8 Really Great Reasons to Get a Sphynx Cat


little sphynx cat

When you hear the word cat, what comes to mind? A small, furry cat that’s fiercely independent and tolerant of its housemates. The Sphynx cat seems to defy all the traditional personality traits of ordinary house cats.

They’re hairless, friendly, affectionate, and love to be the center of attention. They’re the perfect mix of cat and dog, which makes them an excellent family pet. If their curious appearance wasn’t enough to convince you, here are 8 great reasons to get one.

1. They’re Intelligent

Sphynx cats are inquisitive and curious by nature. All breeds are intelligent, but this one is exceptional. They’re loyal and dedicated cats who are always active and exploring.

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They know when you’re feeling down, and are even known to be protective of small children. Their intelligence is almost as surprising as their strange appearance. Oh, and you can expect your hairless friend to “help” you with everything you do.

2. They’re Affectionate

Sphynx cats are affectionately known as lap cats or “Velcro” cats. They love to be around their family, and they especially love to snuggle – which is an unusual trait for any cat. Maybe it’s because they’re seeking out the warmth of their human companions, or maybe they genuinely love to cuddle.

In either case, this breed is exceptionally affectionate and will follow you wherever you go. He may even sleep under the covers with you. Most owners are surprised to find that their pet craves more attention from them than their canine companions.

3. They’re Friendly and Fun-Loving

Sphynx cats are some of the friendliest cats you’ll ever meet. They are sociable, in contrary to their furry brothers. They’ll greet your guests and other animals in the house and stick around for a while.

It’s never a dull moment when this one is around. They love to play, and they’re well-known for their frisky antics. They make excellent companions for kids and are great family pets.

4. They Thrive in Indoor Environments

To say that the Sphynx cat is completely hairless is inaccurate. They do have a fine layer of hair, or peach fuzz, but their lack of hair still makes them a horrible candidate for outdoor living. These cats thrive in indoor environments where exposure to sun and cold is limited.

The Sphynx will sunburn if left outdoors for an extended period of time, and their lack of fur makes them ill-equipped for outdoor adventures in the snow. If you’re looking for an indoor cat, or live in an apartment, this one is the perfect match for you.

5. They’re Low Maintenance

The Sphynx’s lack of hair is what gives this breed its characteristic appearance, but it’s also what makes it so easy to care for. There’s far less grooming involved with a Sphynx cat, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely maintenance-free.

Because they do not have fur to absorb oils, they will need to be bathed from time to time.

6. They Love Other Animals

cute dark sphynx cat

Some breeds are picky. They loathe dogs and get jealous of other cats in the house. Sphynx cats take a very different attitude towards other animals – they welcome them with open arms. So, there’s no need to worry about your hairless friend picking a fight with Fido for no good reason (unless they’re playing, of course).

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Other cats are welcome too, so long as they play nice. The Sphynx truly is a sociable cat. All furry – and hairless – guests are welcome in their domain.

7. They Live Longer Than the Average Breed

The average male house cat has a life span of 12-14 years, but this one can live to be 15 years or older. In fact, the oldest one in history (Granpa Rexs Allen) lived to be 34 years old.

While this isn’t the average lifespan, they do live longer than the ordinary house cat!

8. They’re Great Companions

cool reasons for having sphynx cat

The Sphynx’s love for cuddling, affectionate nature, loyalty and intelligence make them excellent companions. No matter whether you have a house full of kids or five dogs and cats, the Sphynx will fit right in with the rest of the “pack” and make himself right at home.

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He’ll always seek out the warmest spot in the house (which is usually his owner’s lap), and strive to be the center of attention. While his appearance may be strange, the Sphynx will be a loyal, devoted companion for the rest of his days.