The Ultimate Guide to Nose Piercing Featuring Video, Pain Advice and Practical Care Tips



There’s something about getting your nose pierced which sets it apart from all the other types of piercings you might get! Pierced ears with earrings can be traditionally beautiful, but they’re just that—traditional.

However, with a nose ring, you’re making yourself heard loud and clear, and unequivocally so. Even so, before you decide to get your nose pierced, here’s a short list of the most important FAQs you should definitely check out!!!

FAQ #1 – What Does The Procedure Look Like?

Here Is Short Video on How This Procedure Looks Like When Done by Professional!!! (3:10 Minutes)

Before I will go to the detail on how this procedure looks like, I have to stress one thing!

Always get your piercing done by a professional piercer!!!

On the topic of the professional procedure itself here is what you can expect:

  1. Usually, professionals will begin with some preliminary measuring & paperwork.
  2. Then, he or she should swab the area of your nose you want to get pierced (including the inside of your nostril) so as to protect against infection.
  3. In step three a professional should numb the area to minimize your pain and increase your comfort.
  4. In order to hold the area stable, usually special forceps will be used.
  5. Only then he or she will proceed with the actual piercing by using a special gun or specialized needle!

Keep in mind: Stick to the recommended hygiene routine for keeping it clean and open. This is especially true in the first few days after getting the piercing!

FAQ #2 – What Tools Will Be Used?

Most people have asked me what kind of tools they will meet during this procedure. Although it may be obvious from answer to the FAQ #1, here is a complete list you have been asking for:

  • Medicinal alcohol (for anti-bacterial purposes)
  • Swabs
  • Metal forceps
  • Piercing gun / special needle
  • The actual jewelry

Keep in mind: All these are individual from one type of procedure to other and may vary a little bit.

FAQ #3 – Is This Procedure Painful & Will I Have a Scar?

In general, areas that are more visible or difficult to pierce may have different outcomes. However, this is what you may expect:

  • The pain you can expect is very individual. Some would need numbing agents while others with higher pain threshold will not.
  • If the procedure is done properly you shouldn’t have any scar.

My advice: If you can’t stand so much as a shot at the doctor’s office, though, you may want to reconsider those numbing agents.

FAQ #4 – How Much Will You Have to Pay on Average?


This is, again, going to depend on who you are going to employ and where you are! Canada’s average rate, for example, is on slightly lower than that in the US.

Anywhere from $20-150 may be reported, but remember — with piercings and tattoos, you get what you pay for! Usually, prices in the middle to higher end of that range are probably your best bet for overall safety!

FAQ #5 – What Are Best Places & Artists to Get Your Nose Piercing Done?

Two words – big cities! If you want to get the best possible experience, you should check out one of these big cities such as LA, New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, London, Melbourne etc.

Pay attention: Look for cities with areas full of lively cultures, great artists, and trained professionals you can choose from.

FAQ #6 – What Is The Expected Healing Time?

In general, 48-96 hours is the estimated window, though some stretch that out to a week! You want to be careful about this, or you can get an infection or your tissue will close up and you’ll have wasted all that money for nothing!

FAQ #7 – Aftercare & How to Prevent Infection?

Anti-bacterial medication is a must here, and most quality salons offer some as part of their package. This is, yet again, why you want to go to salons in the middle to a higher range of pricing spectrum mentioned in FAQ #4!

The professionals will usually include anti-bacterial medication and sometimes a complimentary ring or stud as a part of their package.

Pay attention: Don’t make the most common mistake of taking your piercing out before that aforementioned healing window is closed! However, you have to clean the area regularly.

FAQ #8 – Where Can I Find Pictures of Nose Piercings & Valuable User Feedback?

In a word? Pinterest, Tumblr and WeHeartIt. Just check out all links below:

  • – Great source of user submitted images & best sources on this issue.
  • – Here you can get some really cool ideas for your nose piercing.
  • – Another great list of user generated pictures!

Keep in mind: All these sites change by the day so just visit these and check out user submitted pictures on a regular basis.