Three simple words: I Love You. While it may come easy to some, others have such a difficult time spitting these three words out of their mouth.

Why? Some are afraid of how the other person will react while others simply get tongue-tied and don’t know the right words to say. Don’t worry – we’re here to help!

The following 120+ quotes and images are the perfect way to say “I love you.”

List of 120+ Quotes to Say “I Love You” in Unique Way!!!

1. “When you’re immature, you say “I love you because I need you.” When you’re mature, you need a person because you love them.”

2. “The only regret that I have in life is that I can’t go back in time and tell you that I love you more.”

3. “No matter what happens, win or lose, I will love you all the way.”

4. “If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love another person. Luckily for you, I love myself, but I love you even more.”

5. “Love is what I feel every time you enter the room with a smile on your face.”

6. “I love you now and I will love you until the day I die. If there is life after death, I will continue loving you in that life too.”

7. “Love is a lot like bacon. You can become devoured in love; smell it, taste it and enjoy it forever.”

8. “Forever I will love you and not a second less.”

9. “When did I first think that I loved you? The moment you walked in the room.”

10. “Love at first sight always sounded so unrealistic and stupid to me, but when I first saw you, I fell stupidly in love.”

love you quote 1

11. “I love you more now than I did just a second ago.”

12. “I love you like there was no beginning and no end.”

13. “Loving you is like having an extra organ that simply pours over with love for you.”

14. “Without fear or regret, I will love you until the day we go to heaven together.”

15. “Infinity isn’t long enough for me to express the love I feel for you.”

16. “You’re a witch. You did something magical that took over my mind and made me love you endlessly.”

17. “Magic in the heart and in the soul is what I feel with you.”

18. “I was so afraid to say hello to you when we first met because I already loved you.”

19. “If I told you I loved you, would you run into my arms?”

20. “My arms are lonely. I think I need a hug, my love.”

love you quote 2

21. “I love you because of the person I am when I am with you.”

22. “There is no word that exists that is stronger than the love I have for you.”

23. “How do you express to someone that you’re complete because they’re with you?”

24. “In all the world, I would have never guessed that I would love you as much as I do.”

25. “There will come a time when I breathe my last breath, but I will love you even then.”

26. “Loving you is easy because… well… you’re one hot mama.”

27. “I have come home. That is how it feels when I think of you; when I know that I love you and you love me.”

28. “My knight in shining armor. How I dreamed of you my entire life, and how I will continue to dream and love you as we grow older together.”

29. “Getting old is one scary fact of life, but as long as I am with you, it will be amazing.”

30. “Our love is the special kind of amazing that is the envy of every hopeless romantic.”

love you quote 3

31. “Who needs wine when I love the taste of your lips?”

32. “I may not tell you it enough, but I love you more than the moon and stars.”

33. “There is no moon or star that has a brighter place in my heart than you.”

34. “I love your smile, your eyes, your scent, your hair, your soft skin – heck I just love you.”

35. “Don’t get all crazy now, but I think I love you.”

36. “If love was like air, I would breathe you in until I couldn’t breathe anymore.”

37. “I am hoping and praying to God that I will live just one extra day so I can tell you I love you again.”

38. “Even without gravity, I would have fallen in love with you.”

39. “There are not enough hearts in the world to fill all the love I have for you.”

40. “How come I am allowed only one heart to love you? I have an infinite amount of love spilling out of the seams for you.”

41. “Love isn’t blind – it is something that we feel so deep in our soul that we know it truly exists.”

42. “Words diminish the most important things a person has to say. Love is not included.”

43. “Love is a dirty trick that snuck up on me and made me fall for you.”

44. “Gazing at each other doesn’t equal love. Love is always being there for the other person.”

45. “There are 6 billion people in the world and no one loves you the way I do.”

46. “You can watch the Notebook and smile knowing I love you more than Noah loves Ally.”

47. “The best is yet to come, so grow old with me – please.”

48. “If I beg and plead, will you promise to be mine forever?”

49. “Whoever made up the word forever didn’t realize that it is way too short when you’re in love like I am with you.”

50. “Love is a symbol of the heart that science has come to accept as a miracle we all experience.”

love you quote 4

51. “Wildly, uncontrollably. These are the two words that best describe my love for you.”

52. “You and only you. I love you so much that I would never want to love another person again.”

53. “If love were a song, I would play it until my ears bled.”

54. “The only thing better than loving you is hearing you tell me you love me back.”

55. “Is it okay if I climb atop a building and scream down telling the world that I love you?”

56. “We were once two wildly uncontrollable teenagers that fell in love and now, the only thing that has changed is that we’re not teenagers.”

57. “Teenage love is so romantic and stupid. I like our love better.”

58. “I love you because of you – not because of the words you say.”

59. “It may be a million years from now, and I will still love no-one the way that I love you.”

60. “If I don’t wake tomorrow, know that I went to sleep hopelessly, romantically in love with you and couldn’t have been happier with you in my life.”

61. “I can tell you I love you until the end of time, but I like to let my actions show you just how much I love you.”

62. “A person can tell you that they love you more than the world, but you know that no one will ever love you the way I do.”

63. “I love you so completely, so honestly and with so much passion that I don’t think there has ever been a love so strong.”

64. “The words “I love you” are not just words for you to hear. These words are a promise that I make to your heart.”

65. “I will never pass up the chance to tell you that I love you because tomorrow may never come.”

66. “I believe that it’s better to prove your love to a person than to say three little words that may mean nothing.”

67. “It was so easy to tell you that I love you. My heart took over and told you how I felt before I could ever react.”

68. “I am who I am because I love you so.”

69. “You are the hope and the dreams that fill my heart and mind.”

70. “I want to spend every single annoying minute with you even though you irritate me more than I ever thought was possible. No, I am not crazy; I am in love.”

love you quote 5

71. “I don’t let people know the real me, but when I tell someone I love them, they know it is true.”

72. “I don’t say I love you out of habit. When I say I love you, it is because I am reminded that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

73. “I love you more than cake, bacon, strawberries, ice cream and chocolate.”

74. “Your love is like my morning coffee – I can’t live without it.”

75. “Every time you walk into the room, my heart does a little dance.”

76. “I almost faint every time I see you because my heart beats so fast when you’re in sight.”

77. “I know that I am in love with you because the moment I fall asleep, you’re in my dreams.”

78. “The dreams and fantasies of the world all start with you.”

79. “No matter how mad or angry I may get, know that I always love you.”

80. “There isn’t a single moment in the day that I am not crazy in love with you.”

81. “I never ask for you to change because I love you.”

82. “Your faults are what make me love you. Imperfection is so much better than perfection.”

83. “I know what love is only because you have shown me what love is.”

84. “My reality is better than any dream I have ever had. This is why I know I love you.”

85. “It’s funny, I never thought I could love someone so damn much that it hurts. But, that is how much I love you.”

86. “Never let me go, and I will love you like no other.”

87. “Love is like the wind: it blows through without expectance and stays in your life until another breeze comes by.”

88. “Of course God has someone special for me – it’s you – I love you.”

89. “I love you in so many different ways that it’s possible to explain.”

90. “I am so glad you never asked why I love you because I could ramble on for hundreds of years.”

love you quote 6

91. “The years go by and not one second has passed where I didn’t love you.”

92. “Loving you is easy because you’re the dream that has become a reality for me.”

93. “My prince. I love you with my dying breath. You’ll never rule a kingdom, but you will always rule my heart.”

94. “There has never been another princess in this world that has been as loved as you are by me.”

95. “Looking into your eyes, I have found the mirror into my own soul.”

96. “It may be creepy or it may be cute, but every second of the day I think of how much I love you and can’t wait to be back in your arms.”

97. “There is no lover in the world that could ever replace the bond that we share. You are like the beat that every heart needs.”

98. “If I told you that you’re the beat to my heart, would you love me like I love you?”

99. “All of the music on the radio talks about love, but these fools will never have the love that you and I share together.”

100. “It’s times like this when we’re home alone and the world is quiet that I look at you and smile knowing that I love you and only you.”

101. “You and only you – that is what my heart said the first time I laid my eyes on you.”

102. “Love is like breathing – I can’t live without it.”

103. “You, my love, are the addiction that fuels my heart and makes me so high that I can see my dreams right in front of my eyes.”

104. “My eyes start to widen and my heart begins to flutter when I see you. I think it is love!”

105. “If I tell you that I will love you more than any man in the world has every loved, would you believe me?”

106. “Love is a rare creature, but it found me the moment you walked into my life.”

107. “My life is worth living because of my love for you.”

108. “The ocean doesn’t have enough drops of water to amount to our love.”

109. “I love you like the stars love the moon.”

110. “The night sky isn’t as vast as our love.”

love you quote 7

111. “I love you so much that my heart hurts just thinking about it.”

112. “Nobody in the world has made me feel like I was floating on a cloud. That is how I know I love you.”

113. “I have thought about eating you up – that is how much I love you.”

114. “I love you more than biscuits love gravy, and you know that is a special kind of love.”

115. “Chocolate was my one true love until I met you.”

116. “I didn’t give up because I love you too much.”

117. “When we first met, my heart skipped a beat and came back to tell me it loves you.”

118. “The day will come when our picture is in the dictionary next to the word “love.””

119. “Hot diggity damn, I love you.”

120. “I would be lying if I said I didn’t love you more than I have ever loved another human being.”

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