130+ Best Smile Quotes to Cheer You Up


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Having a bad day? These 130+ quotes are sure to cheer you up. They’re sure to cheer up even the grouchiest of friends and loved ones.

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List of 130+ Quotes That Will Put a Smile on Your Face!!!

1. “Don’t worry – you haven’t lost your smile. It’s right under your nose. You simply forgot it was there.”

2. “Hi, dear friend. I see you’re without your smile today. I’ll gladly give you one of mine.”

3. “Warm smiles are the universal language of love, compassion, and kindness.”

4. “Always use your smile to help change the world, but never let the world change your smile.”

5. “You should never regret the things that made you smile.”

6. “Each smile you share adds a day to your life.”

7. “Wrinkles are nothing more than an indication of where your smiles have been.”

8. “If you have a smile in you, share it with your friends and family.”

9. “If you can still smile when no one else is looking, then you know you’re truly happy.”

10. “We sometimes smile because of our joy. But sometimes, it’s our smile that gives us joy.”

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11. “Each time you smile at someone, you give them a precious gift: the gift of love.”

12. “Smiling should be a part of every woman’s beauty routine. If you have a positive outlook on life and a great sense of humor, that is absolutely beautiful.”

13. “Smiles are curves that have the power to set everything straight.”

14. “Today, I have nothing to do but smile. Life is good.”

15. “I always add a smile to every single thing I wear. So far, it’s been working out great for me.”

16. “If you just smile, you’ll find that life is worthwhile.”

17. “You know, it takes an awful lot of energy to be negative. A smile is effortless and painless. I would rather spend all of my energy smiling and laughing.”

18. “We often underestimate the power of a smile or a touch; a kind word or an ear that’s willing to listen; a sincere compliment or a tiny act of kindness. All of these things have the potential to turn a person’s life around.”

19. “Just smile. It’s the second-best thing that you can do with your lips.”

20. “Smile – even if you have to smile a sad smile. Because what’s even sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of not even knowing how to smile.”

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21. “Each time you smile, you make life a little more beautiful.”

22. “Smiles begin on the lips, but grins spread to the eyes. Chuckles begin in the belly, but great laughs just burst from your soul.”

23. “Don’t frown. You never know who might be falling in love with your beautiful smile.”

24. “It’s much easier to walk through life with a big smile on your face.”

25. “I just smile because I really have no idea what’s going on.”

26. “Smiles are free therapy. Spread them around.”

27. “We’ll never know all the good that one simple smile can do.”

28. “Smile at yourself in the mirror. If you can do this every morning, you’ll start to see a big change in your life.”

29. “When you leave home today, give a stranger your smile. You never know – it may be the only sunshine they see all day.”

30. “The world looks a whole lot brighter if you can face it with a smile.”

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31. “Before you frown, check to make sure you absolutely have no smiles left.”

32. “You should cover your mouth when you cough, but never when you smile.”

33. “We all smile in the same language.”

34. “Smiling is really infectious. You can catch it – just like a cold. Just this morning, someone smiled at me, and I started smiling, too.”

35. “Laughs are merely smiles that have burst.”

36. “Always smile. Did you know that the sunshine is great for your teeth?”

37. “If you didn’t start today with a smile, it’s not too late to start practicing tomorrow.”

38. “Let us meet each other with a smile. Smiles are the start of falling in love.”

39. “You see, I have this strange tickle in my brain. It keeps forcing the corners of my mouth to point upwards towards the sky.”

40. “You know why I like you? Because when you smile at me, you mean it.”

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41. “No matter how sad you’re feeling, you’ll find that a smile can do a great deal of healing.”

42. “Every day without a smile is a lost day.”

43. “Sometimes, giving a genuine smile is all that’s needed.”

44. “All it takes is one kind smile, one friendly look and one act of kindness to make life worthwhile.”

45. “A simple smile can brighten even the darkest of days.”

46. “Smile with your lips, heart, soul, life, and eyes.”

47. “Smiles are very powerful weapons. They can even be used to break the ice.”

48. “Most people smile because someone else smiled first.”

49. “Smiles can never truly be given away. They always return to you.”

50. “It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing – if you have a smile on your face, you’re on vacation.”

51. “It sometimes takes a lot of work to smile, but think of all the good your smile can do for the most important muscle in your body – your heart.”

52. “Smiles are the one key that fits into the lock of every single person’s heart.”

53. “A smile may only last a second, but its memory can last forever.”

54. “If ever you find someone who is too tired to smile, give them one of yours. No one in the world needs a smile as much as someone who has none left to give.”

55. “Smiles shine the brightest when there’s a rainbow deep down in the heart.”

56. “The one who smiles instead of getting angry is always the strongest.”

57. “Smiling has the power to make you feel better about yourself – even if you don’t want to. It always leaves a good impression on other people, too.”

58. “It’s important to wake up each morning with a smile on your face. Show the world all of the love that you keep inside of your heart.”

59. “Smiles are to humanity as the sunshine is to flower. They’re small acts, but scattered along the pathway of life, they do an inconceivable amount of good.”

60. “Please smile! It really irritates people.”

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61. “Want to ruin a grouch’s day? Smile at him.”

62. “The best way to speak kindly without ever saying a word is to smile.”

63. “If you smile at the world, the world will smile back at you.”

64. “Just smile – even if you’re only doing it to annoy someone.”

65. “Smile at every person you see. You never know who might be an angel.”

66. “One of the most rewarding things you can do in life is to always keep a bright smile on your face.”

67. “Smiling is so much easier than trying to explain what’s wrong.”

68. “Smile! Life is too short to frown.”

69. “If it seems like nothing in your life is going right, then go left.”

70. “A big smile is the best makeup that any woman can wear.”

71. “Be happy and smile. That’s the most important thing in life.”

72. “Smiles are the purest but rarest forms of generosity.”

73. “The best parts of your life will be those moments you spend smiling with someone who means the world to you.”

74. “Juts keep smiling. Someday, life will get really tired of trying to annoy you.”

75. “I have chosen to smile and be happy. I do this because I know it’s good for my health.”

76. “You know, your smile sure looks good on you.”

77. “Nothing is permanent in this world – not even your troubles. So smile and know that everything will turn out alright in the end.”

78. “Your smile is a sincere reflection of your soul.”

79. “You never regret the smiles you give, but the opportunities to give one that were missed.”

80. “Remember: you can’t make everyone in the world happy. You aren’t a jar of Nutella. But you can smile and spread a little joy.”

smile quote 6

81. “Thank you, friend, for being the reason I smile each day.”

82. “Just smile and wave. It works like a charm.”

83. “You know what the best revenge is? To smile and just move on.”

84. “In the morning, wake with laughter. At night, go to bed with a smile.”

85. “Throw your smiles around like confetti.”

86. “Just keep smiling. Life is a beautifully amazing thing, and there are countless things to smile about.”

87. “Smile and remember that everything is working out – even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.”

88. “I really do like it when you smile, but I love it when I’m the reason why.”

89. “Hey! I’m still wearing that beautiful smile you gave me.”

90. “It may be raining like cats and dogs outside, but your smile always makes everything alright. Thanks for being my friend.”

91. “Smiles and laughter are the fountains of youth.”

92. “If you aren’t smiling, you’re like a rich man with a billion dollars in the bank who does nothing with it.”

93. “Children smile for no reason at all. That is the purest of charms.”

94. “Smile! It’s so much better than getting a poke in the eye.”

95. “Welcome each new day with a smile. Think of each morning as a precious gift.”

96. “I always smile like an idiot when I’m talking to you.”

97. “Life is so short, so smile while you still have some teeth left.”

98. “I could talk to a million people in one day, but none of that could compare to the smile that you give me in one second.”

99. “Of all the things you wear, your smile is the most important.”

100. “After each passing storm, the sun smiles. We are the same way. The human soul has an unwavering duty to be happy.”

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101. “I smiled yesterday, I smiled today, and I’ll smile again tomorrow. Why? Because life is far too short to spend it crying over trivial things.”

102. “There is always, always a reason to smile. Go out and find one.”

103. “Anger will only make your problems more difficult. Tears can never bring back things that are lost. Gratitude and a smile are the only two things that will make you stronger.”

104. “I just love those moments in life that make you smile even when times are really tough.”

105. “Stay strong. Make the world wonder how you still have a smile on your face.”

106. “I love it when I can feel you smile in the middle of a kiss.”

107. “Worry less, and smile more. Don’t regret anything – just grow.”

108. “You know you’re lucky when you have someone in your life who can make you smile even when they’re not around.”

109. “The people who hurt you or broke your heart don’t matter. The people who make you smile are the ones who matter.”

110. “Kill them with your success, and then bury them with your smile.”

111. “Never frown about the “could haves”. If it should have happened, then it would have happened. So smile.”

112. “Be kind and smile at everyone. Every person you see is fighting a battle that you know nothing about.”

113. “It’s better to be the one who smiled than the one who never smiled back.”

114. “A smile is a language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear.”

115. “Put a smile on your face. Today may not be a good day, but there is some good in every day.”

116. “Be happy and smile. It makes people crazy.”

117. “So many of my smiles have started with you.”

118. “Smile – never frown. Look up – never down. Have faith in yourself, and be who you are.”

119. “Children smile 400 times a day. Adults only smile 15 times a day. Maybe we should start changing that.”

120. “When you smile at someone, they will almost always smile back. Even if they don’t, you know that you’ve touched their heart.”

smile quote 8

121. “Go out and be the reason why someone smiles today.”

122. “If you don’t get out and do things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile and laugh about when you grow old.”

123. “Smiling and laughing always has been and always will be the best form of therapy.”

124. “Today, I will smile wider than a bird with a French fry.”

125. “I like smiling. Smiling is my favorite.”

126. “You have the type of smile that could light up the entire world. Why are you hiding it?”

127. “Smile – it will either warm another person’s heart or really annoy them. You win in either case.”

128. “Your smile is the best accessory you could ever own.”

129. “You have no idea how much joy and happiness your smile brings to my life.”

130. “You have this amazing ability to put a smile on my face and happiness in my heart.”

131. “Smile! Great things are going to happen today.”

132. “Smile as often as you breathe. Laugh and love as long as you live.”

133. “A smile is contagious, so share yours. You never really know who needs it.”

134. “Stay positive and smile. Everyone will wonder what you’re up to.”

135. “You can always tell how smart people are by what they smile and laugh at.”

136. “If you’re too busy to smile or laugh, then you’re too busy.”

137. “Smile for you and to make yourself happy. You’ll thank yourself later.”

138. “Whenever we talk, I can’t help but smile. Thank you for bringing joy and love into my life.”

139. “Don’t wait for someone to smile first, break the ice and show them how.”

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  1. Those are great smile quotes!

    Here are a few I like (and that I haven’t seen before):
    Throw your smiles around like confetti.
    Each time you smile at someone, you give them a precious gift: the gift of love.
    Your smile is a sincere reflection of your soul.

    I’d like to add 2 more quotes to your list:
    A smile is a friend maker. Bangambiki Habyarimana
    Every smile makes you a day younger. Chinese proverb

    Once again, awesome quote and great work!


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