Do you know exactly what to say to her to take her breath away? A simple, cute love quote may be all that is needed to make her think of you all day and night.

If you want to try something different and original, we’re going to give you 150+ awesome love quotes that you can say to your girlfriend at any time to make her heart melt.


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1. “Girl, you stole my heart. Let me steal a kiss from you.”

2. “You’re all that is good in my life; the inspiration in everything that I do is you.”

3. “Someone must be watching over me because you’re the most beautiful angel.”

4. “Kiss me, hug me and love me. I will return the favor.”

5. “I can’t thank the heavens more for having met you. You bring so much joy into my life.”

6. “Let’s be sweet together. You melt me like chocolate on a hot day.”

7. “Between us is two hearts tied together by a thread of love that will last the test of time.”

8. “You make me wake up with a smile on my face every day. You are the air I breathe, the ticking in my heart.”

9. “No one dares separate the couple that went to the end of the earth and embraced after looking into each other’s eyes for the first time.”

10. “You know every fiber of my life; all of my deepest secrets. Now, we can blackmail each other.”

seventh cute love quote for her

11. “There is nothing more valuable than our love.”

12. “I want to feel what it’s like to love like you. Take my hand and bring me to where your heart is.”

13. “My heart whispered “that’s’ the one” when I first saw you.”

14. “The moment I saw you, I knew we would be together forever.”

15. “You will be mine forever and always.”

16. “Knock on the door to your heart, and I will be there.”

17. “You’re like a kitten. You look into my eyes and all I see is you wanting endless love.”

18. “I’m like a child on Christmas when I see you. I never know what the day’s love will hold for us.”

19. “Our love knows no boundaries.”

20. “You are the essence of everything good in my life; love without boundaries.”

first cute love quote for her

21. “I’ve searched through the dictionary time and time again and can’t find enough words to express how much I love you.”

22. “I don’t even remember what it’s like to be alone.”

23. “The days I am with you are the days that are worth living.”

24. “All those little moments with you mean the world to me.”

25. “Every fiber of my being loves you.”

26. “For all the money in the world and all the riches in heaven, I wouldn’t trade our love.”

27. “My love with you will never be the same – it will be complete.”

28. “I am never sad around you. You fill the world with so much joy.”

29. “Even on my happiest days; days where I didn’t think I could be happier; you always make sure I am wrong.”

30. “Your face is like a shining light that brightens up my day.”

31. “In the morning, you’re the first thing I think of. When I fall asleep, you’re the first picture in my dreams.”

32. “You are a constant flame that will always warm my heart.”

33. “You give me joy when I am in times of trial.”

34. “I would be a broken man without you in my life.”

35. “My heart sinks every time I smile at you hoping that you will always smile back.”

36. “Every day that you are by my side is a day worth living.”

37. “You are my constant measure of progress and happiness in a world that is ever changing.”

38. “Our love is so bright that it guides me through the darkest of days.”

39. “My heart follows the rhythm of our love and beats harder every day.”

40. “I’m not a rich man, but I can give you all of the love in the world.”

second cute love quote for her

41. “All of the blood, sweat and tears are worth the sacrifice when you’re in my arms.”

42. “You make me a better man.”

43. “I never thought I would find love until I found you.”

44. “You gave me wings. You make me fly.”

45. “You are the queen of my heart. Your wish is my command and always will be.”

46. “I never thought I would be so lucky to call you mine.”

47. “I never thought forever existed until I met you.”

48. “Forever isn’t long enough to be with you.”

49. “We must honor your presence while heaven mourns your departure.”

50. “How is it that every day I am with you is better than the day before?”

51. “I can’t wait to wake up every morning to find you next to me.”

52. “You bring joy to a once restless heart.”

53. “When I am scared, thinking of you makes me overcome my fear.”

54. “You illuminate the path to heaven.”

55. “A minute with you is more love than I felt in 10 years.”

56. “To know love is to love you.”

57. “I could never imagine that your love would make me so happy.”

58. “Your love is the kind of love that inspires poets to pick up a pen.”

59. “I will count on the love we share together forever and always.”

60. “You’re every dream I’ve ever had.”

third cute love quote for her

61. “I love you – the end.”

62. “Having you is what I live for.”

63. “I might not be able to express my love in words because you take my breath away.”

64. “I wish I would have found you sooner. I miss the time we didn’t get to spend together.”

65. “I will love you now, when we’re old, and when we’re long gone.”

66. “I’ve always dreamed of being your lover.”

67. “We were friends, and I loved you. We’re lovers, and I love you more.”

68. “Our love defines who I am as a man.”

69. “I love you because of the man I am when I am with you.”

70. “When I am with you, I lose myself. Without you, I am already lost.”

71. “You are the world to me.”

72. “We’re the epitome of a love story. Our love is boundless and our lives keep getting better.”

73. “Your smile warms my heart even when the world feels like it’s crashing down on me.”

74. “I never want to live without you. If you live to 100, I want to live to 100 minus one second, so we never have to be apart.”

75. “You’re special to every inch of my heart. You love me for me, and I love you for being you.”

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76. “No matter where I am in life. No matter what happens to us. I will always think of you as happiness. I would do it all over again and again.”

77. “My last breath would be “I love you.””

78. “Men search a thousand years to find the love that we share together.”

79. “Your beauty, smile and laugh is what brought us together. Your loving heart is what makes me want to spend my life with you.”

80. “I smiled today for no reason. Then I realized I was thinking of you, and smiled again.”

81. “You are the story behind my emotions.”

82. “Even if I fall in love a thousand times, I will never fall the way I fell for you.”

83. “No matter where you are in the world, I will always love you.”

84. “I have a garden of flowers sprouted by the smile and laughter you’ve given to me.”

85. “You’re not my number one. You’re my only one.”

86. “A beautiful dream comes true every moment I spend with you.”

87. “I don’t want to fall in love with you. I want to stay loving you forever.”

88. “Being in love doesn’t make me happy. Being in love with you is what makes me happy.”

89. “I have fallen in love many times. Each time it is with you.”

90. “Life after life, age after age, I continue to love just you.”

fourth cute love quote for her

91. “I am reborn when you kiss me. I would die if you left me. The moments I am with you are when I am truly alive.”

92. “The sweetest joy in life is your loving embrace.”

93. “Our love can overcome any obstacle; withstand any storm.”

94. “A single soul is what defines our love.”

95. “You know you’re special when you can make me smile even when I am sad.”

96. “The saying goes “love is for giving.” So, I give my love to you.”

97. “Hearts are for beating, but mine only beats for you.”

98. “Falling in love is about finding the true beauty in a sea of faults.”

99. “I will annoy you. I will say stupid things. I will always love you.”

100. “They say the sweetest place to be is in someone’s thoughts. You never leave mine.”

101. “I want people to say, “Damn, they’re meant forever.””

102. “I don’t love you because I need you. I need you because I love you.”

103. “I want you forever and always. I want you to forget all the rest.”

104. “True love is only found when I am with you.”

105. “Your love is like a maze. I am trapped in it.”

106. “For every kiss we share, I hope there is a thousand more.”

107. “I will never ration my love for you. I will let it flow like a river.”

108. “I have searched high and low and know that you’re the only one for me.”

109. “There will always be someone prettier or smarter, but real love doesn’t care.”

110. “I always tried to act happy. Now, I have found real happiness with you.”

fifth cute love quote for her

111. “I will give you all that a girl wants. Love, honesty and happiness.”

112. “Dreams don’t make me as happy as I am with you.”

113. “My heart with always be young because it loves you.”

114. “Love will always be under construction with two hearts growing closer to each other.”

115. “I fall asleep holding you and wake up with you in my dreams.”

116. “Love is the answer to all of life’s troubles.”

117. “It wasn’t love at first sight. I knew the moment my heart skipped a beat you would be mine forever.”

118. “I was afraid to meet you. I always saw you in my dreams.”

119. “Happy endings are a fantasy when true love exists.”

120. “Our children will know that I am married to the only woman I ever truly loved.”

121. “I don’t need the whole world; I just need you.”

122. “There is no place you can touch on the body that makes a person go as crazy as the heart.”

123. “I sin every day I am with you. I want to steal your heart and never give it away.”

124. “Crushes aren’t easy; they’re called crushes for a reason.”

125. “I may forget everything, but I will never forget you.”

126. “Even when I am old and grey, I will be young at heart with you.”

127. “Life is crazy. Nothing is guaranteed. But, I love you in the now.”

128. “Love is a fire that I never want to extinguish.”

129. “Forget the past. I never want to remember a time without you.”

130. “As time goes by and our beauty both fades, I will still look at you as I do today.”

sixth cute love quotes for her

131. “Everyone is going to hurt you, but I think you’re worth the pain.”

132. “Real love is silly – forget passion.”

133. “You are my dream. Can I be yours?”

134. “When I am with you, I lose sight of everything. You are the only thing I can see.”

135. “I love you more than a drowning man loves air.”

136. “Love is what I am when I am with you.”

137. “I will never love you any less or love you any more than I love you this very second.”

138. “Love is like a catastrophe, and I’m the only one with you.”

139. “Possessions can be stolen. Money can be lost. Our love is something no one can take away from us.”

140. “I think everyone should meet you, so they have a chance to look love in the eyes.”

141. “If love were an ocean, ours would cover the world.”

142. “Time and place do not exist when you’re in my arms.”

143. “Nothing is worse than being apart, and nothing is harder than being together.”

144. “Your love is like a parasite that slipped into my blood and stole my heart.”

145. “Love is all there is – not all we need.”

146. “You’re the little angel that lives in my thoughts.”

147. “Love is kind and sweet, but putting us together makes it perfect.”

148. “All of the treasures in the world couldn’t buy the happiness that we share together.”

149. “From a distance, I love you. When I am close to you, I love you even more. When I am alone at night, I long for you.”

150. “Even now, I still get butterflies in my stomach when I say I love you.”

151. “Your smile is the sunshine that makes flowers blossom.”

152. “We will always meet with a smile that ends in love.”

153. “Everyone we know is jealous of the love we share.”

154. “Who needs coffee to get excited to wake up? I have you.”

155. “Is it normal to completely lose all feelings when we kiss?”