You have finally made that perfect beach picture for Instagram and want to add the best image caption? Then look no further as we have created a massive collection of 130+ beach captions for Instagram.

All you have to do is to choose one that represents your picture and your mood the most.

Please, let us know which one you have chosen in the comments section available below this article. Also, let us know if there is any caption you would like to add to this collection.


palms, surf, beach mobile

palms, surf, beach


1. “Aquaholic”

2. “Find me under the palms.”

3. “Life´s a beach, enjoy the waves.”

4. “Mentally on the beach.”

5. “Thalassophile”

6. “A bikini kinda life.”

7. “Happiness comes in waves.”

8. “Good vibes happen on the tides.”

9. “Whale hello! *insert whale emoji*”

10. “No one likes shady beaches.”

11. “Salty but sweet.”

12. “Keep Palm and Carry On *insert palm tree emoji*”

13. “Sandy toes – sunkissed nose.”

14. “The best kind of therapy is beach therapy.”

15. “Bare feet, salty hair.”

16. “Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the Beach.”

17. “High tides, good vibes.”

18. “Sun of a beach *insert sun and beach emojis*”

19. “Don’t Worry, Get Sandy!”

20. “Salt in the air. Sand in my hair.”

21. “Beach daze always.”

22. “Always keep a little Beach day in your heart”

23. “I’m happy anywhere I can see the ocean.”

24. “Life is better at the Beach!”

25. “If there is a will, there is a wave.”

26. “Let the waves hit your feet & sand be your seat.”

27. “I followed my heart and it led me to the beach.”

28. “Just a couple of beach bums.”

29. “Sun, Sand and Pineapple in hand.”

30. “Hot dogs or legs?”

31. “Hanging with my grill friends.”

32. “I´m all about the palm trees and 80 degrees.”

33. “Time spent at the beach is never wasted!”

34. “Namast´ay at the beach.”

35. “I’m a Beachoholic…!!!”

36. “Find me where the waves are!”

37. “BEACH: Heaven On Earth”

38. “Reality called, so I hung up.”

39. “I’m happiest when I’m floating in the ocean.”

40. “Good times and tan lines.”

41. “As endless as the ocean, as timeless as the tides…”

42. “Tangled hair, don’t care.”

43. “Set your clock to beach time.”

44. “Happy as a clam *insert shell emoji*”

45. “The smell of the ocean never gets old.”

46. “Beach hair, don’t care!”

47. “That crazy little sun of a beach.”

48. “Life is short, buy the beach house.”

49. “Don’t Worry. Beach Happy.”

50. “Every beach has a story.”

51. “I followed my heart and it led me to the beach.”

52. “Adios beaches!”

53. “I prefer my footprints in the sand to the snow.”

54. “Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.”

55. “All my troubles wash away in the water.”


57. “How to be a beach body: 1. Have a body 2. Go to the beach.”

58. “Throwin’ shade *insert sun emoji*”

59. “Paradise found.”

60. “Girls just wanna have SUN *insert sun and beach emojis*”

61. “Stress Free Zone”

62. “I love you to the beach and back.”

63. “Beach vibes only!”

64. “Everything is better at the beach… Even rain”

65. “Forever beachy!”

66. “Sun, Sand, and PineApple in hand.”

67. “Resting Beach Face”

68. “If it requires a bikini, my answer is yes.”

69. “There are a million fish in the sea, but me? I’m a mermaid.”

70. “Happiness is… blue sea & white sand.”

71. “Do you want to build a sandcastle?”

72. “You, me, and the sea *insert wave emoji*”

73. “Beach Boys.”

74. “Dreams are made of sand and sun.”

75. “Wild, barefoot, free.”

76. “Hangin’ with my gull-friends *insert girl emojis*”

77. “Life is better with palm trees.”

78. “W’sup Beaches”

79. “Beach days always.”

80. “The ocean is calling and I must go.”

81. “You can never have too much Beach.”

82. “A day at the beach restores the soul.”

83. “Beach More Worry Less”

84. “The sand may brush off, the salt may wash clean, the Tans may fade, but the memories will last forever.”

85. “Sand in my toes and saltwater curls.”

86. “Sea seeker.”

87. “The shoreline at summer sunset is simply beautiful.”

88. “The Beach Fixes Everything”

89. “Sun, sand, and surf.”

90. “Let the countdown to beach time begin!”

91. “Beach Please…”

92. “Seas the day.”

93. “The waves kiss your feet.”

94. “Everyone should believe in something. I believe I should go to the beach.”

95. “I love the beach, and I love sunshine.”

96. “Talk to the sand.”

97. “Happiness comes in waves.”

98. “Life takes you down many paths but my favorite one leads to the Beach.”

99. “As free as the ocean…”

100. “See you on the next wave.”

101. “All I need is the salt in my hair and the sand between my toes *insert beach emoji*”

102. “Ocean child.”

103. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream on the beach.”

104. “Tropic like it’s hot.”

105. “May you always have a shell in your pocket, and sand in your toes.”

106. “Live in the sunshine.”

107. “Every seashell has a story.”

108. “Let’s go somewhere where the stars kiss the ocean.”

109. “Friends, Sun, Sand and Sea that sounds like a summer to me.”

110. “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid. Then always be a mermaid.”

111. “I want to live by the Sea.”

112. “Sea more of the world, one beach at a time *insert globe emoji*”

113. “All I want is to watch some waves roll in.”

114. “Water you doing right now?”

115. “STAY SANDY.”

116. “Catch me by the sea.”

117. “Somewhere there is an empty beach chair with my name on it.”

118. “Ocean air, salty hair.”

119. “Mermaid vibes.”

120. “Happiness is … Sand between your toes.”

121. “I’m just a beachy kinda girl.”

122. “Catch me by the sea.”

123. “Feeling tropical.”

124. “Who needs snowflake when you have seashells?!”

125. “Stop and smell the ocean.”

126. “Let the sea set you free.”

127. “B.E.A.C.H. – Best Escape Anyone Can Have”

128. “We run this beach.”

129. “Get away from it all… Find your peace on the beach.”

130. “Vitamin SEA.”

131. “Passports & pineapples.”