120+ Encouraging Quotes About Life, Change and Strength


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Life is filled with hardship and change. While everything will turn out okay (we hope), it doesn’t mean you don’t need some encouragement along the way. We have come up with 120+ encouraging quotes that will help you get through the hardest of days.

List of 120+ Encouraging Quotes You Will Love

1. “One word of encouragement during a failure is worth far more than an hour of praise when you’re successful.”

2. “There is an ounce of good news inside of everyone. The good news is that you have unlimited potential that you don’t realize.”

3. “Opportunity lies in the middle of every difficult path in life.”

4. “What is the best revenge? Being successful.”

5. “There will always be moments that people stand and cheer for you inside without ever saying a word. Your accomplishments do not go unnoticed.”

6. “The one who recognizes challenges and has the guts to do something about them will always find success.”

7. “When life has you down, there is nothing else you can do besides be persistent to make a change.”

8. “Perseverance and determination lead to success; not genius or talent or education.”

9. “Push yourself to get through the trials of today and tomorrow to make you stronger.”

10. “Strength is not found within words or a book; it is found within yourself when you have nothing left to lose.”

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11. “How can one moment in time shape the world around you? Tomorrow there will be countless moments to change the sadness of today.”

12. “Getting up in the morning is the start to a day of possibilities.”

13. “Move forward, aim high and plan a takeoff into the stars.”

14. “Sitting and hoping that life will change will always result in sorrow. Change your attitude, and you will find that change happens naturally.”

15. “When times are rough, remember: “this too shall pass.””

16. “Accept life unconditionally. Never expect life to do something special for you. Just go with the flow and great things will happen.”

17. “Character is not developed in ease and quiet. Experience and suffering lead to a strengthened soul and ambition.”

18. “Talent does not automatically lead to success. There is talent all around us, but a successful talented person did one thing others didn’t: worked hard.”

19. “Prove your ability to outgrow small jobs and you will find big jobs come your way.”

20. “Take control of your actions and be consistent – it will shape your life.”

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21. “Small, consistent changes are what the world of success are founded upon.”

22. “When you keep falling, remember that you have only failed when you stopped trying to get up.”

23. “Swimming against the tides can change with a word of encouragement.”

24. “You will only find spirituality when you have come to your wits end – that is where divinity resides.”

25. “There is no mountain we can conquer in the world as massive as ourselves.”

26. “The day may be long and all hope may seem lost, but try one more time, and you will see the light shining through the darkness.”

27. “Luck is not going to find you if you don’t open the doors of your world to others.”

28. “Getting what you want is a lot harder than it seems because getting what you want requires continual hard work.”

29. “When you have a why to live, you can overcome any how that gets in your way.”

30. “Don’t view obstacles with hatred. Embrace the obstacles that come your way; they are meant to be there to shape your very existence.”

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31. “Crisis is a time when the greatest opportunities arise. Don’t let these days get you down when you can use them to fuel your future.”

32. “Defeat is not accepted by those willing to fight for something better.”

33. “Victory and defeat can be equally satisfying; they both shale the soul and allow for glory to be found.”

34. “Not a day goes by when someone, somewhere isn’t having an equally bad day.”

35. “Fortune will only knock on your door once in lifetime. Misfortune has a way of knocking until you answer – it is far more patient.”

36. “Embrace today as tomorrow may not come. Dust off your shoes, stand up and realize that as long as you’re breathing, you have the opportunity to change.”

37. “A heavenly light awaits those that are persistent enough to get through the day.”

38. “You may feel weak and you may think that life is not fair, but as long as you keep trying, you will overcome the challenges of today.”

39. “Suffering is a part of our test as humans to see if we are ready for a divine future.”

40. “The future is only as good as you make it.”

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41. “Helplessness and sadness are only allowed into your life when you choose to open the door.”

42. “The sun will shine tomorrow no matter how dark today may be. You will either be ready to challenge the day or choose to live in your own darkness.”

43. “Pay close attention and you will find that there is opportunity in every day.”

44. “Eliminating your troubles is a never ending journey that will not come to completion. Instead, learn to grow with your troubles and find happiness inside them.”

45. “What happens today should lead to strength and courage no matter the circumstances.”

46. “When the wind has stopped blowing, pick up your oars and row the boat yourself.”

47. “Deep waters are where our true strength resides.”

48. “Cleanse your soul in the troubles of today, so you can embrace the success of tomorrow.”

49. “There should never be regret in something that made you happy.”

50. “Happiness is an ingredient of life that has to be forged with your own consistency to smile.”

51. “Smile as today is a trial that will lead to a better life.”

52. “Regret the opportunities you miss while understanding that it is time to ride the next opportunity to success.”

53. “No matter where you come from or who you are, you have the ability to triumph.”

54. “Applause should never be the end of your journey – it is just the beginning.”

55. “Trust yourself, but never forget that you are your own harshest critic. Sometimes, great people do not see greatness in themselves.”

56. “At the end of your life, you don’t want to be remembered as the person with endless potential that decided to hide away from the world in fear of not being a success.”

57. “Mistakes allow you to have another chance – they are not the end.”

58. “Everyone says that it cannot be done until one person has the will to see the impossible accomplished.”

59. “Dreams allow those with a courage to find direction in life.”

60. “Unique opportunity is to be grasped and cherished. Those who fail to embrace these times are on the same playing field as those who are failures.”

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61. “Letting others dictate your happiness will never lead to inner peace.”

62. “The odds being against you should be a good thing – they make you try harder.”

63. “Do what you know in your heart you are meant to do and you will always find happiness.”

64. “There are times when life changes directions every day, but each direction can have its own happy ending.”

65. “Happy endings do not find those that are too scared to walk down the path of success.”

66. “Success in life is not about who comes in first. It is about being the best you can be.”

67. “Change for the better even when you know there is an easier path to follow.”

68. “No one is born into the world with certainty.”

69. “You will come to the end of your rope – eventually – so tie a knot and hang on with all of your might.”

70. “Wisdom and courage are the only ingredients you need to create a happy future.”

71. “Dreams are meant to be broken into a million pieces from time to time. It is your choice to pick up one of those pieces and try again.”

72. “What is the greatest quality in life besides honor? Courage. Without courage, you will never do anything in this world.”

73. “Love until it hurts and you will find that there is only more love that awaits.”

74. “Never let another unhappy person dictate your life. Shine by example and make your own path.”

75. “People will always tell you that you can’t achieve the impossible, but you have the strength to change their mind.”

76. “Worry is not able to empty tomorrow of sadness. Worry only drains the strength of today.”

77. “Today is a day of opportunity and excitement, so don’t sit down and watch it pass by.”

78. “Life is a funny distraction. It is 10 percent what happens and 90 percent reaction.”

79. “React in an honest and faithful way, and you will find that life isn’t always so bad.”

80. “Why would you let discouragement forge your future? Find a dream and follow it to the end of the earth if you have to.”

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81. “There is always a good reason to continue following your dreams: so you can look at the faces of all the people that told you, you could never achieve them.”

82. “Dreams are not put aside for the wealthy or the lucky; they are there waiting for you to hang onto them until they become a reality.”

83. “The reality of life is that bad things will happen. You will be sad and there will be times when you want nothing more but to give up. These are the times when you need to be brave and keep following your dreams.”

84. “So what if you fail? At least you saw the opportunity and tried.”

85. “I am, I am, I am. This is what you need to tell yourself when you question if you’re good enough or not.”

86. “Knowledge is the one thing that must be challenged and increased constantly or it will eventually vanish.”

87. “Pay attention to those that deserve it and forget the rest.”

88. “Always choose to be a failure doing what you love than a success doing something that you hate.”

89. “Be happy to do the work you do – that is a miracle.”

90. “Who defines failure? Those that never tried or those that have failed countless times before realizing their own dreams?”

91. “Learn the rules of the game first. Then play better than everyone else.”

92. “Do not judge the universe. Instead, find hope in the dark days and focus on the brightest days.”

93. “Doing the right thing takes courage, but doing it when you know no one will know you did it is a real strength.”

94. “No champion enjoyed the work that they had to do to become greatness. Champions hate every minute of training but continue on knowing the rest of their lives will be lived as champions.”

95. “There is no time to give up.”

96. “When you stumble and fall into the darkest recesses of life, you’ll find the real treasure.”

97. “Directing our lives requires us to take control of our consistent actions.”

98. “It is not what we do once or twice that makes a change in our lives; it is what we do consistently that matters.”

99. “There is no destiny that dictates what you will become. You will become the person that you decide to be.”

100. “Start right now and don’t wait another second. Use what you have and do what you can.”

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101. “No one has to wait another second to help improve the world, you can start right now.”

102. “What are you waiting for? Start now. Right this second.”

103. “Doors close and open all the time. Sometimes, they close too fast, so jump through them and take the dive – greatness awaits.”

104. “The tide will turn when you’re trapped in a corner with nowhere else to run. This is when you will find that you have an endless amount of courage that you never thought existed.”

105. “Pay attention to the things that truly deserve your attention.”

106. “Do what you can to make life better.”

107. “You’re never too old to start following your dreams.”

108. “Falling on your face means that you took one step forward.”

109. “You can choose to be miserable or you can motivate yourself to get whatever it is you need to do done.”

110. “Keep company with those that have the ability to uplift you.”

111. “What you do does make a difference.”

112. “Wealth starts with learning. Health starts with learning. Spirituality starts with learning. Learning is the beginning to finding a miracle.”

113. “Miracles are all around us. The wind blowing is a miracle.”

114. “Your soul needs to be nourished before you can make others happy.”

115. “The time will come when you’re faced with an obstacle that can change your very existence. It is up to you whether to be defeated or triumphant.”

116. “Are you going through hell? You need to keep going as fast and dedicated as you can be to come out on the other side.”

117. “Movement and chaos should never stop you from achieving your goals.”

118. “Live in the present. The health of mind and body does not dwell in the past or future – it dwells in the now.”

119. “Thoughts that are negative will breed negativity.”

120. “Problems are not bright red stop signs. Problems are the guidelines of life.”

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121. “Pain should be embraced as a fuel that pushes us forward.”

122. “Write down your dreams, your hopes, and your desires. Let the universe know that you are strong enough to achieve your goals.”

123. “Patience is the attribute that helped every great man reach his goals.”

124. “There is no formula to success that doesn’t include persistence.”

These 120+ quotes should provide you with a little encouragement, insight and inspiration into yourself. It’s time to make a positive change in your life, no matter what the consequences may be.