Today is a special day – your friend’s birthday. Celebrate together by sending him or her a special birthday message.

List of 120+ Wishes for Your Friend´s Birthday!!!

1. “A birthday comes around once every year, but a friend like you will only come around once in a lifetime. I’m so glad to call you my friend. I wish you nothing but the best on your special day.”

2. “Today you celebrate your special day, and I celebrate the beautiful friendship that we have. Happy birthday!”

3. “Friendship isn’t something that can be written down on paper – even paper can be torn. We can’t draw it on rocks because even those can be broken. But we can write them on our hearts where they will stay with us forever. Happy birthday, friend!”

4. “Our friendship is made of pure gold and will never, ever rust. It will stay with us until the world returns to dust. Happy birthday! I hope all your wishes come true.”

5. “Happy birthday to a true friend! Enjoy this day and take a time to celebrate yourself.”

6. “Friends are the people who fill our lives with so much joy and grace. They make the entire world a much better place. Happy birthday!”

7. “A best friend stands by our side through thick and thin. On this special day, I can’t help but grin because today was the day you were brought into this world. Happy birthday!”

8. “We must be best friends. I’ve been singing “happy birthday” for what seems like hours and haven’t been killed yet.”

9. “On your birthday, I hope that life teaches you something new and beautiful. I hope that you have a day you will always remember. And I hope that each new day is just as wonderful and meaningful.”

10. “I hope that every extra candle on your cake gives you another reason to smile. Happy birthday!”

friend birthday wish 1

11. “As far as friends go, you’re not just one of the best – you are the best. Happy birthday, friend.”

12. “Today is your birthday – the perfect day to tell you how wonderful a friend you are. Happy birthday!”

13. “It’s your birthday! I hope you have the strength and courage to live out your dreams and see all of your wishes come true.”

14. “It’s okay to act crazy today. You know why? Because it’s your birthday! Happy birthday!”

15. “Happy birthday to a friend who knows me better than anyone else.”

16. “I wish you happiness each morning and enough laughter to truly make your heart sing. Happy birthday, friend!”

17. “All you need in life is good family and good friends. It’s hard to tell the difference between the two with you. Happy birthday!”

18. “Today is your birthday. I hope that you receive more blessings than you hope for, and more good things come your way throughout the year. Happy birthday, friend!”

19. “I only have one wish for you on your birthday, and that wish is for all of your dreams to come true.”

20. “Today, we celebrate with good friends, good laughs and plenty of good memories. Happy birthday!”

friend birthday wish 2

21. “My dearest, closest friend, you have always been there for me. Together, redefine what friendship truly means. Happy birthday!”

22. “You are always there to listen to me, support me, advise me, cry with me and be my friend. I hope to do all of these things and more for you. Happy birthday!”

23. “We’ll be friends forever – you can bet your life on it. Happy birthday!”

24. “I am a much better person for knowing you, friend. I’m glad we can celebrate your birthday together. Happy birthday!”

25. “As crazy as we both are, I’m really surprised that we lived this long. Happy birthday! Let’s go celebrate in style.”

26. “Today may be your birthday, but it’s also the start of something new: another wonderful year with you. Happy birthday.”

27. “Happy birthday, friend. I heard you don’t like cake, so I brought you a thousand lollipops instead.”

28. “Today is a special day – my friend’s birthday. May the sun shine a little brighter and the birds sing a little sweeter.”

29. “I hope we get the chance to celebrate a hundred more birthdays together, and that each one is better than the last.”

30. “How do you describe a good friend? It’s so obvious. I describe them as you. Happy birthday!”

friend birthday wish 3

31. “I wish you joy in all of your days, and that you find what you’re looking for in every way. Happy birthday!”

32. “You know, friend, some things just get better with age. You’re one of them! Happy birthday.”

33. “Happy birthday! I’m not saying that you’re getting old. I’m just saying that if you were a carton of milk, I would probably smell you before I poured you into a glass.”

34. “I hope your summer birthday isn’t quite as sticky or hot as the moment of your birth!”

35. “Did you know that birthdays are good for your health? Studies have shown that those with more birthdays actually live longer. True story. Happy birthday!”

36. “You know you’re getting old when the candles on your birthday cake contribute to the global warming. Happy birthday, friend.”

37. “Happy birthday to my dearest friend. Here’s to another year of laughing hysterically at our inside jokes and trying to keep each other sane.”

38. “Here are two secrets I want to share with you on your birthday: 1. Forget your past because you can’t change it, and 2. Forget the present, too, because I definitely didn’t get you one. Happy birthday.”

39. “Happy birthday! Remember – there is never a reason to act your age.”

40. “Don’t be upset about your birthday. At least you’re not as old as you will be next year.”

friend birthday wish 4

41. “Happy birthday! However old you are today is the new 30!”

42. “Happy birthday, friend. I hope your day is just as amazing and fun as I am.”

43. “I really wanted to get you something awesome on your birthday, but the mailman told me I had to get out of the mailbox. Oh well! Happy birthday!”

44. “In some parts of the world, it’s customary to wish someone a happy birthday the day after their birthday. I don’t know where that is, but apparently I’m from there. Happy birthday, dear friend.”

45. “Happy birthday friend. I’m really glad that you were born.”

46. “Happy birthday! Have you ever noticed that birthday cake is the only food that you can spit and blow on, and everyone still rushes to get a piece?”

47. “Happy birthday to a friend who knows me better than I know myself. May your life adventures continue!”

48. “True friends aren’t inseparable. They’re friends who can spend time apart but feel as if nothing has ever changed. You and I are true friends. Happy birthday!”

49. “Of all the people in this world, I’m glad you chose me as a friend. I hope to return all the joy and kindness you’ve shown me over the years. Happy birthday!”

50. “Today is a day to celebrate and be thankful for another blessed year. Happy birthday!”

51. “Best friends are like four leaf clovers – beautiful and very hard to find. Happy birthday, best friend.”

52. “On your birthday, I wish you nothing but the best and all of the joy your heart can hold. Happy birthday!”

53. “Happy birthday to a friend who never seems to age. I hope it’s a good one!”

54. “Happy birthday to the greatest friend ever!”

55. “Keep calm – it’s my friend’s birthday!”

56. “It’s your birthday today, and I’m so sad that I can’t be there. I’ll send you special wishes through a little prayer. Happy birthday!”

57. “Happy birthday to the one person who has always been there for me and accepted me for who I am. I hope you get all that you dreamed of today.”

58. “Sending you a million magical wishes today. Happy birthday.”

59. “Happy birthday to a fabulous friend!”

60. “Thank for being such a special friend. Happy birthday!”

friend birthday wish 5

61. “Our friendship is just like the sun – even if you can’t see me, I’m still there, shining for you!”

62. “Trying to find the value you bring to my life is like trying to find water in the ocean – it is always there. I would be empty without you. Happy birthday!”

63. “I promise to always bring light into your life well after you blow out the candles. Happy birthday.”

64. “I’m thinking of you today, your birthday. I wish you all the best. I hope today is as fantastic as you. Happy birthday!”

65. “Birthdays are the most special day in a person’s life. I hope you enjoy yours.”

66. “I have but one birthday wish for you: enjoy life and never stop dreaming. I hope that both happiness and beauty continue to surround you. Happy birthday.”

67. “May blessings rain down upon you today, it´s your birthday.”

68. “Happy birthday, and many, many happy returns!”

69. “Well, another year has passed, and I’m still younger than you. Happy birthday!”

70. “Happy birthday. I wish you another wonderful year.”

71. “When you blow out the candles on your birthday, know that you have made this world a brighter place. May all of your wishes and dreams come true! Happy birthday.”

72. “If I had to write you a birthday wish, I would draw a heart instead. That’s what our friendship truly means to me. Happy birthday!”

73. “I hope that your birthday cake is as sweet as you, but it will never be sweeter than our friendship. Happy birthday!”

74. “I wish there were more hours in the day, so I could spend time with great friends like you each day. Happy birthday!”

75. “Your other friends may promise to attend your party, but they’ll leave early. Not me. I’ll stay behind and help you clean up after the party is over. Happy birthday!”

76. “The sun is shining a little more brightly today. That’s because it’s wishing you a very happy birthday!”

77. “Today is your birthday – that is true. Today is your birthday, may all the luck in the world come to you.”

78. “On your birthday, I ask you to count the life in your years, not the years in your life; count the beautiful experiences, not the wrinkles.”

79. “I hope that you take the day to relax and unwind today. Happy birthday, friend! You deserve a little R&R.”

80. “Sending birthday wishes for a beautiful year ahead. Happy birthday, friend. I’ll be there for you until the end.”

friend birthday wish 6

81. “Life is short and sweet – may your birthday be just as sweet and your life be filled with countless memories.”

82. “Today marks the start of another amazing trip around the sun. Happy birthday!”

83. “In honor of your birthday, I’ve decided to put you on the liver transplant list. After tonight’s celebrations, you’ll need it. You’re welcome!”

84. “Happy birthday, friend! I hope you live long enough for us to live together and pretend to be the Golden Girls.”

85. “Happy birthday! Congrats on reaching an age where you wake up at the same time you used to go to bed on Saturdays.”

86. “On your birthday, I wish you a never-ending supply of red tag sales, coffee, and wine – with no consequences to any of it. Happy birthday!”

87. “Happy birthday! Here’s to another year of having a complete disregard for any age-appropriate development milestones.”

88. “Happy birthday, friend. If you get stark drunk today, please do us a favor and wrap yourself in bubble wrap. At your age, people break easily.”

89. “I hope your birthday is as good as bacon. That is all. Happy birthday!”

90. “Happy birthday to a true friend who I’ve known since childhood. You may be one year older, but you are one year wiser, too. Happy birthday!”

91. “All the cake, flowers and presents in the world could never compare to the light you bring to my life. Happy birthday, friend.”

92. “Friends are a dime a dozen. Best friends are like a rose that blooms in winter: precious and rare. Happy birthday!”

93. “It’s your birthday! I hope you celebrate it appropriately with lots of bad decisions and booze.”

94. “Hey – you made it another year without getting eaten alive by a bear. Congrats! Happy birthday.”

95. “Happy birthday, friend. You’ve officially made it to “dirty old man” territory. Enjoy!”

96. “Congrats on becoming one year older and still maintaining such a low maturity level. Happy birthday!”

97. “You are far too fabulous to celebrate your birthday on just one day! Happy birthday week!”

98. “Congratulations! You’re now so old, your childhood photos don’t need the retro filter on Instagram. Happy birthday.”

99. “Happy birthday, friend. I can’t believe it! You look a few days younger than your actual age.”

100. “Happy birthday – you look fabulous! What’s your secret? Don’t give me some silly rubbish about healthy diet and exercise.”

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101. “On your birthday, I hope that you spend this wonderful day with people you love, lots of great food and plenty of amazing memories. Happy birthday!”

102. “Happy birthday! Light the candles and make a wish. I hope it comes true! No one deserves it more than you.”

103. “Happy birthday. I can’t remember how old you are, and frankly, I don’t care. Let’s just go out and celebrate like you’re turning 21!”

104. “I know it’s your birthday. I made you a cake and everything, but UPS refused to ship it. I want you to know that I ate the cake, and it was awesome. Happy birthday!”

105. “May your birthday be filled with sweet treats, big hugs, joyous laughter and the people you love. Happy birthday!”

106. “Wishing you a birthday that’s just as special as you.”

107. “May your birthday be just as beautiful as you are, friend.”

108. “I hope that you are showered with blessings, happiness and good health on your birthday.”

109. “Happy birthday to the brightest star in the universe!”

110. “My dear friend, on your birthday, I wanted to remind you that you are the best person I have ever met. You have changed my life in more ways than you know. Happy birthday!”

111. “Happy birthday and congratulations on not being young enough to be picked for the Hunger Games.”

112. “Happy birthday, friend – it’s time to celebrate. Remember, calories don’t count on birthdays or holidays!”

113. “Today, I’m sending you a birthday wish wrapped in my love. Happy birthday!”

114. “May all that you wish for come your way on your birthday!”

115. “I hope that all of your wishes come true on your birthday and have lots of fun!”

116. “I hope today, your birthday, is the start of a great year for you. Happy birthday!”

117. “Dance your heart out and make the most out of this special day. Your birthday only comes once a year – enjoy it!”

118. “May your birthday be wrapped in pleasure, brightened with fun, filled with laughter and remembered with joy. Happy birthday!”

119. “Happy birthday! May the coming year bring you fulfillment, happiness, and love!”

120. “Happy birthday, friend. Thank you for always being there.”