Texting games are a great way to pass the time or keep yourself entertained. All you need is a phone and a friend with plenty of time to spare.

Sure, you can play Draw Something or Words with Friends, but there’s something nostalgic and fun about playing a simple SMS game with your best friend. Here are six cool texting games that you will love playing with friends.

Game #1 – “20 Questions”

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20 Questions isn’t exactly a new game. It was popular during the 19th century as a spoken parlor game, but now you can play this same game through texting with a friend. The game is actually quite simple, and lots of fun.

Here’s how it works:

  • One player chooses either a person or an object.
  • The other person attempts to guess what the object or person is in 20 questions or less. Each question is sent via text message.
  • The player who chose the object or person can only answer “yes” or “no” to each question.

Try to pick a person or object that would be hard to guess to make the game more challenging and fun. Remember, only 20 questions can be asked. If the player cannot guess correctly after 20 questions, they lose.

Game #2 – “Truth or Dare”

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The classic truth or dare game can be played through texting too. While this game is traditionally played at slumber parties and social gatherings, it can be just as much fun to play through texting.

  • When truth is chosen, the player has to answer a personal question truthfully.
  • If dare is chosen, the phone’s camera can be used to capture pictorial evidence of the “dare.”

Your friend may even be a little more open to sharing “truths” over a text message than they would in person.

Game #3 – “Would You Rather?”

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Would You Rather is a fun and simple game that really reveals the true nature of each player’s character. The premise is simple: One person asks, “Would you rather…” along with two different hypothetical scenarios.

Be creative with your scenarios, and feel free to be as outrageous as you want. If you’re fresh out of ideas, check out Reddit’s Would You Rather thread, or you can read through our exclusive list (link below).

Game #4 – “Story Time!”

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Story Time is a fun, collaborative writing exercise that can get a bit wacky and out of hand when played with the right people!

  • One person starts the story by texting a word, sentence or a phrase.
  • The other player will reciprocate by adding onto the story with another word, phrase or sentence.
  • The two of you will continue back and forth until you’ve finished the story.

Stories can be epic, dramatic, funny or completely out there. Be creative and add restrictions if you want, such as word counts and subject matter.

Main advantage of this game: It can go on for as long as you want, providing that you and the other player can keep the creativity flowing.

Game #5 – “Kiss, Marry, Kill”

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Kiss, Marry, Kill is a fun texting game to play with friends. The basic idea is to name three people, be it celebrities or people you know, and asking the other player who they would kiss, marry or kill. It tends to be more fun when you name people you know.

It’s best to play this game with someone who has a good sense of humor, or who won’t easily be offended. There’s no winner in this game, but it’s tons of fun when played with the right friend.

Game #6 – “I Spy”

girl with mobile in hand

I Spy may be a kid’s game, but it’s just as much fun to play as an adult. It may be a little difficult to play when you and the other person are not it the same room together, so you’ll need to choose objects that are easily recognizable.

Below are 2 extra tips to play this game:

  • You can start the game by either texting your friend your location or sending them a picture to reference. Sending a picture isn’t quite as fun as just describing your location.
  • To make I Spy even more fun, you can also choose to allow imaginary locations from books or movies. Just make sure that both players are familiar with these places.

These six games are more than enough to keep you entertained when you’re bored, or to interact with your friends in a new way.