11 Really Good Signs to Tell if a Girl Likes You


woman showing signs she likes you

As a man, it can be very confusing to know if she likes you or not. When you are younger, it is even harder to tell if she likes you or if she is merely being friendly.

We have complied a list of 11 signs that you can watch out for to see if she is into you or not.

1. Noticeable Looks

Physical attraction is often what brings two people together at first. While it may seem shallow, it is the truth. When you enter the room or when you are just sitting there not talking to her, does she look at you?

Pay close attention to this especially when leaving the room. If she often makes eye contact with you, it may be a sign that she likes you.

2. She Starts Conversations

If a woman approaches you and starts a conversation, she may be interested. She may say that you look familiar or ask if you know each other. Play it cool and try to keep the conversation going.

If she has the courage to come and talk to you without knowing her, she is either a social butterfly or she has some interest in you.

3. She Asks About You

Most conversations people have seem rather rehearsed. This is something along the lines of, “how was your day” or “what did you do today?” When a woman asks more in-depth questions about your activities, such as your night out playing soccer or how your new job interview was, she either really cares about you or likes you.

4. Compliments

Women are always the one receiving compliments, but when they give them out, it is a very good thing. This can be something as silly as “what cologne are you wearing? It smells great.” She may even say how nice you look or that she likes the way your new haircut looks.

If this is a complete stranger, she will more than likely be physically attracted to you.

5. Physical Contact

If she rubs your shoulders or holds your hands often, you are either very close friends or she feels a strong connection to you. More often than not, if she is single, she will have feelings for you. Don’t mistake a “hello hug” as a sign of affection, unless she really holds the hug for a long time each time.

6. She Texts or Emails You Often

When you go on Facebook or you check your text messages, do you find her text or message always waiting for you. These platforms are used when we are thinking about someone and want to tell them something.

If she is thinking about you every day, this is a sign that she has interest in you. After all, do you think of someone that you don’t like, barring family or people you see often, enough every day to contact them?

7. She Always Invites You

Parties, out to a restaurant or to a concert, if she invites you places all of the time, she is likely happy to be in your company. Unless you are best friends, she simply wants to be around you because she likes you. Take these invites as something serious and dress for the occasion.

You want to look your best at this time and if you don’t, she may think you do not have the same feelings for her as she does for you.

8. You Make Her Laugh a Lot

Laughter is something that is often underrated. If you are funny and charming, she will notice, and this often turns into a flirty romance. If she laughs at all of your jokes and always tells you how funny you are, she may be trying to also tell you that she likes you.

Pay attention to how she reacts to other people’s jokes. If she laughs and smiles more with you, it is either that you are really funny, or she is interested in you.

9. She Always Dresses Up

Women dress up because they want to be seen. When women are at home, they often relax in sweatpants or pajamas because they are very comfortable. However, if she always dresses up when she is around you, she may be trying to impress you and get your attention. Pay attention to how she is dressed with you and how she dresses when she is not with you.

If she always dresses up in your presence, she may just be trying to get you to pay attention to her.

10. Look Into Her Eyes

This may sound creepy, and it can be if you don’t do it right. When standing next to her, look into her eyes and see if her pupils grow in size. When a woman’s pupils enlarge when looking at you, this means they like you. This may sound like hocus pocus, but there have been studies performed that show this is the real deal.

11. Blushing

Women do not blush often, but when they do, it is usually because they feel a physical attraction to a person. Perhaps you walk into the room and say hello. If she is blushing while saying hello, she probably has hidden feelings for you.

Or, she may just be one of those women that blushes a lot. See how she reacts with other people when they are around her. If she only blushes in your presence, she definitely likes you.