11 Really Awesome Minute to Win It Games


minute to win it games

Fast, fun and exciting, Minute-to-Win-It games are great at parties and often played in college. Generally, the objective is simple – finish a task within 60 seconds or face the elimination!

Luckily, we have compiled a list of 11 really awesome minute-to-win-it games that you can play with your friends at any time!

Game #1 – The Mad Dog

mad dog shaking head

The Mad Dog is an extremely fun game that will make contestants look really ridiculous. To get started, you will need 2 Tic-Tac boxes, a ruler and a glue.


Now, you will glue the two boxes, one at each end, to the ruler (with the bottom of the box touching the ruler).

Rules of the game:

Once your playing ruler is set up, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open both Tic-Tac boxes.
  2. Place the ruler in your mouth.
  3. Move your head side to side (like a mad dog) to try and fully empty out all of the Tic-Tacs out of the box.

Pay attention: If both boxes aren´t empty after 60 seconds, you are eliminated from the game and other player gets to play!

Game #2 – The Crazy Nut Job

metal nuts

This is a really crazy game that will test your patience and precision! All you will need are few household items, such as chopsticks (one per player) and 5/8″ metal nuts (8 for each player).


Place all 8 nuts on the chopstick. Leave it laying on the table and get your timer ready!

Rules of the game:

  1. The player should stand in front of the table.
  2. Then decide, which hand he or she will use (the other hand needs to be kept behind his or her back)!
  3. The player can not touch the nuts with his or her hand (or any other body part) at any time during the game!
  4. Start the timer as the player picks his or her chopstick in hand.
  5. Then he or she needs to begin sliding nuts off the chopstick one-by-one so they stay on their sides (you can see through their holes).
  6. The player has to stack all 8 nuts on each other (to build a tower) each facing the same direction!
  7. The final tower needs to stand freely for at least 3 consecutive seconds in order to count it as a success!
  8. In case that your tower fails at any point during the game, you lose and will have to start all over again!

Pay attention: The winner is a player who gets the tower together and standing on its own in one minute or less! You can raise the total number of nuts to 10 in order to make the game more difficult!

Game #3 – The Funny Jiggle Effect

ping pong balls

This is a truly fun game for any age and any occasion. All you will require are just the following items: empty tissue box, ping pong balls, and a string.


This game is simple. All you need to do is to attach the string to the empty tissue box and fill it with ping-pong balls.

Rules of the game:

  1. Tie the box full of ping-pong balls to players waist.
  2. Then he or she has to jiggle to get out of the box as many balls as possible within 60 seconds time limit.

Keep in mind: If a player does not manage to get all balls out of the box within 1 minute he or she is eliminated from the game!

Game #4 – The Very Sticky Situation

peanut butter bread

Food and ping pong balls. What can be better right? Sticky Situation is easy to play and a ton of fun. All you will need are a table, ping pong balls, a slice of bread and peanut butter.


First, spread a thick layer of peanut butter over the slice of bread. Then place it near the end of a table.

Rules of the game:

  1. Each player has 1 ping pong ball.
  2. They have 60 seconds to try and bounce the ball off of the table 1 time and have it land and stick on the peanut butter bread.

Keep in mind: The number of players can be as many as you want as long as everyone has a ping pong ball.

Game #5 – The Rapid Fire

rubber bands

Rapid Fire is a great game that you can even play by yourself. You will need a pack of rubber bands, empty metal soda or beer cans (6) and a table.


Make two pyramids on the table, each one consisting of 3 empty cans (2 in the bottom row and 1 on top of them).

Rules of the game:

  1. Each of the players will stand at least 1 foot away from the pyramid.
  2. While using only the rubber bands, each player must knock all cans off the table.
  3. This game ends as soon as the structure of one player is all down the table.

Keep in mind: You have only 60 seconds to do this or you are eliminated!

Game #6 – This Blows

plastic straws

This Blows is a game that can be played by kids or adults. The concept is rather easy to follow, and the game is done as a race. You will only need a table, empty beer or coca-cola can (1 for each player) and plastic straw (1 for each player).


Place the empty cans on the table and start the timer at 60 seconds.

Rules of the game:

  1. Now, players blow through their straw in an attempt to blow the can off of the table.
  2. The goal is to blow a can off of the table within 60 seconds.

Pay attention: Sometimes, the winner is chosen by the farthest can from the starting point if no cans were blown off of the table.

Game #7 – The Ka-Broom

jumbo marshmallows

Ka-Broom is a very popular minute to win it game and a little more complex than some of our other additions. This game requires a cup, a broom and 10 paper plates and marshmallows!


The setup of this game is very important. Players will need to place 1 marshmallow in the middle of each plate. Then place each plate half on and off the ledge of a table and remove the broom handle from the broom bristles.

Rules of the game:

  1. Players are now going to attempt to hit the edge of the plate with the broom so that the marshmallows are thrown into the air.
  2. While in the air, the person must use the cup to catch the marshmallows.
  3. The goal is to catch at least 2 marshmallows within 60 seconds time limit.

Keep in mind: Players must remain upright when trying to catch the marshmallows.

Game #8 – The Hanky Panky

kleenex paper tissue box

Fun, exciting and very hard, Hanky Panky deals with a lot of tissues. You will need 100-paper tissue count box (1 per each player).


Place a box of tissues in front of each player on the table and set the timer for 60 seconds time.

Rules of the game:

  1. Each contestant must use only 1 hand.
  2. He or she must remove all 100+ tissues from the box.
  3. He or she must finish this within 60 seconds.

Keep in mind: If you want to make this game more difficult, you can choose boxes with higher volume of tissues.

Game #9 – The Hilarious Bobblehead

baseball bobbleheads

A funny game to watch. All that you need to play this game is just a pedometer (1) and a headband (1).


Place the pedometer on the head and wrap the headband around it.

Rules of the game:

  1. Set the pedometer to 0.
  2. Players must bobble their head to make the pedometer register steps.
  3. Players will have 60 seconds to reach a step limit.
  4. If he or she does not meet this limit, they are eliminated.

Pay attention: You can simply go in twos where the player with the lower number is eliminated.

Game #10 – The Hut, Hut, Hike!

toilet paper roll

A fun game that is easy to play. You will need to have several toilet paper rolls and a hula hoop (1).


Firstly, you will need to prepare either a stand for the hula hoop or 2 additional people who will hold it in place. Now, you need to place a foul line 15 feet (or more away) from the hoop.

Rules of the game:

  1. When the timer starts, each player needs to be standing behind the foul line.
  2. They turn their backs to the hula hoop and bend over.
  3. The player picks up the toilet paper and throws it between their legs.
  4. He or she needs to get the toilet paper to go right through the hula hoop.

Pay attention: If it is too easy, a person may need to get the toilet paper into the hoop multiple times within the 60 seconds time limit to win the game!

Game #11 – Into The Shot Glass

empty shot glass

The final game on our list is called “Into The Shot Glass”! This game requires just a few empty soda bottles (6), a shot glass, and a ping pong ball.


Get your timer ready and prepare all the required things on the table.

Rules of the game:

  1. Line up all soda bottles in a row with bottoms up.
  2. Place the scotch glass at its end.
  3. Place the ping pong ball on the top of the first soda bottle.
  4. Blow the ball over all 6 soda bottles and into the scotch glass.

Keep in mind: All this must be done within just one minute or sooner!