140+ Very Best Quotes About Strength, Courage and Hope


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Sometimes, you need a little strength, courage and hope to get through the day; it isn’t always easy. When your day isn’t going exactly as planned or you need a little pick-me-up to get you through a difficult day, a quote may be the key!

We’ve come up with 140+ awesome quotes just for you.

Your Ultimate List of Quotes That Will Make You Stronger, Boost Your Courage & Raise Your Hope!!!

1. “Look fear right in the eye and tell it to go to hell.”

2. “Every day must start with a little courage and a lot of hope.”

3. “The only people that can hurt you are those that you give permission.”

4. “Keeping everything together when the world seems to be falling apart is true strength.”

5. “Fall 8 times, and get up 9.”

6. “You are only given the obstacles in life that you can handle – no more and no less.”

7. “You are strong enough to surmount any obstacles that come in your way no matter how grim they may seem.”

8. “Your greatest pains always find a way to become your greatest strengths.”

9. “Putting a limit on what you can and can’t do is the definition of failure.”

10. “Success isn’t always about finishing first. It is about getting started and never giving up.”

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11. “Those that are weak will never forgive, but those that are strong find a way to give forgiveness.”

12. “What are the attributes of strength? Courage, hope and the willingness to always get better.”

13. “We are only strong when we are united, not when we are divided.”

14. “Without courage, you will never find virtue.”

15. “Worry does not lead to a tomorrow void of worry. Hope is the only thing that leads to a better tomorrow.”

16. “Do you want to be pretty and useless, or strong?”

17. “Fears don’t rule your life. They are not meant to scare you.”

18. “When the night is dark, you will find the sunlight inside of yourself.”

19. “You can hide and you can cower, but you also have the option to beat down every obstacle head on.”

20. “To feel strong is not always the same as being strong.”

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21. “A sign of a pure heart is showing the courage to shed tears for another.”

22. “You don’t always need to have strength to fight for yourself. It is enough to have the strength to kill for another.”

23. “Going on when you don’t have strength is the true definition of courage.”

24. “Hanging onto the past shows weakness, but knowing when to let go shows strength.”

25. “The strongest may weaken, and the wisest may err.”

26. “Build strong children, and you won’t need to repair broken men.”

27. “The world has a way of breaking strong people and leaving stronger people at the cracks.”

28. “Love that is strong is better than a moment of strength.”

29. “Indomitable will is far stronger than physical capacity and strength.”

30. “No one can take away love.”

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31. “Grudges are left for those that think they’re owed something.”

32. “If you want to be courageous, go into battle with the strength of a lion.”

33. “Every great feat in the world has come from a lifetime of passion.”

34. “Good thoughts breed a good life.”

35. “Put your feet into the ground and stay firmly in place.”

36. “No one in the world can save us but ourselves.”

37. “You must walk the path that you make for yourself in life and forget about those that get in your way.”

38. “Winning doesn’t lead to strength; struggles you’ve overcome lead to strength.”

39. “The strongest people in the world have been broken down into little pieces time and time again, yet they find a way to make themselves whole and happy.”

40. “Every step we take is a chance to gain courage, strength and hope.”

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41. “Heroes are those that have defied all odds and have found the strength to endure all of the overwhelming obstacles along the way.”

42. “Silence is often the greatest source of strength a person can have.”

43. “Dark shadows have to be overcome by lights that are a much stronger contrast.”

44. “All of the great wars in the world have been fought and won by an ordinary group of men that had the courage to put their lives on the line for a single purpose.”

45. “Not one person has lived without water, but millions of people find a way to live without love.”

46. “Hanging on doesn’t take immense strength, but letting go is what requires the most strength.”

47. “The world is the gym of life that we all enter to make ourselves just a little bit stronger.”

48. “Climbing to the top of a mountain, a hill or your career all have two things in common: strength and hope.”

49. “If you don’t have the courage to get out of bed and be the best you can be, your day will be wasted.”

50. “Staying calm when adversity strikes is the route to strength.”

51. “There can be no strength when there is no struggle.”

52. “Good actions give ourselves strength and inspire good actions.”

53. “At the end of life, you will find that the greatest pains in life have led to some of your greatest strengths.”

54. “Shallow men have a way of believing in luck, while strong men believe in courage.”

55. “Standing up and doing something about the obstacles that get in your way is the only thing a man can do.”

56. “Criticism is something to grasp onto because it has a way to make you stronger.”

57. “You have the power within you to overcome your mind’s obstacles.”

58. “A heart that is pure is ten times stronger than a heart of impure men.”

59. “Anxiety will not empty the sorrows of tomorrow, but it will empty the strength of today.”

60. “The time has not come for ease and comfort. It is not time to dare to endure.”

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61. “If you stop thinking, you will find that you are a lot stronger than you ever thought you could be.”

62. “Storms are a good time to test your courage and strength while trying to find a little stability along the way.”

63. “No one knows their true strength until they are in hot water.”

64. “If your strength is unequal to the task ahead, allow hope and courage to lead the way to success.”

65. “Women and men alike can overcome any obstacle in their way as long as they have hope.”

66. “We can get anything that we want in life if we learn to endure and persevere.”

67. “God can only put struggles in our way. It’s up to you to be able to get through the struggles.”

68. “Fortitude is like an armor that is there to help you battle through the day and night.”

69. “Seeing a funny side of things will allow you to find true strength.”

70. “You only have to endure to conquer, but you need a lot of strength that get to this point in any struggle you may face.”

71. “The weak can learn to beat down the obstacles in their way one step at a time.”

72. “The only people that have truly lived life have suffered at some point along the way.”

73. “Endure and persist – that is the only way to overcome the pain of life.”

74. “Strength is delicate, but can grow into a wall that is able to withstand whatever the world throws at you.”

75. “Who are the strong? The people that are gentle have a way of being the strongest.”

76. “Endure one more moment, and you will start to grow heroism every second that passes.”

77. “Heart is defined as being courageous and strong in all matters of life.”

78. “Being crushed by other people’s ideals are a sacrifice that doesn’t help you grow as a person.”

79. “Treat strength as a child, and nurture it until it grows healthy and strong.”

80. “He who conquers himself is truly mighty, while he who conquers others is merely strong.”

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81. “Every calamity of life can be overcome by endurance.”

82. “Deciding on what to do takes more strength than actual doing.”

83. “Wishing happiness for yourself every day is a recipe for disaster because happiness can’t be chased – overcoming the struggle to find happiness is true strength.”

84. “Cowards can endure hardships, but the brave can endure the suspense.”

85. “Mending a broken man is as simple as finding courage and hope.”

86. “Hope for a better day. Hope for a better outcome. Hope for a better you.”

87. “Mothers are far more courageous than any man.”

88. “It takes a big heart to find the courage to hope and be strong.”

89. “If all a person needed in life was pure strength, we would all find our way. But we also need courage and hope to find the light at the end of the tunnel.”

90. “The world can learn a lot from a person that finds the strength to stand up for what they believe in one last time.”

91. “People may pick on a strong man, but his will doesn’t allow them to endure.”

92. “The new day brings upon new strengths that we can obtain.”

93. “Life isn’t always about being first. It is about going through the motions one step at a time.”

94. “When you sit down and think about it, courage leads to strength, which leads to hope.”

95. “Every day that you open your eyes in the morning is a day that you can change your world.”

96. “You may not change the world, but you always have the opportunity to change your world.”

97. “A successful person doesn’t lack will.”

98. “Family can be your strength, or they can be your weakness – you decide.”

99. “Girl power is strength that is forged by a bond of women willing to have the courage to ask for help.”

100. “Do you want to ask others for help every step of the way, or do you want to be the rock that others go to when they need help?”

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101. “Strength is not the source of great works; perseverance is the source of great works.”

102. “Strength is a trait that is planted when you’re at home.”

103. “Being happy with yourself is the only strength you need to be able to find hope and courage.”

104. “There is nothing more important than the courage to better yourself and keep enduring the struggles that come your way.”

105. “Man has walked on the moon, so don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars.”

106. “Mastering yourself is the way to find the power to survive in a cruel world.”

107. “Aging is not a way to lost youth, but a way to find the opportunity to find strength.”

108. “No one will ever remember the person that gave up.”

109. “Why would you give up when finding success can lead to your true happiness?”

110. “There are far too many people that give up hope right before they could have found success.”

111. “It is not the smartest person that figures out a problem, but a person willing to stay with the problem long enough to solve it.”

112. “Why would you give up hope when there are 365 days in a year?”

113. “Even if you are going through hell, you need to keep going.”

114. “When you are about to give up, try to remember all of the people that gave up before you and wished that they persevered.”

115. “It is a blessing to find the hope that leads to courage and strength.”

116. “No matter your age, you are never too far from being stronger.”

117. “Discouraged is always a part of courage.”

118. “Strength is forged by the love and desire to be better than you are at any moment in life.”

119. “Sure, some people are courageous and stronger than you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be their equal.”

120. “Why would you lose hope when the world is filled with magic?”

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121. “Every person wants to believe they are courageous until they need to find the strength to act on their ambitions.”

122. “Get up more often than you are knocked down, and you will be a winner.”

123. “Unfortunately, no one beats a person that simply won’t give up.”

124. “Try beating down a person that has courage and you’ll find that you will never succeed.”

125. “If you never try and never fail, you will never know what the outcome could have been.”

126. “Quitters never win. Winners never quit.”

127. “It doesn’t matter how long you take to reach the finish line as long as you don’t stop along the way.”

128. “Never giving up is all that you need to do to find success.”

129. “Difficult things may take a long time, but doing the impossible only takes a little longer.”

130. “I have found 10,000 ways that haven’t worked.”

131. “It’s not too late to turn what might have been into a reality.”

132. “Try, try, try and try again.”

133. “Embrace adversity and it will help you become a success.”

134. “You have to believe in yourself when nobody else will to be the champ.”

135. “The day that you give up on your dreams is the day that you have lost all courage in life.”

136. “Successful men and women know how to keep moving through life – they never quit.”

137. “Your desire for success has to be greater than your fear to ensure you never fail.”

138. “Hanging on long after others have let go is the only way to find success.”

139. “When you have lost all courage and hope, sit down and find the strength to remember why you held on in the first place.”

140. “Tie the knot and hang on – that is the only thing you can do when you get to the end of your rope.”

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141. “No one can shatter your dreams unless you give them the power to do so.”

142. “Courage doesn’t always roar; it often starts with a whisper that will lead you into tomorrow.”