Cousins are one of the first friends we make in life. Be sure to wish yours a happy birthday in a special way.

Here are 204+ birthday quotes and wishes to send to your cousin in a text message, on Facebook or in the email.


happy birthday cousin 1

1. “Happy birthday to my wonderful cousin. Today is your day, and we send you well wishes. You’re smart, funny and beautiful, too. I’m so thankful to have a cousin like you.”

2. “To my dearest cousin, may your future see all of your wishes and dreams come true. Happy birthday!”

3. “We’re cousins, so that means we’re family. But even if we weren’t, I’d be so thankful to know a person as sweet and kind as you. Happy birthday!”

4. “It doesn’t matter if I haven’t seen you in a week or a year, it feels as if no time passes in between each visit. Happy birthday, cousin. May your day be special.”

5. “A little birdie whispered in my ear that today is your birthday. I hope you have an amazing day. I wish you nothing but joy, love, and laughter in the coming year.”

6. “Happy birthday to my cousin; my friend. Family connects us, but it was by choice that we became such close friends. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are.”

7. “Time to get up! It’s your birthday! Time to celebrate and enjoy this special day. You are my cousin and friend. Here are all the birthday wishes and love I could send.”

8. “Cousin, you are a beautiful flower in our family’s garden. Happy birthday.”

9. “Another birthday has come around again. They keep coming each year like falling raindrops. But each passing year gives me a chance to tell you, my lovely cousin, happy birthday and best of luck in the coming year.”

10. “Dear cousin, on this special day, I hope you take the time to reflect on how wonderful your life has been. I hope that I can be a part of your future, too. Happy birthday!”

11. “What’s more comforting than a cup of hot cappuccino on a cold day? Having a cousin like you. Happy birthday!”

12. “Whenever I had problems with friends, my boss, a cheating ex or a backstabbing co-worker, I always knew that I could trust your advice, cousin. It’s such a blessing to have a friend like you in my life. Happy birthday.”

13. “I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. Here we are again, celebrating another birthday. Spend the day enjoying and reflecting on life. Happy birthday, cousin!”

14. “We grew up together, and times have changed since we were kids. But you will always be a dear friend to me, cousin. Happy birthday!”

15. “Cousin, on your birthday, be sure to close your eyes, make a wish and hope that all of the good things in this world come to you.”

happy birthday cousin 2

16. “Cousin, I hope the saddest day you have in the future is no worse than one of the happiest days you’ve had in the past. Happy birthday!”

17. “I’m so glad that you’re my cousin. You deserve to have all the love, happiness and success in the world. Have an amazing birthday and a joyous year.”

18. “It doesn’t matter how old you get; you will always be the youngest, smartest and dearest cousin to me. Happy birthday!”

19. “Having a cousin like you is a true blessing. You always inspire me to be a better person, and I’m so thankful for that. Have a great birthday, and may you continue to be an inspiration to so many people’s lives.”

20. “If I had the power to give immortality to someone I loved, I would choose you, cousin. Happy birthday!”

21. “On your birthday, I want you to know how much you are loved and admired by your family. We all hope you have an amazing day, cousin. Happy birthday!”

22. “Cousin, another birthday has arrived. You have grown since your last one to become wise. I hope you have a fun-filled day. Happy birthday!”

23. “Each new birthday presents you with an open page. Fill it with love, joy, wisdom and good deeds. Happy birthday!”

24. “What can I hope for a special cousin who has it all? Another year of fortune, blessings and strength. Happy birthday!”

25. “Happy birthday, cousin! Enjoy this day, celebrate your life, and be hopeful of a bright future.”

26. “Each new birthday marks the end of one year and the start of another. Celebrate this special gift and the opportunity to spend time with the people you love. Happy birthday, cousin!”

27. “Blessed is this day, for it was the day you were born. Happy birthday, cousin!”

28. “My dear cousin, I hope you have an amazing birthday. Know that I love you and miss you!”

29. “It’s a wonderful gift to have a cousin like you to share my joys and sorrows in life. Happy birthday!”

30. “Cousin, you are an important part of my life. I hope you have a fabulous birthday!”

happy birthday cousin 3

31. “Today is another opportunity for us to celebrate your birthday, cousin. From all of us to you, happy birthday, and may your heart stay true.”

32. “Cousin, you’re a shining light in our lives. You inspire and motivate. We hope you have a wonderful birthday!”

33. “As we grow old, we forget the days of our youth. But I hope you never forget the fun times we shared. Happy birthday, cousin!”

34. “Dear cousin, I hope your special day is filled with smiles and sunshine. Happy birthday!”

35. “Cousin, I hope you have a fun-filled birthday with many more in the future. Happy birthday.”

36. “Dear cousin, you may be getting older, but remember: each year is a blessing and an opportunity to start a new chapter. Happy birthday!”

37. “Happy birthday, cousin! I hope you have a great day and know that I truly do love you from the bottom of my heart.”

38. “There is nothing greater than being blessed with such a wonderful cousin. Happy birthday!”

39. “Cousin, thank you for all of the wonderful childhood memories. I hope you make the most of this day and celebrate in your own way. Happy birthday!”

40. “We always share great times. I’m so thankful you’re a cousin of mine. Happy birthday!”

41. “Cousin, whenever I talk about someone who’s talented, cool, smart and witty, it can only mean that I’m talking about one person: you. Happy birthday!”

42. “A cousin like you is a piece of childhood that can never, ever be lost. Happy birthday!”

43. “Keep calm, grab a drink and wish my beautiful cousin a happy birthday!”

44. “I hope your birthday is just the start of a year filled with happy memories and blessings. Happy birthday!”

45. “Cousin, I hope your birthday is as awesome as you are. Happy birthday!”

happy birthday cousin 4

46. “Happy birthday, cousin. May this day be filled with lots of presents, great company, and fantastic new memories.”

47. “I hope all your wishes come true and that you have plenty of fun. Happy birthday!”

48. “A cousin is someone who knows everything about you but still loves you anyway. Happy birthday!”

49. “To my cousin with love, I hope your birthday is as special as you are. Happy birthday!”

50. “Cousin, I hope your birthday brings you an extra special share of all the things that make you happy.”

51. “Sending hugs your way on this very special day! Happy birthday, cousin.”

52. “No matter the distance or time that passes, I always consider you a true friend, cousin. Happy birthday!”

53. “Today is your birthday, cousin. Enjoy it! I wish you nothing but the best. Happy birthday!”

54. “I couldn’t imagine my childhood without you, cousin. I smile each time I think of the memories we share and the time we spent without a care. Happy birthday!”

55. “Cousin, I admire you and look up to you. You inspire me every day to push myself harder and to be a better person. Happy birthday!”

56. “Cousin, may you be blessed today, tomorrow and always. Happy birthday!”

57. “Hey, cousin! Don’t get all freaked out about your birthday. Age is just a number that represents the number of years the world has been enjoying us. Happy birthday!”

58. “Cousin! Here’s to wishing you a great big happy birthday!”

59. “Sending you birthday wishes with love, cousin. Happy birthday!”

60. “Cousins are so awesome! Well, at least yours and mine are. Happy birthday!”

happy birthday cousin 5

61. “Happy birthday to a cousin who’s sweet, generous, creative, smart, funny and cute.”

62. “Cousins are special and loved a whole lot. My cousin is wonderful because my cousin is you. Happy birthday!”

63. “Secrets, embarrassing moments, silences that speak a thousand words – we share so much more than DNA. Happy birthday, cousin. I hope you have a fantastic day.”

64. “You’re the best cousin around, and that’s because you always lift me up whenever I’m feeling down. Happy birthday!”

65. “Fate made us cousins, but we chose to be best friends. Happy birthday!”

66. “Great cousins are like flowers that bloom in the winter: rare and treasured. Happy birthday!”

67. “Happy birthday, cousin. May your day be filled with family, great memories, and laughter.”

68. “On the winding road we call life, I’m glad that I have you to share the ride with. Happy birthday, cousin.”

69. “Thinking of all the great times we spent together puts a smile on my face. Happy birthday, cousin!”

70. “Cousin, it’s your birthday! Do whatever the heck you want! Happy birthday – let’s celebrate!”

71. “Cousins are connected at heart. Neither time nor distance can ever break them apart. Happy birthday!”

72. “Happy birthday, cousin! May you never get older and just increase in value. Don’t forget to wine as often as you can, too.”

73. “Cousin, no matter how far in life we travel, our childhoods will always bring us back together. Happy birthday!”

74. “Cousins are just like siblings – but without the rivalry. Happy birthday!”

75. “We may not have shared a womb, but we’re just as close as those who have. Happy birthday, cousin!”

happy birthday cousin 6

76. “We grew up together with the hope that we would never grow apart. Happy birthday to a special cousin.”

77. “I call you my cousin just so my so-called best friends don’t get jealous. Happy birthday!”

78. “Of all the cousins in this world, I’m glad I got you. Happy birthday!”

79. “Sending you birthday wishes that are filled with peace, love, and joy. Happy birthday!”

80. “Cousin, you’re kind of a big deal. Happy birthday, you awesome cousin you.”

81. “One of the great things about being an only child is that I appreciate having such a great cousin like you. Happy birthday!”

82. “Cousin, my heart will always feel just a little bit empty because you’ve taken a piece of it away with you. Happy birthday!”

83. “You’re the type of cousin that could put real siblings to shame. Happy birthday, and thank you for always being there.”

84. “Friends can stab you in the back, spouses can leave you, bosses can let you go, and co-workers can be competitive. But a cousin like you will always be by my side. Happy birthday!”

85. “When life fails to send you a great best friend, it makes up for it by sending amazing cousins just like you. Happy birthday!”

86. “Here comes another birthday, and I know that you’re glad. Don’t worry, dear cousin, getting older isn’t so bad. We’ll both age together, but still be young at heart. Happy birthday!”

87. “It’s your birthday, cousin! You deserve nothing but the best. Enjoy this day and know that we’re all proud of you, even though you’re still a pest. Happy birthday!”

88. “No matter where you go or what you do, my birthday wishes will always find you! Happy birthday, cousin.”

89. “There may be seven colors in the rainbow, but none of them is as awesome as you, cousin. Happy birthday!”

90. “As an only child, I thank you for never letting me feel like I’m alone in this world. You’ve been so much more than a cousin to me. You’ve been a friend and an ally. Happy birthday. I wish you all the best.”

happy birthday cousin 7

91. “Cousin, you’re in my thoughts today. It’s a shame we can’t be together, but my birthday wishes are on their way. Happy birthday!”

92. “Cousin, I have learned so much from you over the years. You’ve always been there to help me, teach me and ease my fears. Happy birthday!”

93. “I hope that your day is filled with laughter and fun. As far as cousins go, you sure are number one. You deserve the best birthday surrounded by the people you love.”

94. “In you, I’ve found a great cousin and the closest and truest of friends. Happy birthday!”

95. “Cousin, it’s time to drink champagne and dance on top of the table. Why? Because it’s your birthday!”

96. “Birthdays are just the start of another 365-day trip around the sun. Happy birthday!”

97. “Cousin, wishing you plenty of joy and presents on your birthday!”

98. “Hey, cousin! Happy birthday! I hope that all of the kindness you’ve given to others is returned to you a thousandfold.”

99. “I’m so glad we live in the world where there are cousins. Happy birthday!”

100. “Cousin, keep calm and enjoy your birthday!”

101. “Wishing you lots of awesomeness, love and good cheer. Happy birthday!”

102. “In the blink of an eye, we went from kids to adults to middle-aged friends. Happy birthday, cousin. I’ll be there for you until the end.”

103. “It’s your birthday! That’s the first thing that crossed my mind this morning. I hope I’m the first person to wish you a happy one. Happy birthday, cousin!”

104. “Not everyone can be as blessed as me to have a cousin as awesome as you. Happy birthday!”

105. “I hope the sun shines brightly on your birthday, cousin. You’ve shined your beautiful light on so many people, so it’s only fair that the sun returns the favor. Happy birthday!”

happy birthday cousin 8

106. “Happy birthday to someone I’ve known all my life. From toddlers to awkward teens and clumsy adults, we’ve been through it all together. Happy birthday, cousin!”

107. “There are some days that we look forward to each year. Your birthday is one of them, cousin. Let’s celebrate and enjoy this remarkable day! Happy birthday.”

108. “Cousin, on this special day, I want to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope success and happiness fill your life in the coming year.”

109. “Cousin, you truly deserve a super birthday. My biggest wish for you is that your day is filled with wonderful moments and beautiful things. Happy birthday!”

110. “Cousins are one of the life’s blessings, and I’m thankful for you each day. I hope your birthday brings you good luck and that all of your wishes come true. Happy birthday!”

111. “Cousins are special; they bring you good cheer. You miss them the most when they’re not near. Happy birthday to you; a cousin and a friend that’s true.”

112. “Dearest cousin, you have always been special to me. I wish we didn’t have to spend your birthday apart. You mean more to me than you’ll ever know. Happy birthday!”

113. “We may have been born cousins, but it was understanding, love, kindness and compassion that made us best friends. Happy birthday, dear cousin!”

114. “Today, we celebrate not only your birth but a gift. The day you came into this world was the day I received a clingy, annoying, adorable but silly little cousin that I could never imagine my life without. Happy birthday!”

115. “I send you a birthday song with a soft but happy melody. These notes come right from your personality. You’re lovely, compassionate and a little bit zappy. Happy birthday, cousin. I hope you’re always happy.”

116. “If I had to write down a list of people I could never live without, you would be on that list – right near the top. Happy birthday!”

117. “There’s no greater day than today. For today, the universe blessed our family with an amazing person like you. Happy birthday, cousin.”

118. “Wherever you go and whatever you do in life, the amount of material success you achieve will never be more valuable than the lives you touch with your joy. Happy birthday, cousin!”

119. “On your birthday, it’s important for you to know how special you are and how you’re always in our prayers. Happy birthday, dear cousin!”

120. “Happy birthday, cousin! May the wine flow freely, and the laughter sing loudly.”

121. “The sun rose today with a special charm because it’s your birthday, cousin.”

122. “Happy birthday, cousin. All the gifts, cards and well-wishes in the world could never make up for the love and kindness you’ve shown.”

123. “Cousins and friends like you are the reason the sun shines in the morning and the stars twinkle at night. Happy birthday!”

124. “Today is your birthday. Tomorrow is not. Let’s forget about the future, and party a lot. Happy birthday, cousin.”

125. “Today, I celebrate the birth of my cousin and friend. We’re as thick as thieves and always will be. Happy birthday!”


Funny Cousin BD Wish

126. “Growing up with a cousin like you was awful. But you’re making up for it now. Happy birthday!”

127. “Here’s to my cousin’s birthday! I hope that you’re such a disaster when you celebrate, that they name a hurricane after you.”

128. “Cousin, look at it this way – you’re one step closer to getting a senior discount on movie tickets! Happy birthday!”

129. “Happy birthday to a cousin that I hope will still love me even when we’re too old and senile to even remember each other’s birthdays.”

130. “Cousin, there are two things that should never be counted: glasses of wine and age. Happy birthday!”

131. “Cousin, I hope your birthday is as beautiful as a unicorn farting rainbows.”

132. “I knew it smelled like a birthday in here! Hope your day is a good one, cousin. Happy birthday!”

133. “Cousin – just remember: I will find you, and I will wish you a happy birthday.”

134. “Cousins are friends who are related by blood, siblings who don’t fight with you over closet space, and best friends who never reveal secrets. Happy birthday!”

135. “Happy birthday, cousin! Let’s skip the candles this year, okay? We wouldn’t want to burn the house down.”

136. “As a cousin, I could never ask for more. Oh, how I love you right down to the core. Happy birthday!”

137. “Hey, cousin! Sorry, my birthday wishes were late. I was out helping Batman fight crime. Hope your day was awesome! Happy belated birthday.”

138. “Nothing says happy birthday like a shot of tequila and a gigantic birthday cake. Let’s eat, drink and be merry. Happy birthday, cousin!”

139. “Your birthday comes but once a year. That doesn’t mean I can’t make fun of you for being old on the other 364 days. Happy birthday! I’ll give you a break today.”

140. “Cousin! You’re one year older – I can tell. Even though you have a few gray hairs, you still look well. Don’t worry, your age, I’ll never tell. Happy birthday!”

Funny Cousin BD Wish 1

141. “Cousin, I will always be there for you. Mainly because you know way too many of my secrets. Happy birthday!”

142. “Happy birthday, cousin. I know, I know – my birthday wishes were the best gifts you received today.”

143. “Here’s to a cousin who has the best cousin in the world. Happy birthday!”

144. “Cousin, I hope all your birthday wishes come true – especially the part about you winning the lottery. You better share, cousin. Remember – I know all your secrets! Happy birthday.”

145. “Cousin, we’ve shared so many embarrassing moments. I’m sure glad we’re related. You can’t spill my secrets without me spilling yours. Happy birthday!”

146. “Cousin, on your birthday, I just want to remind you that – you owe me $50. And with all these presents you’re getting, I think it’s time you paid up. Happy birthday! Seriously – I mean it.”

147. “Cousin, I’m so thankful we shared a childhood. If I live to see your grandkids, I’ll have so many embarrassing stories to tell. Happy birthday!”

148. “Here’s to my cousin! May we celebrate each birthday together until we’re too old and senile to remember each other’s birthdays.”

149. “So you say a lighter?… I guess we will need a flame-thrower to light up all of your candles, buddy! Happy birthday, cousin.”

150. “On your day as a birthday present, I want to give you joy, love, friendship, wisdom and lots of other things that cost nothing! Happy birthday, cousin!”

151. “A person like you is too special for just a birthday card. So keep the envelope too!”

152. “Finally you are 21, and now you can legally do everything you have been doing for years! Happy Birthday dear cousin.”

153. “Dear cousin, the secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and … lie about your age. Happy Birthday to you! I wish you live for a thousand years!”

154. “It doesn’t matter how old you get; I don’t think you will ever grow up, cousin. Happy birthday!”

155. “Dear cousin, enjoy your birthday! May all your wishes come true and hopefully your wife doesn’t find out about them!”


BD Wish for Her

156. “You may be my cousin, but I don’t think of you in that way. To me, you are more like a sister who I’m happy to talk to every day. Sending you birthday wishes from afar!”

157. “Beauty sometimes fades with time, but you, dear cousin, grow more beautiful with each passing year. Happy birthday!”

158. “I always wanted an awesome sister and an amazing best friend. I found both in you, cousin. Happy birthday!”

159. “My dear cousin, I admire you for everything. The way you dress, you laugh, and you carry yourself! Thanks for being an inspiration to me and everyone in the family. You are certainly an important part of our life, and we love you lots. Happy Birthday!”

160. “A person who tells me not to get drunk, yet helps me get drunk, brings me home when I’m drunk and doesn’t tell anyone that you were drunk – my sister-like cousin. Happy birthday.”

161. “I am glad you are not my real sister. Otherwise, my parents would have been more proud of you than me because you are so intelligent and beautiful. Happy birthday.”

162. “I’ve always wanted an amazing best friend and a beautiful sister – I got both in the form of my cousin. Happy birthday.”

163. “Destiny made a mistake by giving us different parents. But it made up for the mistake by putting us in the same family. Happy birthday.”

164. “The key to making my real sister jealous lies in spending more time with an awesome cousin like you. Happy birthday.”

165. “By bloodline, you are my cousin. But in the passage of my heart, you are a real sister. Happy birthday.”

BD Wish for Her 2

166. “We are related to each other by blood, but we are connected to each other by heart. Happy birthday, cousin-sis.”

167. “Even a real sister wouldn’t have been able to fill the shoes of such a caring cousin sister like you. Happy birthday.”

168. “You are like my real sister minus all the fighting. Happy birthday.”

169. “My parents must have never thought of having another child because they knew I would always find an awesome sister in you. Happy birthday.”

170. “No one can relegate you by calling you, my cousin. You’re more to me than my real sister. Happy birthday.”

171. “There is no such word like a cousin in my dictionary – it’s either sister or best friend. Happy birthday.”

172. “I wish I adopted you as my real sister long time back. Happy birthday, dear cousin.”

173. “Even if you weren’t my aunt’s daughter, a beautiful person like you would’ve meant more to me than a sister. Happy birthday.”

174. “You’re the kind of cousin who can put real sisters to shame. Happy birthday.”

175. “We might be cousins, but in reality, we’re much more. A sister and a best friend, I love you from the core. Happy birthday.”

176. “Biology hasn’t given me a sister, but destiny surely has. Happy birthday, dear cousin-sister.”

177. “Sending birthday vibes and love to you! You’re a year older, but what can you do? This is your year, dear cousin sis! So embrace all that is there for you when you make your wish!”


BD Wish for Him

178. “Cousin, we spent our childhoods chasing frogs and playing in the dirt. Now, we’re too old to even flirt. Still, we celebrate your birthday, light the candles and pray. We hope for another blessed year and to relieve those days of youthful play.”

179. “Hey, cousin! I hear it’s your birthday. I wish you happiness and good health. Oh, I almost forgot: eat plenty of cake and get really drunk.”

180. “Even a brother could never be as caring and awesome as you. Happy birthday!”

181. “It’s your birthday cousin – let’s party like never before!”

182. “Sometimes, cousins replace brothers because their childhoods are so intertwined. Happy birthday, cousin.”

183. “You’re the kind of cousin who can put real brothers to shame. Happy birthday.”

184. “Cousins like you are so special because they make dull moments in life minimal. Happy birthday, dear cousin bro.”

185. “Amidst a big family, I get understood by only a few. My dearest cousin, one of them is you. Happy birthday, my almost brother.”

186. “Destiny is the reason that we were born as cousins, but love is the reason we became lifelong buddies. Happy birthday.”

187. “The reason I never demanded toys when I was young is because I found my cutest teddy bear in a cousin-brother like you. Happy birthday.”

188. “It doesn’t really matter whether you are my first cousin, second cousin or third cousin. All I know is that you are the first friend I made in my life. Happy birthday, my almost-bro.”

189. “Friend, gaming partner, soul soother, heart healer – I almost forgot that you are my cousin too. Happy birthday.”

190. “Happy birthday to the guy who knows how to read between my sentences, look beyond the expressions on my face and glance inside my heart to really know what I am thinking.”

BD Wish for Him 2

191. “Destiny doesn’t give best friends to those who already have wonderful cousins like you. Happy birthday, dear brother-like cousin.”

192. “The best of brothers and best of friends, may the love in our brotherhood go on and never end. Happy birthday, cousin.”

193. “If my life was a painting, you would be the color in it. If my life was a song, you would be the melody. If life was a dance, you would be the rhythm. Dear cousin-brother, you make my life awesome. Happy birthday.”

194. “On your strong shoulders, I love to rest. More of a brother than a cousin, you are the best. Happy birthday.”

195. “Who needs a real brother when they have a cousin more genuine than any real brother in the world? Happy birthday.”

196. “Thanks for supporting me and being a real brother, when you could easily cruise through life by being just another cousin. Happy birthday.”

197. “I feel peaceful when I hold you in my arms and solace when I tightly clasp your tiny palms. Happy birthday to my little cousin, whose mere presence calms. Happy birthday my almost brother.”

198. “Aunt and uncle, niece and nephew. The one I love most, in the family is you. Happy birthday, dear cousin.”

199. “We may be born of different mothers, but we’ll always be like real brothers. Happy birthday.”

200. “Best of both worlds, family, and friend. May our friendship with each other never end. Happy birthday, cousin.”

201. “You are like a fishing net in the ocean of my life that helps me catch all the best moments of happiness and joy. Happy birthday, cousin, you are like a brother to me.”

202. “Life never taught me the difference between a cousin and a real brother – all thanks to you. Happy birthday.”

203. “You aren’t my cousin brother. You are a cousin who has been the best brother ever. Happy birthday.”

204. “When single kids like me have cousins like you, they never regret not having siblings. Happy birthday. ”

205. “Every single memory of my childhood reminds me all the reasons I’m glad you are my cousin-brother. From the bottom of my heart Happy Birthday!”

We hope these birthday wishes will brighten your cousin’s day. Which one is your favorite? How did your cousin react? Please share your experience and stories in the comments section below.