not all boys are like the ones who have hurt them.”

55. “The older I get, the more I realize that my mother is the absolute best friend that I could ever have.”

56. “To truly understand the love that your parents have for you, you have to raise children yourself.”

57. “Blood is not the link that bonds your true family – it is joy and respect; love and loyalty.”

58. “Your family is the link to your past and the road to your future.”

59. “One of the most important ingredients in family life is togetherness. Love is the first and most important, but spending time together is a close second.”

60. “The only institution that works and the only rock that stays steady is family.”

61. “Family can be a very risky venture. The more you love, the greater and harder the loss. But that’s the trade-off. And I’ll take all of it.”

62. “When a family is happy, you catch a glimpse of what heaven may look and feel like.”

63. “We leave home to find fortune and treasure, and we return home to share it with our families.”

64. “A road trip can bring the family together just as the days before television and the Internet; the days when children and parents actually spoke to one another.”

65. “We can never destroy family. The chains that bond us may stretch at times, but they will never truly break.”

66. “Treasure your family. Have patience, laugh with them, and most importantly, make time for them.”

67. “To keep a family joyful, much is required from both the children and the parents. Each member has to become a servant of the others in a very special way.”

68. “The foundation of family is where everything begins. Love is the force that prevents cracks and the crumbling of the foundation.”

69. “There is no greater thing of the human soul than the feeling of being linked to someone for life; to experience the world in silent memories for which there are no words.”

70. “Like a compass, family guides us. They inspire us to reach new and great heights. They comfort us when we falter. And they love us no matter what.”

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71. “All parents will damage their children – there’s no way around it. Like glass, children absorb the prints of whomever holds them in their hands. Some parents are kind enough only to leave a smudge, while others may leave cracks. A select few will shatter the glass completely, leaving only jagged little pieces that are beyond repair.”

72. “Bringing up a family is a grand adventure. It should never be a daily performance in which everyone is graded for their performance.”

73. “The greatest inheritance parents can leave their children is their time – a few minutes each day.”

74. “Each day, parents make a deposit into the memory banks of their children.”

75. “It’s our duty to take care of our families – no matter where we find them.”

76. “Family is the one place where minds can connect with each other, and hearts can sing.”

77. “Family is like an octopus. You can’t escape from its tentacles, but deep within your heart, you never really wanted to anyway.”

78. “We may not have any heirlooms in our family, but we have plenty of great stories. And we’re more than happy to share those stories with anyone and everyone.”

79. “Family is the place where the least respectable, most ridiculous things go on.”

80. “The size of your home doesn’t matter. It’s the size of the love inside that truly counts.”

81. “Like an army, a family’s strength is measured in its loyalty to one another.”

82. “There has never been a man who has had enough of a woman’s love or a child’s gratitude.”

83. “While we’re busy trying to teach our children about life, they’re busy trying to teach us what life’s really about.”

84. “Treasure all of the moments you share with your loved ones at every stage in the journey of life.”

85. “Humans are the only creatures on the planet that still allow their kids to come back home.”

86. “Family arguments can be bitter things because they don’t follow any rules. They aren’t like wounds or aches. They’re more like a crack in the skin that will never truly heal.”

87. “Families aren’t static. People marry into the family, and divorce out. New babies are born, and older family members pass away. Family is always changing, evolving and transforming into something new.”

88. “No matter what, always kiss your children goodnight – even if they’re already fast asleep.”

89. “You know you’ve finally become a mother when your kisses have healing, magical properties.”

90. “Trying to explain how much I love my family is like asking me to count the stars. I can surely try, but it will be impossible.”

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91. “A harmonious family will prosper in all things in life.”

92. “We never truly own our family’s history. We are merely the caretakers that preserve it for future generations.”

93. “Have adventures with your children. Encourage them to play outside and use their imaginations. Kids don’t remember their best days of television; they remember the days spent laughing with friends and family.”

94. “If life were a boat, the family would be a canoe – it will never make progress unless everyone is paddling.”

95. “The best Sundays are spent at home with my family with absolutely no plans. Sharing stories and having fun is the best way to pass the time.”

96. “Happiness is having a large, tight-knit family living in another city.”

97. “The love of your family is life’s biggest and greatest blessing.”

98. “Always stay close to your family and your true friends. They are the people who made you the person you are today.”

99. “The secret to a happy family is to learn how to not only receive love, but to give it, too.”

100. “Family and great friends are hidden treasures, so seek them out and relish in the riches.”

These are the absolute best family quotes and sayings, so remember to share them with all the people you love!