7 Cool Tips for Getting Your First White Ink Tattoo


white ink tattoo

If you’re in the market for a tattoo, you may have already heard of ones made from white ink! These continue to be popular because they look completely different than any other you can see these days. When done right, they often look like a beautifully intricate scar.

Depending on your skin type and the ink used, a white ink tattoo can fade rather quickly because it simply doesn’t “take” for most people like normal ink does. However, when it does set correctly, it looks beautiful.

So long as you shield it from the sun, fading won’t become a major issue. However, before we get to the actual tips, I am going to share with you main pros & cons you should know about!

1 Advantage vs. 2 Disadvantages

The main upside is this:

  • Only very few people have them and they look completely unique. So yours is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

However, there are a number of negatives you’ll want to consider:

  • As I have already mentioned, they’re often hard to get right. You’ll need to make sure your tattoo artist knows what they’re doing or you could have a real problem.
  • Even when done right, they often turn yellow or simply come back out.

Pay attention: If you still want one after knowing these issues, consider following 7 tips I am giving you for free.

Tip #1 – It Is Better on White & Lighter Skin

hipster woman with tattoos

While anyone can receive a white ink tattoo, the fact is it looks much better on people who have white or lighter skin. This tends to be the way it works:

The lighter your skin, the better you’ll do with lighter colors!

From a health perspective, this is generally the case as well. The darker your skin, the more problematic the acceptance of a white ink tattoo will be.

Keep in mind: This means you risk infection or at least severe irritation by having the ink re-injected in the same area over and over!

Tip #2 – Always Ask for Quality of Ink!!!

tattoo ink

No matter what type of tattoo you want to get, it’s essential you do your research about who’s “inking” you and with what! It means you should know the type of ink they’re using on you as you only want the highest quality ink used on your tattoos.

Anything of lesser quality may save you money on one hand, but on the other hand it also means your masterpiece just won’t look right!

This is especially true with white ink!!!

As we already pointed out, white ink is probably the most difficult type of ink to do a tattoo with. It will almost resist staying in your skin and will often yellow quickly. Therefore, you always need a high-quality ink in the needle!

Tip #3 – First Time User Should Go for Something Smaller

small tattoo

Sometimes these tattoos are practically unnoticeable. This can make for a very cool effect, though, when they finally catch people’s eyes. They go from looking like a tiny scar to all of a sudden revealing a really cool design!

Sadly, white ink tattoos don’t take the same way for everyone. It can look like a reddish scar or it can actually develop a yellow hue, which is probably not what you wanted at all!

The way to solve this problem is to get a smaller design the first time to determine how your skin will react to it. My extra advice is to choose an out of the way location to get it done for the first time!

Tip #4 – Use Strong Sun Block to Prevent Color to Fade Away

sun block

All tattoos are susceptible to wear and tear over time. Therefore, you want to take care of it and follow all the directions your artist gave you about keeping it clean and healthy.

However, this advice goes about tenfold for white ink tattoo. The thing you’ll most likely hear is that you need to wear sun block on it at all times, to prevent color from fading away.

Keep in mind: As we have already talked about, a white ink has trouble staying as it is. The sun will only make things worse if it’s not properly protected!

Tip #5 – Get Your First on Place You Can Easily Cover!!!

As we covered, there’s a high chance you may not like how your white ink tattoo turns out. The solution here, as we mentioned, is to get the first one done somewhere where you can easily hide it if you don’t like the finished result.

Consider the side of your thigh where shorts easily cover it. You’ll have an easy view of it and, if you don’t like it, it can easily stay hidden.

Tip #6 – Choose Your Artist & Tattoo Expert Well!!!

tattoo artist

No matter what type of tattoo you’re getting done, don’t trust anyone until you’ve sufficiently researched him or her! When it comes to white ink tattoos, be sure they already have experience with it and ask to see examples of their previous work!

Tip #7 – Always Take 6 Extra Months for Thinking

Once you have found an expert you trust, give it 6 months. This is always a good exercise because it keeps you from getting one you’ll end up regretting simply because you’re in love with the idea right now!

Be Ready to Pay More!!!


If you ask me if these tattoos are expensive, then the answer should be – definite yes! If they’re not, you need to seriously consider who’s doing your tattoo.

Remember, these are still a rare tattoo delicacy and difficult to do right. So anyone who can handle this should be charging you a premium!

Final Verdict: Are These Worth Their Price?

In the end, that’s up to you. As long as you test a small design first in an area out of the way and you waited for 6 months before getting it done, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

However, if you don’t follow the above advice, yes, you could quickly end up regretting your decision in a big way!

2 Best Sources of White Ink Tattoo Design Ideas & Pictures on Light & Dark Skin

There’s no better place to see white ink tattoos than going online. My best advice would be to check out following 2 links:

  1. Pinterest.com – Here, you can easily check out even images of white ink on black and darker skin.
  2. Tumblr.com – There is a huge database of images you can browse through right away!