21 Awesome Questions to Ask a Girl You Like


best questions to ask a girl you like

Why do potential relationships fail? People do not get to know each other or simply ask all the wrong questions. If you like a girl and always seem to get tongue-tied when you are in her presence, there are a few very important questions you can ask her that will pique her interest.

Not only that, these will allow you to get to know her better and become closer with her. We have come up with 21 awesome question to ask the girl you like.

1. “What was your happiest moment in life?”

This is a question that really gets down to who she is. Perhaps her happiest moment was the last day she spent with her father or the day she graduated college.

2. “What is your biggest regret?”

You need to know where a person comes from and their past. This is a great question that can lead to a night-long conversation where the two of you really get to know each other.

3. “What is your worst habit?”

Everyone has the worst habit. Knowing her habit is going to help you figure out if she is right for you and actually leads her to put a little more trust in you.

4. “What would you change about yourself?”

Do you hate your smile, nose, lips or merely the way that you are too nice to people? Everyone has one thing that they would change about themselves, and she will too.

5. “What is your dream date?”

A great question to ask and remember. She may dream of something simple, such as dinner on the beach, or she may want something exotic, such as eating in Rome and visiting the Vatican. If you can make her dream date a reality, she will never forget you.

6. “Would you rather have love or money?”

Love or money. If she chooses money, she may be materialistic.

7. “What would you do if you were to die in one week?”

A question that really makes a person think. She will reveal her desires, things she would love to do now and so much more. This is a great way to make some of her hypothetical dying wish dreams come true.

8. “Where is the one place you always wanted to visit?”

A simple question. If you have visited her dream country, this will allow you to bond even further. If this girl becomes a serious partner, you will know exactly where to bring her on your anniversary.

9. “Do you like a man to be sweet or strong?”

A goofy question. Hopefully, she will like a man that is sweet and caring. Strong is used in the sense of being closed off.

10. “What would your perfect life be?”

Everyone has a dream life. Her perfect life may be having a house with kids, or it may be living in Beverly Hills sipping wine all day while her husband plays football. This is a great way to see what kind of person she really is.

11. “How long was your longest relationship?”

If she has just gotten out of a long relationship, she may be on the rebound. You don’t need to ask too many questions about him, but this question will let you know if she takes relationships seriously.

12. “What is your biggest hobby?”

The two of you may share the same hobbies. If not, learning even a little bit about her hobby is a great way to strike up conversations and start to share interests.

13. “When you were a little girl, what was your dream job?”

A fun question to ask. Every little girl has a dream job, and hers may just surprise you.

14. “Have you ever been arrested?”

Has she been naughty? Sometimes, an arrest can be for something silly, such as pranking someone, or causing a little mischief. This is a question that will normally end in laughs.

15. “Do you believe in sex before marriage?”

A question you should only ask after you have known her for a while. If you are a person that does not want to wait until after marriage, this may be an answer that decides your potential relationship fate.

16. “If money was not an issue, what present would you buy first for another person?”

This will let you know who the most important person in her life is. If she chooses to buy herself something first, you know that she is too into herself.

17. “Who is your best friend?”

If the two of you ever have a chance of making it work, you need to be friends with her best friend. Ask her who her best friend is and what he or she is like.

18. “Cats or dogs?”

Another silly question. Normally, dog lovers are gentle and cat lovers like affection, but they also like a person that is independent.

19. “Do you believe in soul mates?”

Soul mates are the people we are meant to be with. These are the loves that the cosmos puts right in front of us to meet on purpose and be with on purpose. This is a good way to see what type of relationship this will turn out to be.

20. “What is the one thing you want to accomplish before you die?”

There is always a final goal. For some, they just want to have a house and kids. Others may be more ambitious and may want to travel the world, or they may want to help fight against a deadly disease. If her dream is to shop at 5th avenue, she is a materialistic person.

21. “What is the craziest thing you ever saw?”

The final question on our list will dig deeper into her life. Some people have seen UFOs, some people have seen other unexplainable events, and others may have seen riots that really left a mark on their life.

If you know the craziest thing she ever saw, you can turn this into an hour long conversation if you ask all of the right questions.

21 Awesome Questions to Ask a Girl You Like
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