Looking for a fun way to get to know someone? Play a game of “would you rather”. These questions will reveal the true nature, desires and personality of the people you play with. We have 140+ questions to ask to help you get started.

List of 140+ The Funniest & Best Would You Rather Questions Provided by Awesoroo!

1. “Would you rather live to be 1,000 or live 10 different lives that last 100 years each?”

2. “Would you rather live without your knees or your elbows?”

3. “Would you rather have a dragon or would you rather be a dragon?”

4. “Would you rather have to say everything that’s on your mind or never be able to speak again?”

5. “Would you rather be naked in Antarctica or wear a snow suit in the hot desert?”

6. “Would you rather be able to see into the future or have the power to change the past?”

7. “Would you rather age at half the normal rate or have the power to stop time whenever you want?”

8. “Would you rather lose all of your hair or lose your sense of smell and taste?”

9. “Would you rather be married to someone who is extremely attractive or be extremely attractive?”

10. “Would you rather travel 100 years into the future or 100 years into the past?”

would you rather question 1

11. “Would you rather spend three weeks cleaning the bathrooms at LAX or spend 48 hours under observation in a psychiatric ward?”

12. “Would you rather get married through an arranged marriage or spend the rest of your life being single and never dating anyone?”

13. “Would you rather have the next year off at full pay or get paid double at your current job for the next year?”

14. “Would you rather eat three whole raw habanero peppers or perform CPR on a stranger?”

15. “Would you rather live without TV for the rest of your life or give up coffee for good?”

16. “Would you rather give up your smartphone for two months or give up alcohol for a year?”

17. “Would you rather give up Instagram forever or eat the same meal for the rest of your life?”

18. “Would you rather not use email for a week or be hungover for four days?”

19. “Would you rather win a free laptop or a trip to Hawaii?”

20. “Would you rather eat roadkill for the rest of your life or have every person in the world sound like Gilbert Gottfried?”

would you rather question 2

21. “Would you rather always feel like you have sneeze but can’t or have the hiccups forever?”

22. “Would you rather live on the streets with your friends and family or be rich like a king, but have no family or friends?”

23. “Would you rather know how you’re going to die or know when you’re going to die?”

24. “Would you rather be deaf or blind?”

25. “Would you rather be 4’3” or 7’7”?”

26. “Would you rather be really fast or really strong?”

27. “Would you rather be short and fit or tall and fat?”

28. “Would you rather have a third arm or a third eye?”

29. “Would you rather be completely bald or really hairy and unable to shave?”

30. “Would you rather be filthy rich and work a job you hate or be poor and work a job that you love?”

would you rather question 3

31. “Would you rather be itchy all the time or in pain all the time?”

32. “Would you rather lose your ability to ask questions or go through life being unable to answer any questions?”

33. “Would you rather go through the rest of your life unable to talk or go blind?”

34. “Would you rather never use a computer again or never be able to touch another human again?”

35. “Would you rather have to shout everything you said or only whisper?”

36. “Would you rather save the lives of five strangers or one person that you’re close to?”

37. “Would you rather go without a car or the internet for a year?”

38. “Would you rather not be able to walk or not be able to use your hands?”

39. “Would you rather live in your car for a year or go to jail for a year?”

40. “Would you rather have to stand all day or sit all day?”

would you rather question 4

41. “Would you rather be a moron in a world full of geniuses or a genius in a world full of morons?”

42. “Would you rather be stuck in the house alone or forced to live in a house with someone you hate?”

43. “Would you rather be 20 minutes early or 10 minutes late for everything?”

44. “Would you rather lose your luggage or have your flight be delayed eight hours?”

45. “Would you rather always play and always lose, or never play to begin with?”

46. “Would you rather be fluent in every language on earth or master every musical instrument?”

47. “Would you rather be very knowledgeable but never really content or completely ignorant and blissfully happy?”

48. “Would you rather be stuck in a house that’s constantly bright or a house that’s constantly dark?”

49. “Would you rather never be able to take a hot shower again or never be able to eat a hot meal again?”

50. “Would you rather be able to read people’s minds or fly?”

51. “Would you rather receive bad advice or give bad advice?”

52. “Would you rather have the ugliest house in a fancy neighborhood or the best looking house in a crappy neighborhood?”

53. “Would you rather pull all the teeth out of your mouth or peel off all of your fingernails?”

54. “Would you rather lose your legs or your arms?”

55. “Would you rather be burned alive or freeze to death?”

56. “Would you rather have uncontrollable gas on every first date for the rest of your life or uncontrollable gas at work for the rest of your life?”

57. “Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power the fly?”

58. “Would you rather have limitless power or limitless respect?”

59. “Would you rather be a hot moron or an ugly person who’s a genius?”

60. “Would you rather have really bad acne that’s only on spots that are covered by clothing or moderate acne on your face?”

would you rather question 5

61. “Would you rather pay $5,000 to send the person you hate on vacation or cut off one of your fingers?”

62. “Would you rather have your significant other or your boss look through all of your emails and text messages?”

63. “Would you rather never be able to fly on an airplane again or never have access to the internet again?”

64. “Would you rather have cancer and live for 10 years or HIV and live for 20 years?”

65. “Would you rather be a wizard or a vampire?”

66. “Would you rather have to live in a real-world version of Jurassic Park or The Walking Dead?”

67. “Would you rather die unhappy in 60 years or happy in five years?”

68. “Would you rather be poor but live today or be rich as a king and live over 400 years ago?”

69. “Would you rather be poor but happy or very rich and depressed?”

70. “Would you rather have everything you ever wanted in life but die in two years or continue living your life as it is right now?”

71. “Would you rather have unlimited sex or unlimited power, money and respect?”

72. “Would you rather be in a suit all day or spend every day in your pajamas?”

73. “Would you rather only be able to eat meat or be a vegetarian for the rest of your life?”

74. “Would you rather sleep for two years or go through your normal day naked?”

75. “Would you rather never be talked about at all or gossiped about all the time?”

76. “Would you rather eat a handful of bees or poison ivy?”

77. “Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with someone you hate or be alone?”

78. “Would you rather have the power to end hatred or hunger?”

79. “Would you rather find 10 million dollars or true love?”

80. “Would you rather travel through space or meet with an alien?”

would you rather question 6

81. “Would you rather never be able to use your email or your phone again?”

82. “Would you rather change your last name to Hitler or never be able to eat chocolate again?”

83. “Would you rather live in a world that you ruled or in a world where there were never any problems?”

84. “Would you rather have a baby head or baby arms for a year?”

85. “Would you rather be a squid or a kid?”

86. “Would you rather be able to read human minds or communicate telepathically with animals?”

87. “Would you rather spend the day surfing the web or the ocean?”

88. “Would you rather be a celebrity of the best friend of a celebrity?”

89. “Would you rather have more time or money?”

90. “Would you rather be with the love of your live and have nothing at all, or have infinite fame and fortune but nothing else?”

91. “Would you rather live twice as long or win the lottery?”

92. “Would you rather wear a nose plug or earmuffs all the time?”

93. “Would you rather be born with a giraffe’s neck or an elephant’s trunk?”

94. “Would you rather be hatefully remembered or completely forgotten?”

95. “Would you rather go to a family reunion or a theme park?”

96. “Would you rather give up your computer or your pet?”

97. “Would you rather have a missing toe or an extra finger?”

98. “Would you rather step on a crab in the ocean or give a jellyfish a kiss?”

99. “Would you rather find a cure for AIDS or cancer?”

100. “Would you rather have bionic hearing or extreme x-ray vision?”

would you rather question 7

101. “Would you rather be immortal or the richest person on the planet?”

102. “Would you rather be double your weight or half your height?”

103. “Would you rather be a kid or the opposite gender for a month?”

104. “Would you rather live in the poorest country in the world or a five star prison?”

105. “Would you rather drink a gallon of mustard or a gallon of ketchup?”

106. “Would you rather have endless Christmas or a super power of your choosing?”

107. “Would you rather lick four public telephones or eat a handful of a stranger’s hair?”

108. “Would you rather eat a bottle of dishwasher detergent or eat an entire bar of soap?”

109. “Would you rather be the smartest person in the world or the most popular?”

110. “Would you rather have a really small nose or a really big smile?”

111. “Would you rather be attacked by a giant piranha or a really angry snake?”

112. “Would you rather be a tree or live in a tree?”

113. “Would you rather eat rotten eggs or cheese?”

114. “Would you rather eat raw red meat or dye your hair bright pink?”

115. “Would you rather get your head stuck in a jar or a bucket?”

116. “Would you rather lick a cow’s face or kiss a horse on the nose?”

117. “Would you rather have free iTunes for the rest of your life or free Starbucks for two years?”

118. “Would you rather only be able to use the Internet one day per week or go deaf in one of your ears?”

119. “Would you rather be able to fly and read minds or teleport and be invisible?”

120. “Would you rather catch your spouse cheating or be the one doing the cheating?”

would you rather question 8

121. “Would you rather have $1 million in Amazon gift cards or $10,000 in cash?”

122. “Would you rather eliminate car accidents or terrorism?”

123. “Would you rather watch your dreams on TV or have your brain serve as your own personal iPod?”

124. “Would you rather always know when someone is lying or have the ability to always know when someone is lying?”

125. “Would you rather look like a toothless cow or a giggling horse?”

126. “Would you rather have a nosy or a noisy colleague?”

127. “Would you rather have unicorns or mermaids be real?”

128. “Would you rather wear 80s hairstyles or 80s clothes?”

129. “Would you rather never find true love or never have sex?”

130. “Would you rather have $100 billion or be granted 10 wishes (and you can’t wish for money)?”

131. “Would you rather have a monkey or a miniature horse as a pet?”

132. “Would you rather be in prison or homeless on the street?”

133. “Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with two fat guys who have bad breath or two wet dogs?”

134. “Would you rather your best friend fall in love with you or be friend-zoned by your biggest crush?”

135. “Would you rather work as a prostitute for ten years or work as a cashier until you retire?”

136. “Would you rather work less hours but more days, or less days and more hours?”

137. “Would you rather see frightening things that aren’t there or have nightmares every night?”

138. “Would you rather listen to today’s music or old music?”

139. “Would you rather never have to wait on line in a restaurant or eliminate all the bad drivers on the road?”

140. “Would you rather be a beggar or a thief?”

would you rather question 9

141. “Would you rather be stuck on a ski lift that’s broken or elevator for five hours?”

142. “Would you rather listen to a movie but not be able to see it or watch a movie but not be able to hear it?”

143. “Would you rather eliminate one law of your choice or enact a new law of your choice?”

144. “Would you rather steal $150,000 or be given $50,000 free and clear?”

145. “Would you rather see someone break out in dance out of nowhere or see a person trip and fall?”

146. “Would you rather be mauled by 70 cats or 4 lions?”

147. “Would you rather be disabled and smart or able and stupid?”

148. “Would you rather stay in your hometown forever with the love of your life or travel the world alone?”

149. “Would you rather have access to unlimited games or unlimited movies?”

150. “Would you rather eat alone in a restaurant or go to the movies alone?”

Would you rather questions are fun to ask at parties, sleepovers and other social events. These 140+ questions will get the ball rolling and help everyone get to know each other in a fun, non-threatening way!

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