Whether it’s you or someone you care about that’s dealing with a broken heart, it can be hard to find the right words to express how it feels or help heal the pain.

However, the right words can help you find the courage to get up, dust yourself off, and move forward. Therefore, we’ve collected 160+ quotes about broken hearts to help you mend those wounds and start moving on.

List of 160+ Quotes to Help Fix Any Broken Heart!!!

1. “Your heart is broken – not your life. Your dream may be broken, but your future is not.”

2. “One day, you’ll wake up and finally realize that you should have tried. I was worth fighting for.”

3. “I just want to feel important to someone.”

4. “When my halo broke, I carved each half into horns.”

5. “Never forget: they cheated because they wanted to. They lied because they knew they could. Now, they’re only sorry because they got caught.”

6. “Never, ever run back into the arms of the person who broke you.”

7. “Why did this happen? Because some human beings are just terrible people. And terrible human beings do terrible things.”

8. “It’s a horrible feeling to miss someone, but it’s even worse to know that they don’t miss you back.”

9. “Love can be many things, but it’s never hurtful or deceitful. True love never breeds anything toxic. Always remember that.”

10. “No one ever gets tired of loving someone. They just get tired of assuming, waiting, apologizing, being lied to and hurting.”

broken heart quote 1

11. “Having a broken heart is a lot like having a broken rib. Sure, you look okay on the outside, but it hurts every time you take a breath.”

12. “Sometimes, it’s being too nice and compassionate that gets you hurt.”

13. “The stupidest mistake you can make in life is believing that the person who hurt you the most will never hurt you again.”

14. “If he doesn’t chase after you when you walk away, then just keep walking.”

15. “A broken heart is the only thing that truly changes people.”

16. “I was worth so much more than this. I deserve so much better than you.”

17. “Sometimes, a heartbreak is a wakeup call. It helps you see that you’re worth so much more than what you settled for.”

18. “Please, don’t mess with my feelings just because you can’t figure out your own.”

19. “It takes a brave person to look past all the hurt and pain, and trust that someone new won’t do the same.”

20. “Moving on from a painful breakup is a lot like learning how to cross the monkey bars. At some point, you have to let go in order to go forward.”

broken heart quote 2

21. “Someday, the right person will walk into your life and finally make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.”

22. “It really hurts to see that you’re not as important to someone as you thought you were.”

23. “Sometimes, a couple has to fall apart to see that they need to fall back together.”

24. “I still don’t understand why I spent so much time on loving someone who was never truly mine.”

25. “I really don’t want you back. But I would give anything to feel the same feeling when I met you again.”

26. “The one who broke your heart will be sorry they left you. Don’t worry about the past. Forget the pain and remember that you are an incredible person who deserves so much better.”

27. “Sometimes, people can’t understand how you feel until they go through the same thing themselves.”

28. “It amazes me how he can break my heart, but I still love him with every little broken piece of it.”

29. “I’m at a crossroads here. I really want to distance myself from you. But at the same time, I don’t want to lose you.”

30. “You know what’s scary about dating? You’re either going to marry that person, or you’re going to break up.”

broken heart quote 3

31. “It’s frightening to think that in the blink of an eye, you can fall into the kind of love that takes a lifetime to get over.”

32. “Moving on isn’t about forgetting someone and not loving them anymore. It’s about letting them know that you love them, but the pain isn’t worth it.”

33. “Whenever I think of you, I have to remind myself that if you really wanted to talk to me, you would.”

34. “Few things hurt more than being disappointed by the one person you thought would never, ever hurt you.”

35. “I will eventually stop missing you – when I’m with you.”

36. “Immature relationships start with “I love you,” but end with “forget you”. Mature relationships start with “I love you” and end with a sincere “thank you”.”

37. “You know what I regret? Not listening to everyone else when they told me to “run as fast as you can” away from you.”

38. “We’ll continue on ignoring each other and keep pretending that we don’t exist. But the truth is that we both know it wasn’t supposed to end this way.”

39. “Heartbreak is a weird kind of pain. It’s not like you’re sick. You’re not dying either. But you still hurt so much.”

40. “It really doesn’t matter whether it was a relationship or a friendship. When it ends, it still breaks your heart in two.”

broken heart quote 4

41. “Sometimes, it’s the bad things that happen to us that lead us toward the right path that will lead us to the best things that will ever happen to us.”

42. “Sorry, I actually cared about you. I won’t make that mistake again.”

43. “If I could go back in time to the day we met, I would turn right around and walk away.”

44. “You never really loved me. You don’t destroy the people you love.”

45. “The right person will love all the things that the wrong person found intimidating about you.”

46. “Loving you was no different than going to war. I didn’t come back the same person.”

47. “If, at any given time, you find yourself living in the wrong story – leave.”

48. “Always remember: your idea or image of someone in your head isn’t necessarily the way they really are.”

49. “I still have this silly, impossible hope that someday, you’ll wake up and realize that we were meant to be together.”

50. “You know what? I’m not even going to get mad anymore. I have to learn to expect the lowest from everyone – even the people I thought the highest of.”

51. “You should have a warning label plastered to your forehead: I am a cheating, lying jerk and I plan on taking advantage of your heart.”

52. “The greatest thing you ever taught me was that you can love someone with every fiber of your being and it still won’t be enough. I’m really sorry that I wasn’t enough.”

53. “You know, I’m really proud of my heart. It’s been stabbed, played, cheated on, shattered and burned. But guess what? It still works.”

54. “Misunderstanding is the worst distance between two people who love each other.”

55. “If you don’t let go of your past and leave it behind you, it will completely destroy your future. Live for and enjoy what today has to offer you – not what yesterday took away from you.”

56. “Take your time when you heal. You can’t move on in a day. There are a lot of steps you have to take to break free of your broken, hurt self.”

57. “Can’t decide where you stand with someone? Maybe you need to stop standing and start walking.”

58. “Don’t be mad because I stopped caring. Be mad because I cared at one time, but you were just too blind to see it.”

59. “Relationships may end, but real feelings will continue on.”

60. “It’s better to be slapped in the face by the truth than to be kissed with a big, fat lie.”

broken heart quote 5

61. “I either care deeply, or I don’t care at all. There is no middle ground.”

62. “Perfect relationships really aren’t perfect at all. They’re just two people who accept each other for who they are and never give up on each other.”

63. “Better to break your own heart and walk away than to have someone break your heart every single day.”

64. “Don’t apologize. I was the one who trusted you. That was my fault, not yours.”

65. “You may be single, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t know anything about love. All it means is that you now know enough to wait for it.”

66. “I feel like an idiot. I think about you all the time, but I know that you don’t think about me at all.”

67. “My heart is just so tired of being hurt.”

68. “I can’t romanticize or glorify heartbreak. It was sort of like dying, but I was still forced to keep living.”

69. “Every person has gone through something that has changed them in such a way, they could never go back to being the person they once were.”

70. “You can never force someone to love you or want you. But someday, they will wake up and realize what they’ve lost.”

71. “I like to think that I’m a patient person. I give lots of second chances. But I’m not a saint. I do have my limits.”

72. “Someday, he’ll finally see that he lost a diamond while he was busy playing with stones.”

73. “My heart just won’t let you out of my mind.”

74. “Stop looking for your happiness in the same place you lost it.”

75. “No matter how good of a person you are, you will never be good enough to a person who is not ready for a commitment.”

76. “If someone really wants to be in your life, they will really make an effort to be a part of it.”

77. “Just remember that things will never go back to the way they were. Embed this in your mind, and it will be easier to move on.”

78. “You never really think that the last time will actually be the last time. You somehow think that you have forever. But you really don’t.”

79. “It is what it is. I have to learn to accept that and just move on with my life.”

80. “I trusted you. Now, your words mean nothing to me. Your actions finally spoke the real truth.”

broken heart quote 6

81. “All I wanted was to be your last.”

82. “I had so many reasons to give up on you and walk away. But I chose to stay. You had so many reasons to stay, but you decided to give up and walk away.”

83. “I broke my own heart the day I started loving you.”

84. “So many people fall in love with the wrong people simply because they say the right things.”

85. “Time is the only thing that can heal a broken heart. Just like time is the only thing that will heal his broken legs and arms.”

86. “The truth is that I’m too scared to get close to anyone. Every person who has ever promised to stay, turned their backs on me and walked away.”

87. “If she truly misses you, she’ll call you. If she wants you, she’ll tell you. If she cares for you, she’ll show it. If she doesn’t, she’s not worth your time.”

88. “Look, it’s time to stop clearing your head. What you need to be doing is clearing your heart.”

89. “When you leave someone, make sure that you leave them better than you found them. Hug their hurt. Kiss those who are broken. Make friends with people who are lost. Love people who are lonely.”

90. “It’s not even the breakup that hurts. It’s the physical pain of feeling my heart break in two that hurts the most.”

91. “For now, I’ll cry and get over it. I’ll tell you I hate you, and then love you again. But some day, I will leave you and I will never come back.”

92. “All it takes is one bad relationship to make you never want to fall in love again.”

93. “There’s one thing you should never do in life: let someone else take away your happiness. It doesn’t matter who that person is – never let them steal away your sunshine.”

94. “Sorry only works when you make a mistake. It doesn’t work when you break my trust. It’s okay to make mistakes in life, but you should never break someone’s trust. Forgiving a mistake is easy. But forgetting and then trusting again can sometimes be impossible.”

95. “There are times when I get tired of listening to my tears.”

96. “If you ever wake up one day and realize that we’re drifting apart, that’s because you were the one who pushed me away.”

97. “Broken hearts make the loudest noise.”

98. “I really do wish you happiness in life, even though I’m well aware that my absence is the only thing that will help you find it.”

99. “When you find the right person, they will move mountains for you – not hide behind them.”

100. “A tiny crack doesn’t mean that you’re broken. It means that you’ve been tested and challenged, and you didn’t break.”

broken heart quote 7

101. “A woman has to love a few bad men to make her appreciate a good one.

102. “It makes me sad to realize that you were once a huge part of my life, and now you’re gone.”

103. “Sometimes, you fall for someone who really isn’t ready to catch you.”

104. “Never, ever let yourself be alone with your own thoughts at night. They will tear you apart and devour you until the sun rises.”

105. “True love is someone else’s happiness being your own happiness.”

106. “You know, I had planned to say all these terrible, hurtful things to you. But when I saw your face, all I wanted to do was tell you how much I miss you.”

107. “I really wish that I was a kid again. It’s so much easier to heal a skinned knee than it is to heal a broken heart.”

108. “Realizing that you don’t love me isn’t what hurts. It’s realizing that you spent so much time pretending you did that shatters my heart.”

109. “Sometimes, silence is the only reaction you can have. Because there are no words that can explain the things that are going on in your heart and mind.”

110. “Someday, you’ll send me a message out of nowhere. And someday, I will have the strength to just ignore it.”

111. “You and I were never really meant to be, but I loved every single second that we spent together.”

112. “Never let someone who broke your heart keep you from someone who won’t.”

113. “It’s amazing how quickly a person can go from being the one that you smile about when you wake up to being the one who makes you cry yourself to sleep at night.”

114. “The hardest thing I will ever have to do is walk away from this knowing that I still love you.”

115. “Technically, I’m single. But my heart was taken by someone who I can’t even call my own.”

116. “I acted like it wasn’t a big deal. But in reality, my heart was being shattered into a million pieces.”

117. “I’m slowly losing myself because I can’t get let go of someone who doesn’t really care about losing me.”

118. “Every night, I tell myself that I’m strong because I’ve endured one more day without you.”

119. “My feet want to carry me to your arms; to your bed. But I shall continue living my life as if you were never there.”

120. “I don’t understand why I worry about you so much. There are so many bigger things at hand.”

broken heart quote 8

121. “Don’t cry because the sun has set. The tears will keep you from seeing the sparkle of the midnight stars.”

122. “I still don’t know why they insist on calling it a heartbreak when every single part of my body hurts.”

123. “What can I do to make you see that she could never love you like me?”

124. “Love never really knows its own depth until the hour of separation.”

125. “There’s something beautifully honest about trees in the winter. They truly do know how to let go.”

126. “You can stab the body, and the wounds heal. But when you stab the heart, the wound lasts a lifetime.”

127. “Whenever a door closes, a new one opens. But a lot of us spend a lot of time staring at the closed door that we completely miss the ones that have opened.”

128. “Just let go. There’s nothing more you can do about the wrongs and the hurt of yesterday. It’s not for you to judge. Don’t hold onto the very things that are keeping you from love and hope.”

129. “The past can never hurt you again – unless you let it.”

130. “There are times when love can be magical. But we have to remember that magic can sometimes be just an illusion.”

131. “At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how bad your heart is hurting. Life and the world will go on. Nothing will stop for your grief.”

132. “Wallowing in your hurt and pain will do nothing but turn you into the victim.”

133. “At the end of the day, grief is the only price we pay for love.”

134. “There will come a day when you will be forced to just follow your heart and walk away from someone you truly love.”

135. “No matter how hard I try, I always wind up loving the person who hurt me the most. Love can be so cruel.”

136. “My heart, which has been shattered into a million pieces, is slowly turning to ice.”

137. “I can deal with heartbreak. But it’s the regret that makes heartbreak even more painful.”

138. “Leave the past in the past. The only thing it can do for you is show you how to make a better tomorrow. Learn from the heartbreak and move on.”

139. “You know, I was finally at a point where I was okay and I believed I didn’t need you. I was accepting my life without you. Then you smiled. And that just ruined everything.”

140. “There’s a place in my heart where your fingerprints remain, your kisses still hang around, and your whispers quietly echo. This is the place where I will keep a part of you forever.”

broken heart quote 9

141. “Someone once asked me, “What was the happiest day of your life?” Do you know what I said? I closed my eyes, and as a tear fell down my cheek, and told them it was the first time you told me you loved me.”

142. “The absolute worst part of falling out of love is the wondering; wondering if you’ll ever be able to open yourself up like that again.”

143. “There are some things in life that we don’t want to happen, but they happen anyway; things we don’t want to know about but we learn anyway; and people that we know we can’t live without but are forced to anyway.”

144. “When someone lies to you and cheats on you, those are not struggles. Those are reasons to break up.”

145. “Never love something that you can’t keep.”

146. “Don’t break someone’s heart – they only have one. Break their bones instead – they have 206.”

147. “Hearts are fragile and breakable. Even after you heal, you’re never truly the same person.”

148. “Dear heart, Now you see what happens when you decide to make decisions all by yourself. Sincerely, Your brain.”

149. “I saw it coming, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt.”

150. “I may keep myself busy doing the things I like to do, but every moment I pause, I can’t help but think about you.”

151. “It’s easier to be angry than to admit that you’re hurt.”

152. “When you dream with a broken heart, it’s even harder to wake up.”

153. “It’s hard to let go of something that you thought was so real, but turned out to be just an illusion.”

154. “Just the thought of you having someone else makes my heart sink.”

155. “You’re not exactly pushing me away, but you’re not really fighting to keep me around either.”

156. “Sometimes I wish I could wake up and not remember anything about you.”

157. “I got hurt – seriously hurt. When that happens, something inside of me just shuts off for a while.”

158. “I’m not sure I can remember what it feels like to not be broken.”

159. “When you love someone even more than they really deserve, they will hurt you even more than you really deserve.”

160. “People think I’m happy all the time, but really, I’m just broken.”

broken heart quote 10

161. “The worst part is knowing that you need to let go, but you can’t because you hold onto this impossible hope that they’ll come back.”

162. “I’m happy for you – those are four words that I don’t think I could ever say.”

163. “I knew in my heart that you were too good to be true.”

164. “It just feels like I’ll never be able to get over you.”

165. “The worst part is waking up in the morning and remember the one thing you were trying to forget last night.”

166. “If you can be brave enough to say good-bye, the universe will reward you with a new and better hello.”

167. “I really can’t wait for the day when you wake up and realize that you messed up – big time.”

168. “If someone really loves you, they won’t let you slip away. It doesn’t matter how hard things get, they will stay by your side.”

We hope you enjoyed these broken heart quotes as much as we did.