130+ Most Famous Positive Quotes and Sayings About Happiness


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Positivity and happiness are the best ways to start the day. Not only is this true in today’s world, but in the past, many famous poets and orators said the same exact thing.

When your day isn’t going as planned, read a quote or a saying to brighten up your day. Here is a list of 130+ quotes and sayings everyone should know about!

List of 130+ Positive Sayings That Will Make You Happy!

1. “Love like you’ve never been hurt before, sing like there is not another soul in the room and live like you’re in the midst of heaven.”

2. “Happiness is the most important thing in life – it is everything.”

3. “Happiness may close its doors, but the doors will reopen shortly.”

4. “Goals are what you tether your happiness to – not people or materials.”

5. “What you say, what you think and what you do in harmony is what defines happiness.”

6. “Imperfection is beauty and madness is true genius.”

7. “Live as if everything that happens to you is a miracle.”

8. “Don’t live for someone else, your time is limited. Dogma only traps you. Opinions are noise that drown out your inner voice.”

9. “Courage to follow your heart allows you to become who you’re truly meant to be.”

10. “Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift from God.”

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11. “Don’t go on the path that others have traversed. Go on the untraveled path and make your own trail.”

12. “Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

13. “Happiness means that we must not be concerned with the thoughts of others.”

14. “We believe that we seize the moment, but the moments that seize us are the most important.”

15. “The day may be long and hard, but you will surpass all obstacles.”

16. “There are times in your life when you may feel lost, but keep your head up and everything will turn out fine.”

17. “There are 365 days in the year, don’t dwell on them all or you risk becoming lost in what could have been.”

18. “Why dwell on the past and not build on your future?”

19. “You can only learn from the mistakes of the past – not change them.”

20. “Everyone that has ever made a mistake has wanted to go back in time, but the true lesson is how you live after you’ve made a mistake.”

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21. “Positivity is like the plague; it is contagious.”

22. “When you look into the stars, don’t view them as they are; view them as sparkles of heaven.”

23. “Apprehension makes us suffer more than reality.”

24. “Love is a beautiful miracle. Love teaches us that the happiness of another person is essential to our own happiness.”

25. “Never plan for results if you want to be happy; only plan to take action.”

26. “The only way to find happiness is to begin.”

27. “Happiness and positivity are like a seed that falls in the soil; they grow a little each day until they become overwhelming.”

28. “Some people causes happiness when they enter a room, while others cause happiness when they leave a room.”

29. “If you enjoy the time you’re wasting, it is not wasted time at all.”

30. “Happiness is the key to success, yet success is not the key to happiness.”

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31. “Love everything you do and positivity will flow out of it.”

32. “What depends upon ourselves? Happiness, sadness, love and positivity – everything that is important in life.”

33. “Being miserable is only a mere thought that takes away happiness.”

34. “Life is too short; life is too precious; life is too filled with things you never get to do, so make sure you do what is most important in life.”

35. “You can procrastinate another day, so life today like it is your last.”

36. “Our lives are all very different, yet all the same. We all have the same struggles, worries and fears.”

37. “Courage isn’t developed by days filled with happiness. It is developed by the struggles we surpass in life.”

38. “Facts come to us much too late for them to dictate happiness.”

39. “Living in the future or past will lead to a life of misery and uncertainty.”

40. “Never let someone be in control of your happiness if you ever want to be truly happy.”

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41. “Happiness is wanting what you get, but success is getting what you truly want.”

42. “When you’re having a bad day, go up to someone else and try to cheer them up.”

43. “Life is a maze filled with obstacles and hardships, but they are all a part of the miracle of life.”

44. “A man who is fond of things he can’t have will always be unhappy.”

45. “Envy is the root of all unhappiness.”

46. “Having a few wants is true elegance.”

47. “Trying to be happy is a mere illusion. Stop trying, and you will have a good time in life.”

48. “Make up your mind to be happy, and you will find that the world will provide.”

49. “What is the meaning and purpose of life? Happiness. It is the goal and end of a human existence.”

50. “Enjoying the scenery of life while taking one of many detours is a beautiful thing.”

51. “Imagination, creativity and positivity all have one thing in common: they lead to the happiness of a person.”

52. “Joy is like a net of love that catches souls and warms the hearts of all those it touches.”

53. “Why stay in a world of misery and unhappiness when you can create a world of perfection and bliss?”

54. “It is not enough to say that you want to be happy; walk happy, talk happy and most importantly, be happy.”

55. “A hundred griefs can all be destroyed by a single moment of joy.”

56. “How can a man be alive when he has lost all of his happiness?”

57. “A man that is not happy is as useless as a breathing corpse.”

58. “Positivity cannot be found in thoughts of misery.”

59. “Men and women are meant to be together to find happiness and spur positivity with each breath that they take.”

60. “If you don’t learn to let go of the past, you will never find the key to true happiness.”

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61. “What does one design for the present? Happiness. It is something you never want to postpone for the future.”

62. “The future is what you make it. If you think you’ll be unhappy, you will be unhappy.”

63. “Seeking happiness in the distance is the way of a fool. Happiness should grow as a person walks through life.”

64. “How much we enjoy the things we have is far more important than how much we have.”

65. “Happiness that takes us by surprise is what true happiness is all about. Planning for happiness only leads to disappointment, failure and living a life of a dreamer whose dreams never come true.”

66. “When happiness seems to evade you, take a moment to reevaluate your life’s path and find your true direction.”

67. “Happiness is like a thief in the night that sneaks through doors that we didn’t even know were open.”

68. “Mental attitude governs happiness – not external conditions.”

69. “Why stress over the days of the past when you have 24 long hours to make your own happiness.”

70. “Why would you think that happiness is only brought on by the sun when you can dance in the rain?”

71. “Rain, snow, sleet and sunshine should not be the root of your happiness.”

72. “If you count your age by the number of true friends you have, you will be in perpetual youth.”

73. “A bad day is like a flat tire: you won’t get too far by being sad.”

74. “If all you do is dwell on the day, you’ll find that happiness comes and goes without even realizing it.”

75. “Future is the downfall of man that thinks happiness will quickly follow.”

76. “Your life is your life; choose your actions wisely and honestly.”

77. “The most important thing to do in life is to enjoy yourself as each magical moment comes and goes.”

78. “We love others by the way that they make us feel.”

79. “Words are for the benefit of others, but happiness comes with the work you’re meant to do.”

80. “If it didn’t last forever, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth the experience.”

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81. “Experience after experience are what make the world go round; make sure you experience as much as you can to truly be happy.”

82. “Happiness is different for every person, so don’t let someone else define what makes you happy today.”

83. “A certain set of attitudes leads to a happy person – not their circumstances.”

84. “Life isn’t defined by finding yourself; life is all about creating yourself.”

85. “Thirty years from now, you’ll be more disappointed by the things you never did than by the ones that you did do.”

86. “Each day shouldn’t be judged by the harvest, but by the seeds you have planted.”

87. “We see things the way that we are – not by the way things are.”

88. “Life will only love those back that love life.”

89. “Happiness is so hard to find because we find that the past was better than it was; the present is worse than it really is; and the future much brighter than it will ever be.”

90. “A journey starts with a single step no matter how far the journey may be.”

91. “What makes you feel alive? People who have become alive is what the world needs.”

92. “Life is an experiment that is rooted in the experiences – bad and good – that we have.”

93. “Never buy things you don’t want to impress others and you will be happier.”

94. “Walk a path to happiness instead of following a path where it has already been.”

95. “There is nothing we can do to avoid pain, but you never have to experience suffering if you choose not to.”

96. “There is only one certainty in life, and that is uncertainty.”

97. “People who are happy did not find it through a magical experience – they made the decision to finally be happy.”

98. “Living up to other people’s expectations is not what you are in this world to do.”

99. “Life can be nothing at all, but it can also be a daring adventure – it is up to you.”

100. “Why kiss ass once when you can kick ass all through life?”

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101. “Before you buy anything, think of the amount of life you have had to exchange for it.”

102. “Silence is not happiness. Let your voice be heard, and inner happiness will be found.”

103. “The amount of breaths that we take is not nearly as important as the amount of breaths you’ve taken away.”

104. “Reputation is only a thought, but character is who you really are.”

105. “Learning to give love and accept love is the most important thing in life.”

106. “Happiness is a butterfly that eludes you when you chase it and comes around when you least expect it.”

107. “Tell yourself that you are beautiful until you finally believe it.”

108. “Things are created to be used, but people were created to be loved.”

109. “You don’t need to walk a thousand miles in another person’s shoes to sit down and listen to their hardships.”

110. “Happiness is a gift that you can pass on to others free of charge.”

111. “When you finally let positivity flow through your veins, you will find that the world is a much happier place to be.”

112. “Why would you ever decide to be unhappy because of something that was completely out of your control?”

113. “If you fall in love when you are lonely, you will be unhappy with the company.”

114. “Loving someone deeply is what gives you courage, while being deeply loved gives you strength.”

115. “When in doubt, choose to be loved – not unhappy.”

116. “Find all the barriers within yourself that you have created to keep love and happiness out to find solace.”

117. “You will be dead far longer than you are alive, so be sure to be happy while you’re still here.”

118. “Lovers don’t meet; lovers are inside of each other the whole time and arrive when they need each other most.”

119. “Looking beyond the imperfections is the moment that you find happiness.”

120. “Being positive and happy is sexy. Being sad, miserable and unhappy is a turn off.”

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121. “You are here, you are alive. Why in the world would you ever choose to be unhappy?”

122. “If you never think you are worthy, you will never be able to find self-worth.”

123. “You don’t need a purpose, a goal or direction to find happiness.”

124. “Some days, life is hard – really hard – but going through the day with a positive outlook will ease the pain.”

125. “If you are going through hell, you have no other choice but to keep going.”

126. “There is never a moment that you can’t turn back and get a second chance.”

127. “When one door closes, another door will open, but most people miss it while focusing on their own unhappiness.”

128. “You have two options in life: try or don’t try.”

129. “What’s the difference between a person who is positive and a person who has lived in a world of sadness? The person that is sad has never learned how to let go of the past.”

130. “No matter how hard you try, you cannot live a life that is planned and expect everything to go accordingly.”

131. “Change is inevitable – there is nothing you can do to stop it from happening.”

132. “If you just sit there, you will be run over even if you are sitting on the right track.”

133. “If you only dread one day at a time, you are better off than the person that lives in the past.”

So, did you find an ounce of positivity or happiness after reading these quotes and sayings?