The morning comes every day that you’re alive, so why not start your day off on the right foot with good morning quotes that are meant to brighten up your day? If you don’t wake up with a smile on your face, you’re putting a damper on what could be the best day of your life.

Some people begin with a cup of coffee, but I start my day with a quote from our 130+ awesome quote series to make sure your day is as bright and happy as the sun!

The BEST “List of 130+ Quotes to Begin Your Day” by Awesoroo!

1. “It’s time to rise and shine – and make some coffee.”

2. “The morning is here and it’s not Monday, so today will be a good day.”

3. “Every morning is a good morning as long as you don’t have to work.”

4. “Look at each morning as a blessing of good things to come and mistakes that can be undone.”

5. “Each morning is the perfect time to forget about the troubles of yesterday and embrace the challenges of today.”

6. “Morning is the time to thank God for another chance at life today.”

7. “Start every day with a positive thought to have a better tomorrow.”

8. “Every day that I wake up healthy and happy is a good day.”

9. “The blessing of our life starts with a cup of coffee in the morning.”

10. “Productivity is starting the day with a cup of coffee.”

good morning quote 1

11. “A smile brightens the day from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep.”

12. “Everything turns out just as it was planned to be when you start the day with a positive outlook.”

13. “The light of the sun will lead the path of today.”

14. “Being thankful for every day you wake up is the only way to get past the troubles of yesterday.”

15. “Wake up and say “I am a masterpiece that gets a little better every day.””

16. “Wake up and smile – at least you’re awake.”

17. “Sunrises make the morning beautiful, while you make the day perfect.”

18. “It’s not about the time you get up, but that you get up which is most important.”

19. “Who cares what happened in the middle of the night as long as you woke up in the morning with a smile.”

20. “There is joy in every sunrise and happiness in every moment that you’re alive.”

good morning quote 2

21. “May the morning start with birds chirping outside your window and sun beaming through your curtains.”

22. “Morning is the start of a new day filled with procrastination.”

23. “Wake up today and know that it is the start of forever with me.”

24. “Good morning and good day. Wake up vibrant and alive knowing that you have the privilege of another amazing day in the story we call life.”

25. “Wake up and live your day like it is the most precious gift you’ve ever received.”

26. “Waking up is living proof that god loves you enough to allow you to live one more glorious day.”

27. “Every chance you have in life is an opportunity to cherish every moment.”

28. “A small thought of positivity is like a seed of a flower that blossoms throughout the day.”

29. “The best thing about waking up is knowing that today is another day you can have coffee.”

30. “Your eyes are opened and, you’ve been granted another 24 hours of life.”

good morning quote 3

31. “Life isn’t about drinking or gambling; it’s about waking up every day and doing the best you can to make your dreams come true.”

32. “Waking up next to you assures me that today will be the best day of my life.”

33. “Every day when you open your eyes, be happy in knowing that you’ll have a chance at being someone’s happiness.”

34. “Yesterday was a good day, but today is going to be the best day ever.”

35. “Life is another day of not being in control and acting like you have another option.”

36. “The day is bright and happy as long as you’re here.”

37. “Every day above ground is a day worth living.”

38. “The book of your life has not closed; it’s time to write your next chapter.”

39. “Life is like a book that has an edit with each day that passes.”

40. “Every day that your alarm clock has not caused you to have a heart attack is a day worth living.”

41. “The moment you wake up, smile and know that today starts with positivity or negativity: you choose.”

42. “It’s not about what you did yesterday; it’s about what you do today. That’s what matters most.”

43. “Life is an adventure filled with stages called today.”

44. “You will never get up as fast as you do when you’ve overslept.”

45. “There is no better feeling than waking up and realizing you don’t have to go to work.”

46. “Days start off with you putting your feet on the ground and walking to your destiny.”

47. “If I were your alarm clock, I would never go off, so you can sleep a little longer.”

48. “Remember, every time you hit the snooze button, you’re only delaying the best days of your life.”

49. “Even though I am not religious, I wake up every day and pray that there’s more time to sleep.”

50. “Make the dreams of last night a reality today.”

good morning quote 5

51. “You’re either awake, or you never went to bed.”

52. “The darkness of the night makes each day a little brighter.”

53. “Mornings can only be better when you wake up next to me.”

54. “The birds are chirping, the alarm clock is going off and the sun is rising – it’s either a dream or time to get up.”

55. “If morning happened around noon, we could all be morning people.”

56. “What good is a morning that starts with doubt and procrastination?”

57. “Start the morning with silence and the thought that today can change the rest of your life.”

58. “Some people fight for glory and others for honor, but real men fight for a few more minutes of sleep in the morning.”

59. “Wake up and smell the roses – they’re not dead and neither are you.”

60. “The stars in the sky fail in comparison to the brightness of the sun on a good day.”

61. “The one gift that everyone gets to share together is waking up in the morning and having a crack at another day of life.”

62. “When you think about it, morning is the time when you should forget about all of the troubles of yesterday and think about the happiness of today.”

63. “A good morning is defined by taking a long, deep breath and realizing you still have time to close your eyes and go back to sleep.”

64. “You have two options: open your eyes and go pee, or close your eyes and sleep.”

65. “Sleep is the time when we dream of the future we want for the next day, and awake in total ignorance that the future is what we make of it.”

66. “Friday is the only day that everyone jumps out of bed and can’t wait for it to be over, so they can start the weekend and sleep a little longer.”

67. “You can either start your day off by waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or making the day the best one possible.”

68. “If I had a dollar for every day I woke up with a smile, I would be rich.”

69. “It’s either the start of a new day, or the start of the rest of your life.”

70. “Treat today as the last day you’ll ever get up, and you’ll have an awesome day.”

good morning quote 4

71. “The one person I love the most in life is my bed.”

72. “The only thing that comes between me and my bed is the jealous alarm clock.”

73. “Have the right perspective to start the day knowing that life will be beautiful no matter what happens.”

74. “Waking up knowing that a good morning text is waiting for you is always a great day to start the day.”

75. “Don’t miss a moment of today – it’s a chance to change your life.”

76. “There is nothing like a hug to wake you up and wish you a good morning!”

77. “Getting the day over with is the best you can do.”

78. “Happy moments are defined by starting the day with positivity.”

79. “The thought of you is enough to brighten the day.”

80. “Somewhere, someone is happy for every moment that you open your eyes and start a new day.”

81. “Living life with the rising sun means that every day will be bright.”

82. “You can say “good morning,” or “good God, its morning!””

83. “The broken pieces of yesterday are washed away by the wind of today.”

84. “Very little is needed in life but to crawl out of bed and make something out of yourself.”

85. “Morning is always a good part of the day when you get to choose when it occurs.”

86. “Think of opportunities as the sunrise, and you’ll find that your day is filled with possibilities.”

87. “Stability inside makes the outside world beautiful.”

88. “Your journey of today is filled with happiness as long as you let go of the past.”

89. “There are 24 new hours of today to be you.”

90. “Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Every part of the day can be good if you will it to happen.”

good morning quote 6

91. “The only drawback of a morning is not wanting to get up.”

92. “Being a beginner every day makes every morning a little more special.”

93. “Wake up knowing that the dawn is groggy, but it blossoms into a beautiful day just like you will.”

94. “The day is just the beginning of what you define as awesome.”

95. “Wake up in the morning wondering how you can make the world a better place; never wake up wondering why you’re here.”

96. “Make the sun jealous by showing your burning passion for the day.”

97. “It’s time to wake up, brush your teeth, take a shower and tackle the day.”

98. “The only person that is allowed to sleep in on a weekday is your boss.”

99. “If you wake up with the excitement and passion of a child today, you’ll have a day filled with possibilities and dreams.”

100. “Think of today as one more day ticking off of your life – you have 24 hours to make a difference.”

101. “The longer you sleep, the less time you’ll have with your loved ones today.”

102. “Waking up next to a beautiful stranger is great for the young, but waking up next to you is good for the soul.”

103. “There is something everyone must do today that they don’t want to do, but it needs to get done.”

104. “Unwrap the blankets as if they’re part of a gift that’s called a new day.”

105. “A man walks with his whole body in the morning and only with his legs at night.”

106. “To breathe, to think, to laugh, to smile; these are all great reasons to start a new day.”

107. “If you can put a smile on your face until 10am, you’ll have a smile on your face for the rest of the day.”

108. “Children make every morning a day of happiness and excitement.”

109. “Quick. Wake up and get dressed. It’s time to walk the dog.”

110. “If you wake up every day with a purpose, you will find that there is never a dark day.”

good morning quote 8

111. “Smile in the mirror and be happy that there is someone smiling back at you.”

112. “The days that are bad are the days that we choose to let one single mistake ruin our happiness.”

113. “What is happiness if you don’t embrace it from the moment you wake up?”

114. “Wake up saying “I’m alive. I’m a miracle.” You’ll get through every day easier.”

115. “Mornings are another chance to show those that you love just how much you care about them.”

116. ““I can do this” should be the first words out of your mouth every morning.”

117. “Today will be a good day. Today will be a great day. Today will be the best day of my life.”

118. “It’s not about what you did yesterday; it’s about what you’ll do starting today.”

119. “Lingering on the past doesn’t allow you to live in the present. Wake up with the goal of leaving all of your worries behind you.”

120. “Your smile looks adorable no matter how bad your hair looks when you wake up.”

121. “Thank God for every morning that you wake up with a coffee.”

122. “The destination only matters when you wake up late.”

123. “Remember that today is a gift, and you have the choice of opening it up too slow and missing the excitement, or opening it up fast and spending all day in happiness.”

124. “Wake up knowing that one day there will be robots to do all of the work for you.”

125. “It’s a great day to wake up when you can party all weekend.”

126. “Choose to wake up next to the one you love, and you’ll never have a hard time getting out of bed.”

127. “Thank God for waking you up every day.”

128. “Up, up and away. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.”

129. “The only people who don’t have a second chance to make everything right are dead.”

130. “It’s better to wake up and be ready to tackle the day than to wake up worrying about how you’re going to make it to tonight.”

good morning quote 7

131. “Cloudy or sunny, the morning is always a blessing.”

132. “Fresh coffee in my cup and a day filled with possibilities is always a good day.”

133. “You can either say “the hell with it,” or get up and make today a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life.”

We’ve covered over 130+ good morning quotes and sayings that will help brighten and define your day. If you are missing a saying you would like to see in this list, just let us know in comments section below and we will do our best to add it as soon as possible!